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Groove's Top 50 Songs of 2013: The Consummate Agency Playlist

Jan 16, 2014   •   2 Min Read

One of the best perks about working at Groove is the constant music streaming throughout our office…and our ability to fully control it as employees. To that, I say thank you to Sonos (our beloved office music system) and management (specifically our CEO Ethan Giffin – who was a DJ in a past life / at our holiday parties). As an employee myself, I just think it’s pretty cool that music is included in our company’s ongoing initiatives to improve overall office productivity, culture, and individuality.

While we typically post more serious topics on our blog thread, I thought I’d change it up a bit by painting a picture of our office’s music taste summarized across the past year. What topped internal song requests, playlists, and private headphone listening sessions in 2013? What were the staples and were there any surprises? And finally, what in the heck was leadership listening to and do we even really want to go there??? Spoiler Alert: #IWentThere.


To really nail down findings, I polled the entire office and asked everyone to submit their top 5 songs played throughout 2013. To make it interesting and appeal to those employees here who don’t listen to newly released music (cough 95% of the guys), I opened the floor to everything – be it early 2000’s TRL jams, 1970’s classic rock, or even 16th century Gregorian Chant. And if nailing down songs was just too challenging, I told everyone that they could actually list artist playlists – literally nothing was off-limits here.


Staples? Nothing too shocking across the board as these songs included “Blurred Lines”, “Wrecking Ball” (woof), “Get Lucky” and the general 89.7 WTMD radio station, which plays pretty much non-stop in our work café (cue my personal pitch to support local radio).

Crowd Favorites:
• Daft Punk: Get Lucky
• Jay Z & Timberlake: Holy Grail
• Bastille: Pompeii
• Vampire Weekend: Diane Young
• Capital Cities: Safe and Sound

Surprises? I’ll preface this section by saying that on a recent Friday afternoon, if you were lucky enough to be in our office on the first floor, you would have actually caught the entire development team, marketing team, and creative team singing along to Fresh Price of Bel Air’s theme song; could I possibly be surprised from any responses turned in from this group? Probably not. But, there were definitely some interesting responses, which I’ll let you discover for yourself in the Spotify playlist widget that I’ve embedded later in this post (hint: Enigma’s “Return to Innocence” is apparently still a thing).

Leadership? Overall this group was pretty spread between songs, but I think it’s safe to say that the general favorite was the Hall & Oates artist playlist. If you know Ethan at all, this should come to no surprise.

Most Outlandish Response Award? Easy. This goes to Account Management, who for some reason finds listening to/watching the following Kramer/Avicii mashup video an absolute integral part of each week to stay pumped:

The Playlist. As mentioned earlier, I took the results, consolidated them a bit, and compiled the following Spotify playlist, which pretty much sums up our listening interests over the course of the past year in 50 songs:


We definitely have a mixed bag of personalities at the Groove office, which is one of the things I like most about working here. Need some new music inspiration or want to keep track of the songs that we’re listening to in 2014? Well make sure you start following us on Spotify today. Have some recommendations or special requests? Comment below and we MIGHT add it to a playlist =).

And as always, if you want to bypass the whole music playlist and just learn about how we can help you supercharge your inbound marketing plan, then “call us, maybe”.

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