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3 Sales Technology Tools To Close More Business

April 09, 2015
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For any sales person, time is by far one of the most valuable assets. It’s important to not only that manage your time well, but also be able to reach out to prospects at their most ideal time. To better make use of time, it’s absolutely crucial to have all the information possible in front of you before reaching out to a prospect.

With that in mind, here are 3 helpful technologies you can implement today in your HubSpot account in order to succeed in closing more business.

Sales Technology Tips

1) Customize lead scoring within the settings tab

Although I completely believe in the power of HubSpot and the importance in differentiating between a marketing qualified lead and sales qualified lead, I am still in sales. What I mean by that is I understand the desire to reach out to any appealing lead, whether it is qualified or not per technology.

With HubSpot’s custom lead scoring you can create your own lead scoring rules based on what you know to be impactful through your sales experience.

This strategy, as well as your pitch, can be tested and optimized to determine the best way to move your leads down the funnel. Try creating your own email workflow within HubSpot, and measure the effectiveness through HubSpot’s email reports.

2) Integrate SnapEngage

SnapEngage is a live chat platform that integrates with your website. Essentially, it allows you to interact with visitors much like every live chat platform on the market. Where it is different is that it has some of the same automation that HubSpot’s Sidekick offers in logging lead data into your CRM. This includes logging any notes or actions they have made during their site visit.

What is also great is that you can personalize your messaging to these visitors if they have come to your site before. Creating a personal experience like this can boost your credibility and allow for you to ask more qualifying questions. Lastly, the integration is easy to set up. All you need to do is enter your HubSpot portal information into SnapEngage and you are all set!

3) Build a healthy Content Library

Sending relevant content that leverages you as an expert for your leads can obviously be very beneficial in any sales process. Having a good resource hub of content can also be very difficult to stay on top of. It is important to have an active dialogue with your Marketing Team on the primary needs and pain points of your target audience to make sure the content they are building is around those needs. This will ensure your content remains valuable.

Sending content through the links HubSpot provides within the Content Library, instead of as an attachment, will keep you on top of both your past and present leads. In the end, make sure your Content Library is not only consistently updated, but that it has content that provides value for your audience based on the needs you were able understand.

Bonus Tip: Utilize HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales is a free service that let’s you leverage your email efforts with contact insights, email tracking and email scheduling. By using Sidekick you will get alerts when someone is opening or engaging with your emails. By understanding what content your audience finds engaging through Sidekick, your Sales Team is able to be more effective, and therefore help close more business. Learn how Groove’s VP used Sidekick to close a six-figure deal!

There are a lot of technology integrations that can serve as resourceful Inbound Marketing tools for your Sales Team to close more business successfully. These are just a few of my recommendations to really hone in on in order to drive more business leading into a brand new quarter.

If you are looking for tactical and strategic advice to drive more business in the rest of 2015, contact Groove’s Digital Sales Team to set up a free consultation.

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