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Groove Commerce
Join Ethan Giffin, Founder & CEO at Groove, as he presents "Christmas in July: 13 Tips for Boosting Holiday Sales & Profits" in this webinar recording.

After years of eCommerce consulting, we still find plenty of business owners who rely heavily on sales generated from the holiday season, yet continually leave money on the table by failing to plan ahead. Why is this such a shock to us? Total eCommerce sales grew by 12% during 2013's holiday season and are expected to increase even more this year!

In our July webinar, Ethan Giffin, CEO at Groove, as he provides a step-by-step, actionable guide for business owners and store managers to better capitalize on revenue during this upcoming holiday season.

In this FREE webinar recording of Christmas in July: 13 Tips for Boosting Holiday Sales & Profits, you'll learn:

  • Ways to leverage existing content for maximum SEO value
  • Proven email strategies for to drive up traffic and transactions
  • Holiday season website theme ideas to boost customer shopping experience
  • And more!

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