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Groove Commerce Wins "Rising Star Award"

Feb 17, 2011   •   1 Min Read

While on hand for the Magento Imagine Conference in Los Angeles, Groove Commerce was proud to be the recipient of the 2010 Magento “Rising Star Award.”

“It’s a great honor to be recognized. 2010 was such a huge shift for our agency with our transition to the Magento Platform and the speed to market we enjoyed with introducing clients to this technology. However, we’re extremely excited about the direction both of us [Magento and Groove] are headed and the value we are adding to clients,” said CEO and Founder Ethan Giffin.

Groove Commerce Earns Rising Star Award

The award was given based on performance since forming our official partnership in March 2010 and was presented during the Partner Summit, which was held at the conclusion of the inaugural conference.

“We are continuing to refine our practice, process, and deliverable with this robust open source technology in order to not only position ourselves as one of the most innovative partners in the world, but also in order to ensure we help each and every one of our clients grow their online businesses.” commented Mack McGee, VP, of Sales and Marketing.”

In March, Groove will unveil another exciting announcement about our ongoing partnership with Magento and the direction we’re heading.

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