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Groove Commerce
CEO of Groove takes time to say thanks to employees, clients, and partners as we dive into the the most wonderful time of year.
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As we begin my favorite stretch of the year, I wanted to sit down to reflect and say thanks... 
You see, Thanksgiving starts a series of events at Groove designed to get everyone in the holiday spirit and celebrate another great year. We kicked things off last week with our Thanksgiving breakfast, this week our team decorates the office, followed by another great Groove Holiday Party (#GCHP16). We will then round the year out as a team this year with a half-day Culture Day, holiday potluck, and gift exchange. It really is the most wonderful time of the year here at Groove.
November 2016 will be a month we all remember for some time, but regardless of the stiff tone and divided feelings we are seeing play out, I can't help but remain excited about so many things going on both for Groove and what I'm seeing around us. I'm thankful for so much going on at Groove, but there's a few thoughts and groups that definitely rise to the top of my list that I want to thank.
1. Groove Employees. WOW. What a year filled with some tremendous growth and accomplishments by our staff. We have been fortunate to make 4 new hires in the last few weeks and are staring at even more expansion heading into the start of 2017. But this doesn't come without the great work of a core group of people. I'm thankful to have all of you onboard and excited to share in this ongoing journey together.
2. Our Clients. We remain thankful of your business every day and are proud to serve as your partner. For many of you, the next few weeks are defining weeks in your year and for your business and we thank you for entrusting us with your partnership. It means the world to us to serve you on a daily basis and we're wishing you a successful and happy holiday season.
3. Our Partners. I'm reminded every week that outside the walls of Groove, we have an extended group of professionals who continue to support us day in and day out through our powerful partnerships. Thank you to BigCommerce, HubSpot, Nexcess, and many others for your ongoing support and true desire to pursue mutual success.
4. Bmore Votes. For those that don't know, I launched a passion project earlier this year that was a movement focused on getting people to vote. Now, touching on politics today can be dicey, but this movement wasn't about who you voted for but rather getting out and participating in the process. I'm so thankful for the lessons learned, contacts and friends made along the way, and the support and traction we got in our first election cycle with this effort. The idea of reinvigorating our spirit around the democratic process and the importance, affiliation aside, of participating is something I will remain passionate about and welcome those who would like to continue to join me in this effort.
Inevitably, as time seems to every year, the next few weeks will fly by and so I wanted to get ahead on wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday season and a Groovy new year.