2019 eCommerce Social Media Marketing Trends

Jan 28, 2015   •   2 Min Read

Whether you use social media for personal use or for your business, it’s imperative to know how the social media landscape has developed and will continue develop in the future. 

eCommerce Social Media Marketing Trends

If you want to boost conversion rates and impressions on social media, there are some eCommerce social media marketing trends that you should consider implementing into your social media strategies. It's no secret that people have become more active on social media over the years and have higher expectations from brands that they follow. Implementing these trends will not only improve sales, but also help you gain customer loyalty and respect for your business. 


If you're not already using automation, take my advice and do so! It will make your life so much easier. As consumers become more active on social media with higher expectations of transparency from brands, it is in your best interest to utilize automated responses or chatbots. 

People are turning to social media to voice their opinions or ask for help. To ensure your consumers always hear back when they reach out to your business, automation will come in handy. 60% of customers who complain on social media except to hear back from a representative within an hour, so unless you plan on living on social media 24/7, you'll need to implement some automation. 

It has also been reported that over 85% of consumers let a brand's responsiveness on social media affect their purchasing decision. Don't lose customers because you can't respond on social media. 


How cool is it that people now have the ability to give their followers a live look into what they're up to? Brands have been increasingly taking advantage of this idea on Facebook and Instagram, and consumers have been responding well to it. 

Hosting live streams or posting stories gives your brand a human element, allowing your consumers to gain a more emotional connection with it. It also gives a sense of transparency, something that will continue to become more important. 

You can use livestreams and stories to showcase your new products, answer any questions customers may have, reveal company news, and so much more. 


This is a great tool for increasing your number of ad impressions on a consumer that has showed prior intent or interest.  It has been proven that the more ad impressions you make, the higher your conversion rates. 

Retargeting can be attained in places other than social media, but Facebook and Twitter are great places to start. Retargeting on social media is focused on people who have connected with you on social media, so these are engaged consumers. 

The beautiful thing about social media retargeting is that you can set specific audiences to target. You can choose look-a-like audiences, people who only visit your main competitor's website, or people who you have made an impression on before. 

To learn more about Facebook ad targeting, check out this blog post!

Influencer Marketing

The era of young, influential people across all social media platforms has arrived. Take advantage of it. 

You probably already know the power of reviews and the effects they can have on your business, both good and bad. Influencer marketing is essentially getting someone with a wide range of influence to review and recommend your brand or a specific product to their followers. 

You will want to target an influencer than fits your buyer's persona, because they will likely attract followers who are a lot like themselves. An influencer that fits your buyer's persona will be able to reach a ton of other people that fit it, making them ideal customers for your business. 

Final Thoughts

Social media and the influence it has on consumer's purchasing decisions will continue to become more and more prevalent. Stay ahead of the game and maximize your social media efforts by implementing these eCommerce social media marketing trends. 

Have questions about starting your own social media marketing strategy? Contact us, we'd love to help!

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