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There's a lot of factors that go into a website launch. Learn what to check for before pushing your new site live.

At one point you spend so much time preparing for your website’s launch that you and everyone involved get eager to push it live. It’s really easy to accidentally over look small details in the drive to get your website live and that can cause more problems for you later.

That’s why it’s so important to take the time to run through this checklist and double check these 4 things before you launch your website.

Website Launch Checklist

1) Review your content

After you’ve read it once, go ahead and reread it. You don’t want to miss a single grammatical error or extra space. Nothing looks less professional than having spelling mistakes on your new site.

Be sure not only to check your page content, but all of the written content on your downloadable assets, like your ebooks, videos and even webinar transcripts. All of your web copy from your headers to paragraphs to lists need to be checked for accuracy and that they are located on the correct pages.

2) Set your SEO strategy up for success

Your page title is one of the most important aspects of your website because it helps your visitors understand what is on that page. You have to take some time before your launch to make sure your web content and your page title match.

While you are reviewing your SEO, can you answer the following questions?

  • Are you utilizing your keywords correctly?
  • Are all your Meta descriptions put in place?
  • Did you remember to add alt tags to ALL of your images?

If you can’t confidently check the yes box off on all these questions, you need to go back through your site to review your SEO strategy.

3) Do a double take on your design details

You’ve monitored the development of your website design down to the tiniest pixel, but have you even bothered to look at how it looks in other browsers? What may appear picture perfect in Chrome may look like a hot mess in Firefox. Just because your site is responsive doesn’t mean it will appear perfect across other platforms on the first try.

You don’t want to wait until after your launch to discover several other browsers are not displaying your design properly.

When checking your website design across platforms be sure to check that:

  • Site pages are compatible across devices like Android, iPhone and tablets
  • Site pages are compatible across browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • All scripts are optimized
  • Paragraph styles are working correctly

4) Focus on your site’s functionality

You want your visitors to be able to engage in every feature you have taken time to set up on your site, so make sure everything works by testing it out. Interact with your site like any visitor would. You want every aspect to work from your forms to your social media icons to your redirects to your third party integrations.

Get different members of your team to test out your site too. You would be shocked to see how differently people navigate through your site and what places you forget to check.

Bonus tip: Triple check your analytics tracking!

I’ve seen it too many times. Everyone checks the four first sections listed above and instantly decide to push their site out into the world. It isn’t usually until a week later when someone realizes tracking is messed up in analytics. By then they've missed out on an opportunity to collect valuable data during their site launch.

You don’t want to mess up your data. Make sure to check that your Google Analytics tracking is all set up so you can measure how successful your site launch is.

With a website launch there are so many factors to consider. Using this 5 step checklist can really help make sure you check major components before launching your website.

If you’re looking for help after your website launch, like how to market or if you should invest in a website support package, feel free to contact us today! We would love to help set yourself up for success.

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