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Marlow enlisted Groove’s help to create a website transition plan from Magento to a more appropriate lead generation platform. Our team helped Marlow transition to the HubSpot COS and created a conversion-centric design focused on their product offerings.

How Marlow Improved with HubSpot COS

The Challenge

When considering a website redesign, technical debt was one of Marlow’s biggest considerations. Their previous site was built and maintained on the Magento eCommerce platform, which required separate hosting and management costs. However, Marlow only used their site as a product catalogue and was paying for functionality that didn’t make sense for their business.

Marlow enlisted Groove’s help to create a website transition plan from Magento to a more appropriate platform. They also wanted a our team to create a design that better aligned with their brand aesthetic and target audience.

The Solution

Realizing that Marlow didn’t need traditional eCommerce functionality, Groove helped Marlow evaluate lead-generation platforms and eventually transition to the HubSpot COS. Our conversion-centric design focused on lead generation for Marlow’s product offerings. Additionally, we included forms throughout the site to capture visitor information and convert them into leads. Our team's SEO work on Marlow's HubSpot COS blog helped pages display high-value posts as Featured Snippets in Google search results.

Marlow Samples

Our development team also utilized HubSpot’s HubDB functionality to create customized a product database. This system enables Marlow to manage hundreds of product fact sheets, images, descriptions and more in a centralized location within their HubSpot account. This functionality also helped Marlow consolidate Magento product information and shift to a more appropriate product management system.

The Results

Since launching on HubSpot COS, Marlow has experienced a 21% increase in contact conversions. Groove attributes this increase to the prominence of lead capture forms throughout the site and the increased emphasis on content offerings.

The Impact

Overall, Marlow’s transition to HubSpot COS helped Marlow reduce technical debt and position their online product catalogue to meet customer needs. Additionally, our team's work with HubDB will help Marlow adjust and scale its product catalogue with ease over time. Finally, by consolidating the company’s marketing, website and product management on one platform, Marlow can measure performance in one place and better evaluate areas to optimize in the future. 

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