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Aug 06, 2020   •   4 Min Read
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BigCommerce & HubSpot Integration: What Is It?

The BigCommerce & HubSpot Integration by Groove Commerce helps you automatically sync all customer and order data from BigCommerce with Hubspot's smart lists and reporting tools. The integration is available for download in the BigCommerce App Store.

Sync order data into deals, and sync customer data from orders into contacts. Gain more insights about your customers such as:

  • First & last order date
  • Most recent order total
  • Lifetime revenue
  • Total # of orders
  • Average order value
  • Products purchased
  • And more!

Our team created this integration to make it easier for eCommerce merchants to capture abandoned carts, follow-up with customers post-purchase and automate workflows beyond email.

Core Features

Capture Abandoned Carts

Capture abandoned carts in a HubSpot smart list with a fully customizable email workflow, and optimize these workflows to win back the customers who abandoned their carts.

Target different abandoned carts based on various prices and remove a customer from the workflow once they've met your criteria of making a purchase. Refer to our related blog for more information on creating an abandoned cart series.

Follow-Up With Customers Post-Purchase

Target the right customers with personalized emails to follow-up post-purchase and request product reviews. Personalize your messaging and increase your average customer lifetime revenue with unlimited triggered emails.

Automate Workflows Beyond Email

Utilize HubSpot's automation to tailor content, offers and outreach to segmented leads while easily managing your data in bulk.

Contact Record Basics

All of the customer and order data imports into HubSpot in its own contact owner folder. The following contact properties apply to each individual contact in HubSpot and are available for eCommerce merchants to view:

  • A customer's average order value (AOV)
  • Whether a customer abandoned a shopping cart
  • Checkout information

Additionally, the integration includes a stylized abandoned cart section, HTML section and total order value section. Determine the date of the first and last time a customer ordered through the integration, and see product information such as the image, SKU and URL.

See a contact's total sum of money spent on orders placed and what their most recent order number is. Merchants have access to the names of the products, SKUs and number of items a contact purchased.

Although this is a lot of data, it is all centralized in one location in HubSpot. Here are some more contact record basics to help you understand how the integration performs:

  • Creates new contact when applicable, or else updates contact
  • Creates a new deal per order
  • Pulls all relevant deal data into Contact Record View
  • Can pull multiple deals into Contact Record
  • Deal information can be updated in views: Contact Record & Tickets

Benefits of the BigCommerce & HubSpot Integration


First, this integration gives you the ability to choose which pipeline your deals go into. For example, if your client has both B2B and B2C sales, you can put B2C deals into its own eCommerce pipeline, so you don't mess up their B2B pipeline.

Second, since deals are coming through, the integration allows for revenue reporting on HubSpot actions. Third, it allows for the creation of automated workflows based on data.

Improve your marketing efforts with second purchase campaigns and abandoned cart and post-purchase follow-up workflows. Internally, target customers with customer segmentation and how far along they are in the buyer's journey.


The most basic contact property that eCommerce merchants utilize is the "first name" property. However, the variety of other contact properties offers a multitude of opportunities for online stores.

With this integration, you have the ability to:

  • See large spenders and potential salesperson touch opportunities
  • See deals across a company
  • Add parameters to sales workflows


The HTML section of the app already brings over a product box. In terms of showing that data, it is a custom property on the contact record.

Implement any of the various contact properties into emails, landing pages, web pages, blogs and more to fine-tune your targeted audience.

You'll be able to:

  • Add deal data into landing pages, emails, etc. more easily through a contact record
  • Use data to create dynamic content


Segmentation is a valuable tool, especially when it comes to email marketing. We use it to understand what products customers just bought so that we never advertise to them a product that they shouldn't buy. We only advertise the products we think they should by based on their journey and the products offered.

For example, if we notice a customer is buying mainly women's products, we can segment her in HubSpot's back-end for a category like "women's clothing" so that she's seeing only the relevant emails and promotions.

Increasing Revenue By 928% With Segmentation

This integration pays for itself in that segmentation plays a vital factor in increasing revenue. One of our clients, Final Draft, enlisted the help of our team to implement segmentation and use HubSpot's emails capabilities.

We started segmenting for Final Draft using the BigCommerce & HubSpot Integration in 2018 and compared our results to data from 2017 - the year that the company did not use segmentation.

We found that by using the integration to segment and work on emails alone, we increased their revenue by 928%. This shows that segmentation really does work and is an important element in attracting customers and growing your business.

Prior to partnering with Groove, Final Draft was sending out one email with three different links as opposed to sending out three different (segmented) emails with one link. Other metrics that resulted from using the integration include:

  • 12% increase in conversion value for emails
  • Over 20% increase in email open rate

Updates Coming Soon

Updates For Marketers

This BigCommerce & HubSpot Integration will soon integrate with HubSpot's "eCommerce Bridge" that will allow merchants to take advantage of new eCommerce dashboards for reporting.

Additionally, the integration will allow for syncing your product catalog from your BigCommerce site to HubSpot. This will allow merchants to see line item details on deals including products, discounts and taxes.

Updates For Developers

Some of our other integrations are very easy to install with just one click. At the moment, this BigCommerce & HubSpot Integration is not as easy to install. However, auto-installing is coming soon, and it will require code snippets for those on BigCommerce - if they use Stencil.

Also, it will allow merchants to see multi-item abandoned cart products because the integration will use the BigCommerce Cart API. Currently, it only allows one product to come through the abandoned cart, so being able to see all of the abandoned products soon will be beneficial to eCommerce sites whose customers are ordering more than one product at a time.


Whether you're considering using this BigCommerce & HubSpot Integration or have already seen improvements in marketing metrics with it, we hope you're just as excited about these updates as we are. Feel free to view some of our favorite BigCommerce websites, too, to spark your design inspiration.

If you'd like to learn more about this BigCommerce & HubSpot Integration or how Groove Commerce's custom BigCommerce development can help your brand grow, contact us through the form below with any questions or concerns. Our team is excited to help transform your site into a scalable and intuitive shopping experience!

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