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A Picture Says 1,000 Words, a Video Might Say 4,000

May 05, 2008   •   2 Min Read

Great pictures are so essential for your eCommerce website. They literally sell your product, usually more than your description. We always let our clients know this because we know how much more successful they'll be with professionally shot and edited product photos. Now, does the same go for product videos?

According to an interview with Brendon Sinclair he experienced a 300-400% increase in conversion using a video review versus a text review...and this was for a book.

I'll be honest before this week I really wrestled with whether or not product videos are actually worth the investment because lets be real, if you're going to spend the money and do it right, it's quite expensive.

Video on

Wii Fit Balance Board

Ok, so I'm in love with my Nintendo Wii and today I was shopping for the new Wii Fit on Amazon. My wife wasn't really sure about the whole thing, yeah she saw the picture of the balance board and some game-play screenshots, but she wasn't sold yet. Now, I really want this thing, so I needed to go for that hard sell...I gotta let her know how hot it is. I scroll down and play the 2:45 minute video for her and half way through she's like "This is amazing, we have got to get this." That's what I'm talkin' about!

Now, don't get me wrong, I know this product is pretty unique and it's a perfect specimen for a video. There are some selling points that can only be advertised properly with video. There are also some instances where a video may not help you at all.

Should I Use Video?

Here are four essential questions you can use to determine whether or not a video will work for your product and give you a return.

1. Are you getting enough traffic?

You could make an amazing video and have a 30% conversion rate on that product page but if you're only driving a few people there per day, you probably wasted your money.

2. Are there some unique characteristics about your product that can only be shown through video?

Now, this would definitely add to your success, it is not however, a requirement. Even if you're selling floss, you may be able to do a video with a dentists interview about how great floss is while you're showing some b-roll of someone using it. It won't convert as high as someone snowboarding while texting his boy using that new verizon phone, but it still might convert.

3. Do you have the budget to do it right?

If you shoot your video in your office using your brothers old school analog camcorder, your customers are going to know, and probably not attach much value to it (it may even have a negative effect).

4. Is everything else in order?

How are your product descriptions? What about your photos? Is your call to action clear? Make sure you're not just spending money to do something new, your conversion rate might be down because your pages aren't optimized.

There You Have It

Hopefully that's enough to get you thinking about whether or not to invest in a video for your product or site. Have any feedback? Let me know if you have any questions below.

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