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Groove Releases New HubSpot Integrations for Magento & Shopify

Sep 16, 2014   •   1 Min Read

Groove has touched down at #INBOUND14 and we are excited to officially launch two HubSpot custom development applications! The applications, developed for the top marketing platform in the world, are designed to save clients using Magento or Shopify production hours by automating tasks that would otherwise need to be handled manually, while increasing overall revenue driven online. Integration

Groove’s unique HubSpot application for Shopify and Magento,, automatically syncs customer and order data for smarter reporting and customer segmentation. features help merchants to address:

  • Abandoned Shopping Cart
  • Automated Data Syncing
  • Personalized and Triggered Emails
  • Automated Emails & Workflows
  • Advanced Reporting and Customer Segmentation

To date, Groove clients using the HubSpot custom development applications have seen over a 20% increase in overall revenue and a 21% decrease in shopping cart abandonment.

We are now offering for FREE, now through the end of 2014, to any qualified merchant that is looking to save production hours and increase revenue driven online while taking advantage of automated email workflows, like welcome series campaigns and shopping cart abandonment, in addition to personalized content and advanced reporting.

HubSpot INBOUND 2014 Conference attendees can attend a demo for at the Demo Theatre Stage in Club INBOUND on:

  • September 16 at 11:25 AM
  • September 17 at 4:50 PM

See you at Booth 8 at HubSpot's INBOUND14!

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