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Groove Commerce
Unify Bigcommerce with HubSpot by using this Bigcommerce extension to sync your HubSpot cookie data with a customer’s eCommerce order data.

With Groove’s recent partnership with BigCommerce and the successful release of for Shopify, creating a extension for BigCommerce was the next logical step.

As Groove moves forward as a Bigcommerce Enterprise partner, we want to make sure we are starting strong with all of our clients on this platform by making sure they have access to the most current apps. Creating the for BigCommerce extension would help us bridge the gap between these two platforms for our clients, making it easier for us to help them reach their goals. for BigCommerce

What Does Do?

I began to notice that the other apps on the market could move data but weren’t able to utilize HubSpot’s analytics. This kind of integration was missing from the market, so with the help of my team at Groove, we built our own. for BigCommerce is an app that unifies BigCommerce with HubSpot to sync your HubSpot cookie data with a customer’s eCommerce order data. for BigCommerce Benefits

With this extension, you’ll be able to:

  • Segment your customers– You’re able to target different customers by lifetime revenue, average order value, products purchased, purchase totals and more!
  • Save time– No more manually having to import CSV files! leverages HubSpot’s ability to create smart lists and workflows at a level that is personalized more than ever before!
  • One-click installation– Regardless of your role, installing is easy because it’s simply one click to install and it removes the need for a developer resource.
  • Create personalized and triggered emails– This includes welcome series, abandoned cart recovery, post-purchase follow-ups and product review requests.

With for BigCommerce, you’ll be able to send 3–4 abandoned cart emails, which is more aligned with best practices. You’ll also be able to target differently priced abandoned carts with personalized workflows that will remove a customer from the workflow once they’ve made that purchase.

Before this BigCommerce integration, none of this was capable, and you were limited to one email.

What’s Next>

With BigCommerce Enterprise‘s strong focus on their product roadmap and HubSpot’s software constantly evolving to better fulfill users' needs, we are excited to see how they continue to develop. We see similarities in the organizations and we believe that they will have multiple benefits from this connection. We can’t wait to see the results it yields and what else we will contribute to the industry from here.

Want to check out the trial? Try it for free for 15 days here. If you’re interested in learning more about or have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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