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Bronto End Of Life: What This Means For eCommerce Brands

Mar 08, 2021   •   2 Min Read

Oracle NetSuite’s latest announcement about limiting its support for the Bronto marketing platform is leaving its customers with having to evaluate alternatives before it becomes “end of life.”

Oracle NetSuite Announces “End of Life” For Bronto

You read that right.

Oracle NetSuite, the company that acquired the Bronto marketing platform back in 2015, declared last week that Bronto will become “end of life” on May 31, 2022. Based on this news, many companies and organizations that are currently using the platform will need to migrate onto other platforms.

When To Switch To A New Platform

Though Bronto customers will need to choose another platform to migrate to before the end of May 2022, these companies should feel a sense of urgency now in evaluating other email service providers (ESPs). We encourage all businesses that are making the switch to a new platform to plan the migration process between now and September 2021 or between January 2022 and April 2022. This upcoming Q4 will be a busy time for eCommerce brands before the holidays, and it could take up to 6 weeks to onboard a business to a new ESP, depending on the size of a company’s contact list.

Evaluating Alternative ESPs

When researching new ESPs and exploring alternatives, we suggest checking out the differences between Klaviyo vs. Mailchimp. We often recommend Klaviyo to our customers because it’s easy to set up and use and offers better ROI than other platforms.

The Klaviyo platform lets businesses do more than just email marketing. Integrate more data, leverage segmentation, personalize the customer experience using emails, forms, pop-ups and SMS messaging, and optimize messages across channels to build relationships with customers and convert more website traffic into customers. Klaviyo also offers a variety of direct and native integrations that help businesses consolidate as much data as they prefer. This includes BigCommerce, Shopify and Facebook, among many more. Calculate the cost of Klaviyo for your company here.

Customer Success With Klaviyo

Many former Bronto customers, including Gildan and Pura Vida, have made the switch to Klaviyo for both email and SMS. They’ve specifically benefited from:

  • Klaviyo’s seamless integrations across their tech stack
  • Quick implementation with access to all features on day one
  • Flexible month-to-month pricing without hidden costs, fees or a la carte features
  • Peace of mind to create advanced segments and set strategies live in a matter of minutes

Unlike how Bronto requires their customers to buy into a contract with piecemeal add-ons, Klaviyo is upfront and includes everything needed to power a successful marketing strategy (from Facebook audiences and abandoned cart emails to custom automations and more). The Klaviyo success team is available for strategic support at no additional cost and helps answer customer inquiries (from product adoption support and deliverability expertise to design support and more).


If your business is affected by this Bronto End of Life news, we’re here to help you assess alternative ESPs that align with your company goals so that you can find a marketing platform that works best for your eCommerce needs. Learn more about Klaviyo vs. Bronto here, or get in touch with the Groove Commerce team by submitting the form below with any questions or concerns. Our team is happy to transition your business to a new platform to get your business growing in the right direction. Cheers!

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