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Groove Commerce
See how this HubSpot Magento Integration provides eCommerce businesses with many features and benefits to help increase eCommerce revenue.
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As a Premier Magento Agency, our team of developers created a HubSpot Magento Integration to help eCommerce businesses sync valuable customer and order data from their Magento stores into HubSpot. Integrating this data allows businesses to better market their brand to their audience.

HubSpot Magento Integration: What Is It?

The HubSpot Magento Integration by Groove Commerce is a great tool for businesses that want to transfer data from their Magento store into HubSpot. Use this data within HubSpot to create unique offers that are optimized for different audience segments.

The integration leverages the HubSpot cookie for conversion data, which allows merchants to see who purchases what − right within HubSpot.

Features & Benefits

Automatically Sync Data

The HubSpot Magento Integration automatically syncs customer and order data into a company's HubSpot account. With this data, businesses can view Magento abandoned carts in a HubSpot smart list to see who left their shopping carts behind. This information can then be used to tailor specific emails to that list and create HubSpot abandoned cart workflows.

Segment Your Customers

Segment your customers based on factors that are most important to your marketing efforts. Use lifetime revenue, average order value, products purchased, purchase totals and more to segment your customers into lists.


Build Automated Workflows

Use the HubSpot Magento Integration to manage your data in bulk and save time. Build automated workflows to modify content, offers and outreach to targeted leads.

Trigger limitless emails and customize your messaging to increase average customer lifetime revenue. Take advantage of HubSpot's robust automation tools, like personalized smart lists and workflows, to:

  • Create a welcome series
  • Follow-up with customers post-purchase
  • Target prospects, leads and/or customers with a promotional campaign
  • Request product reviews
  • And more!


After you seamlessly sync your data from Magento into HubSpot, use HubSpot's powerful reporting tools to see customer information. View a ton of customer and order data, such as:

  • First and last order date
  • Total number of orders
  • Lifetime revenue
  • Average order value
  • And much more!


If you're interested in the leveraging the HubSpot Magento Integration for your eCommerce needs, download it here. If you have additional questions and would like to speak with a member of our team before investing in the integration, use the form below to contact us.

We'll be happy to answer your questions and look forward to helping you integrate your Magento data with HubSpot.

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