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4 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a HUG (HubSpot User Group)

Sep 03, 2015   •   3 Min Read

Inbound marketing is founded on the idea that how customers engage with any business is constantly changing and that, as marketers, it is our job to evolve with our customers' needs. HubSpot supports the development of marketing strategies, focusing on adapting to new needs as customer behaviors change and providing a technology to help transform how businesses prepare their marketing campaigns.

To help businesses develop their understanding of inbound marketing, HubSpot created HubSpot User Groups (HUGs) to connect HubSpot users to facilitate learning from one another. What started out as an idea has grown into a community containing over 135 HubSpot User Groups spanning across 20 countries!

While it’s easy to sit down and list dozens of reasons and benefits of joining a HubSpot User Group, here are the top four reasons why you should join the closest HUG near you today.

1. Attend free events and meet local HubSpotters

No one said you had to master the art of inbound marketing alone, so why should you? All HubSpot User Groups host four to six events a year to serve as an opportunity for your community to get together and learn.

These events are open to HubSpot Partners, customers, fellow marketers, inbound enthusiasts and people who are just curious about marketing. That’s right, you do NOT need to be using HubSpot to attend events or be a part of the community. HUGs are welcoming environments for all people from all walks of life. Regardless of your position, business or industry, a HubSpot User Group event is a great place to meet passionate marketers.

2. Get free training on inbound marketing & HubSpot from marketing experts

HUG meet-ups cover a variety of topics related to inbound marketing and HubSpot, from how to start blogging, to creating a lead nurturing campaign, to leveraging different HubSpot features. Presentations and topics vary from meet-up to meet-up, as well as the speakers. Not only do you learn about industry trends from local experts, but HubSpot also sends employees to present at events, like HubSpot CEO and Co-Founder Brian Halligan!

The Southwest Florida HubSpot User Group had Brian Halligan come down this past March to talk about the future of inbound marketing and offer advice on how to cultivate company culture.

Earlier in January, we were fortunate enough to host HubSpot’s Social Media Manager at a HUG event to learn about the social media landscape for 2015.

While there are speaker presentations, there are also interactive HUG events where you get to apply what you know in a workshop. Workshops are excellent opportunities to work alongside marketers you normally wouldn’t have the chance to work with, trade new ideas and learn about inbound marketing best practices.

Attending even just one event and working with new people gives you a ton of insight on fresh ways to think about the industry. After all, collaboration is where new ideas are born!

3. Hear about other marketing events and learning opportunities

In addition to having regular meet-ups, you will also learn about other exciting event opportunities from your group. HUGs also take part in HubSpot’s INBOUND Conference and the internationally held Inbound Marketing Week!

HUG leaders and their members are some of the first groups to learn about exclusive offers for HubSpot’s INBOUND Conference. You will have opportunities to earn giveaways, exclusive meet-and-greets with keynote speakers and discounted or even free tickets to the conference (which is valued at $1,500!)

HubSpot also encourages HUGs to host an event as part of their worldwide Inbound Marketing Week. Inbound Marketing Week takes place for one week in March and is dedicated to hosting inbound marketing events across the globe to share ideas and marketing strategies.

Last year, the San Diego HubSpot User Group outdid themselves by having an Inbound Marketing Week event with seven different speakers and over 200 attendees!

Joining a HUG lets you learn about other marketing events taking place around the world and gives you a chance to take part in them.

4. Network with your local HUG attendees and over 135 other HUG groups online

While you may not have a HUG directly near you or have the bandwidth to attend events, that doesn’t mean you aren’t able to take part in the HUG community.

Every HUG has a LinkedIn page or portal that serves as a one-stop shop for everything related to that group. You can join their page to get to know other HUG members and check out their portal to learn about upcoming events. Some portals even have blogs recapping events and recordings of presentations, polls to vote on the next topic and more informational resources on HubSpot.

Click here to see all of the HUGs and find out which one is closest to you.

Why should you join a HubSpot User Group?

The question is, why shouldn’t you?

HubSpot created the HUG program to act as a community where like-minded, passionate people can come together and learn from each other. At the end of day, the only reasons you shouldn’t join are if you are not interested in learning, keeping up industry trends or meeting new people at events as well as online.

Want to learn more about HubSpot and the HubSpot User Group community? Contact Groove today! As a HubSpot Platinum Partner, we love taking part in the Baltimore HUG meet-ups.

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