How BluntPower Smoked the Competition with HubSpot CRM

Mar 01, 2018   •   1 Min Read

How BluntPower Utilized HubSpot CRM 

The Challenge

Building on its strong wholesale business, BluntPower wanted to improve the organization of its sales process. After engaging with Groove for an eCommerce website redesign and marketing engagement, BluntPower began looking for ways to use HubSpot sales tools to streamline its wholesale operations. BluntPower's sales team needed a solution that was manageable and could grow with their business.

The Solution

After setting up BluntPower's HubSpot account, we began exploring ways to integrate Sales Tools into their business. Our team helped them develop a clear process that centralized around sales funnel stages, lead statuses and deal stages to better understand and serve their prospects.Our marketing team also drove traffic to BluntPower's sales team calendars using the HubSpot calendar tool and created smart lists to segment wholesalers. Currently, we are finalizing CRM definitions to create more automations and use sales templates in the future.

To support these sales efforts, our marketing team also created a rewards landing page, infographics, wrote blogs and managed social media to drive more traffic to B2B and B2C aspects of BluntPower’s website.

The Results

Since implementing HubSpot Sales Tools with Groove, BluntPower has closed 10 deals, achieved a 23% email to meeting conversion rate and a 17.5% rate of meetings to closed deals.

The Impact

Groove's work with BluntPower helped them better structure their wholesale process to scale. Additionally, our wholesale sales enablement strategy helped close the loop on their inbound marketing and sales efforts.

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