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Demand Generation Strategy: How To Attract More Leads

December 15, 2020
4 Min Read
Demand Generation Strategy: How To Attract More Leads

A successful demand generation strategy grabs customers' attention and instills a desire in them to buy from, learn about and engage with a brand. Various marketing strategies are used to capture customers and move them through the conversion funnel.

Demand generation is an umbrella strategy that should be treated as a flywheel. By first identifying audiences that seem like appropriate buyers of your brand, companies can then funnel them through the conversion path.

Demand Generation Strategies

Cooperation between both marketing and sales departments is key to developing a strong demand generation strategy, especially when both teams are focused on attracting and engaging customers.

To be clear, demand generation differs from lead generation in that demand generation focuses on creating the initial bond with a customer. Lead generation, on the other hand, focuses on sending them through the sales funnel.

Grab the attention of customers and increase engagement with these tips:

  1. Invest in content creation
  2. Leverage remarketing
  3. Provide a free app, tool or resource
  4. Utilize email marketing
  5. Build up your listings on review websites
  6. Invest in search engine marketing
  7. Team up with an influencer
  8. Partner with a related business

Invest in Content Creation

Attract more leads and increase brand awareness by constantly producing content that engages users and drives traffic to your site. Popular forms of content include blog posts like this one, cheat-sheets, infographics, eBooks, webinars, training courses and so on.

Sharing inbound content throughout social media and announcing new promotions and trends within your industry is another great way to create content that your audience is interested in. Don't be afraid to share testimonials in blog posts or on social platforms to show off your customers' satisfaction and your company's industry expertise.

Leverage Remarketing

Oftentimes, remarketing is looked at as a strategy for increasing conversion rates; but what many people don't realize is its power to increase brand awareness. Targeting specific users with ads that are related to pages they've previously visited is a great demand generation strategy to encourage them to explore your site.

When leveraging remarketing as part of your eCommerce advertising strategy, we encourage the use of Facebook lookalike audiences and Google dynamic remarketing ads. These tools help businesses identify possible new leads that are similar to their current customers.

Provide a Free App, Tool, or Resource

Offering a free tool or resource is one strategic demand generation strategy that not only gives your audience insights into your services or products, but also instills trust with them by displaying your brand's industry expertise.

Display some of your best work in a downloadable resource or free piece of content, so prospects can analyze your company and make a well-informed decision about whether they want to purchase from your business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one form of marketing that is often overlooked but can be extremely effective as well as fairly low cost to produce. Emails can help capture new customers while also increasing rate of retention. Creating an email list and sending periodic generated emails can help you increase your amount of active customers in no time.

Build Up Your Listings on Review Websites

Customer reviews are another imperative resource to build trust in your company. The more people see others talking about your product the more they want to join in. This popularity increases attention which is why it can be smart for companies to invest in top spots and listings on well known websites. If a prospect is dealing with a problem, they often go straight to Google and look for their best solutions.

If your company's name pops up in the lists of helpful solutions in the top search appearances, activity will likely skyrocket. Getting your name on the premium websites is all you have to worry about in this scenario because they will make sure they are appearing at the top in search engine result pages. If you do not have the budget to put your company on multiple premium websites, getting started with claiming your Google Business Page will help increase growth and allow you to control conversations surrounding your company.

Invest in Search Engine Marketing

In addition to being listed on popular review websites, ensuring that your website alone ranks on the first page of search engine results is a key piece to attracting more leads and increasing brand awareness. If you have not yet built domain authority to get your website on the first page, try using pay-per-click ads so that your site ranks at the top of the first page in search results. Keywords are also an important part of this process as certain words and phrases will help your site to appear above others when the specific keyword is entered into the search bar. 

Team Up With An Influencer

With today's widespread use of numerous social media apps, a celebrity or well-known industry professional can be an amazing marketing tool that can help gain many potential buyers. Not only does a post by an influencer bring attention to the company, but it also instills trust in the product.

When people think of influencers, we typically think of people with hundreds of thousands of followers. However, that can be unrealistic at times and difficult to create a partnership with. Micro-influencers (those with a few thousand followers or more) are typically more willing to partner with brands. Try to partner with someone whose niche aligns with your brand's industry and whose audience aligns with your target audience.

Partner With A Related Business

Marketing is extremely effective but it can also be expensive. Combat this by partnering with a similar business to market your companies together. Co-marketing allows you to market to a whole new audience that could potentially benefit from your products or services.

Co-marketing events can include (but are not limited to) joint blog posts, events, webinars, cross-promotional agreement and so much more. All of these marketing efforts are valuable ways to draw attention from a new audience. Just make sure that their audience is similar to yours (and vice versa) so that both companies benefit.


An effective demand generation strategy attracts attention from new prospects and drives engagement. No matter the marketing strategies your business uses - like email marketing, increased content creation, co-marketing and more - demand generation will truly help build the foundation of a relationship between you and your potential customers.

If you'd like to learn more about demand generation or would like Groove Commerce's help with jumpstarting website traffic, feel free to reach out to our team through the form below with any questions or concerns. We'll be in touch with you soon!

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