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Email Marketing: What to Consider Before You Press 'Send'

Apr 21, 2015   •   1 Min Read

You’ve captured contacts through forms, created your lists, reviewed your copy a dozen times and done your homework; now you’re ready to launch your emails! Before you press ‘Send’ you’d better ask yourself and know the answer to these 3 important email marketing questions:

Email Marketing Checklist

1. Do you have metrics to measure success?

When people train for marathons they usually have a goal time they plan to reach, and set up steps to reach those goals. The same can be said for email marketing. You don’t want to just start sending out emails without metrics to measure to determine the success of your campaign. Create realistic goals and know which metrics you should be tracking to effectively measure email performance before launching your campaign.

2. Are your emails personalized?

Blanket emails are not going to cut it. Personalized emails are one of the main ways to increase open rates. Most people can tell by the subject line or from the email address that is sending the email if it is catered towards them or just another mass email. It’s important to personalize whom your emails are from and the message your audience will see before opening the email. From the first text in the email to the ‘From’ address: if it can be seen in a user’s inbox, it has to be optimized.

3. Are your emails mobile/tablet friendly?

From 4-inch smartphone screens to 27-inch desktops, your audience has a wide range of technology on which they could be consuming your content. Say goodbye to the days of the convenience when your emails had to fit standard-sized screens! Today it’s essential that your email is mobile-responsive. Most people are using their mobile or tablet devices for everyday functions, especially checking email. Make sure to preview your emails across technology platforms to make sure they are responsive. If your emails are not appealing on their device, consider it deleted.

It’s great to be excited and eager to start your email marketing efforts, but you don’t want all your effort to be for nothing. Take time to go over these questions carefully so you don’t waste time (or money) sending out emails hoping for engagement. Knowing the answers to these questions before you send out any emails will help keep you focused on the purpose of your email campaigns and drive measurable success.

Are you looking to learn more about email marketing best practices and how to measure engagement? Contact us today! We’d love to help you.

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