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Building a B2B eCommerce Strategy

Looking For Your Next B2B eCommerce Agency?

You have complex B2B requirements, and your customers expect unique ordering features that meet their needs. Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler, we can help you transform your eCommerce operations from a challenge into an opportunity.

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B2B eCommerce Services

Looking to Refresh Your B2B
eCommerce Strategy?

You’re struggling with legacy systems and looking to synchronize real-time data. As a B2B eCommerce merchant, you know how difficult it can be to manage your tech stack and navigate change management. To truly excel in today’s marketplace, you need to leverage B2B eCommerce best practices to address your customer needs with a modern tech stack.

  • Do you need up-to-date information from your ERP or PIM reflected on your eCommerce platform?
  • Do you have complex B2B requirements including customer groups, purchase orders, or bulk pricing?
  • Are you looking to move more B2B sales from offline channels to your eCommerce store?

Our B2B eCommerce solutions solve these exact challenges and more.

“We get business from around the country that we normally wouldn’t have gotten. Plus the site has proven to be a really solid source of product info for account customers and our sales team. When our account customers use the website to order, it does save a lot of time for our sales team over having to enter the order by hand.”
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Our B2B eCommerce Solutions

Need A Fresh Take on eCommerce For B2B Customers?

You've Found Your Next Partner.

Whether you’re just transitioning B2B sales from offline to online or have a seasoned team, our B2B eCommerce agency is here to offer unbiased advice and build solutions that work.

Our B2B Discovery Process

Your specific business structure, processes, goals, and requirements define what B2B eCommerce success looks like. Our team will work closely with you to create a plan that meets your schedule, budget, technical requirements, and goals.

B2B eCommerce Development & Design

Your eCommerce site should align with your brand and meet your customers’ unique B2B needs. Our experienced design team will provide you with desktop and mobile mockups before building an accessible and functional store for your B2B customers. Our proven and repeatable process ensures that our developers will handle the front and back-end development of your store. We perform thorough testing to confirm it’s up to our compliance and performance standards before launch.

Custom B2B Integrations

You need up-to-date standardized information from your ERP and PIM reflected on your eCommerce platform. We design and develop API-driven solutions to create this connection. These can range from custom integrations and middleware or leverage connections to your existing systems. We have deep back-end development expertise in-house and can even build a proof of concept to ensure it meets your needs.

B2B-Specific Features

Your customers expect unique ordering features, including bulk pricing, advanced search, purchase orders, punch-out, and Net-30 payment terms. We understand the complexities of the B2B purchasing process and are here to help implement out-of-the-box features as well as architect and develop solutions that are built on top of a platform’s native functionality.

Platform & Technology Consultation

We put in the time to understand your requirements and build B2B solutions that meet them. We offer sound and impartial advice to help you choose the right technology for your needs. We work directly with platform partners from the beginning to ensure their tools meet your expectations.

QA Testing & Launch

Bugs and design inconsistencies are off-putting to customers and can affect your revenue. To prevent them, we’ll test your site internally and gather your feedback, taking the time to remediate any issues before your launch. Once approved, we will schedule deployment with your team and follow a launch-day checklist to ensure a seamless transition.
B2B eCommerce Challenges

Want To Talk About Your B2B eCommerce Challenges?

You have B2B eCommerce challenges, but don’t know where to begin solving them. Receive a no-cost B2B audit from our B2B eCommerce development agency to uncover what is wrong with your site, and how to address it.
Our B2B eCommerce Solutions

Increase B2B eCommerce Revenue with An Agency You Can Trust



Unsure which B2B eCommerce platform to choose? Our platform-certified team has robust partnerships with major platforms and the experience to recommend the best choice for your needs. We can also build custom functionality to meet any unique requirements.


Accessibility and compliance issues lead to a poor user experience and exposure to legal risk. B2B customers of all kinds should feel welcomed and supported by your eCommerce store. With that in mind, we’ll ensure your store meets AA standards and promotes a culture of inclusivity upon launch.
Conversion & Performance First Approach

Conversion & Performance First Approach

Customers are finding your site through search engines, paid ads, and social media, but aren’t becoming paying customers. While there are a multitude of reasons this may be happening, they all fall under the umbrella of conversion rate optimization. By ensuring your site offers a smooth customer journey, we are able to increase your B2B website’s sales performance.
Business System Integration

Business System Integration

The data in your eCommerce platform should align with your ERP, PIM, and other business systems. To ensure your contacts, pricing, inventory, and other information are up-to-date, we leverage native connections and build custom integrations to meet your needs.
Technology Guidance

Technology Guidance

If you're struggling to manage separate technologies for the B2B and B2c sides of your business, you’re not alone. We often recommend streamlined technology stacks that can handle both B2B and B2C eCommerce. We partner with multiple platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify that offer these B2B selling features out of the box and have the experience to recommend the best choice for your needs.
B2B eCommerce Transition

B2B eCommerce Transition

If you have a desire to move a percentage of your offline sales to an eCommerce site, we can architect and craft an experience to make that happen. Online B2B sales offer a lot of advantages, including efficient processes and lower overhead. We’ll serve as a strategic advisor, helping you to nail down your functional requirements while building an eCommerce store that meets your needs.

Honest & Transparent
B2B eCommerce Services Pricing

Setting up your eCommerce store for B2B customers is challenging, but pricing doesn’t need to be. That’s why we’re up front with our pricing.

Accelerated Launch

Starting at
$65k/ Project
what’s included?
  • Fastest Implementation
  • Branded Customizations
  • Support & Training Included
  • Designed for Growing Brands
  • 2-3 Month Timeline

Curated Launch

Starting at
$100k/ Project
what’s included?
  • Moderate Customization
  • Data Migration Included
  • Native PIM or ERP Integration
  • Designed for Mid-Market Brands
  • 4-6 Month Timeline

Enterprise Launch

Starting at
$140k/ Project
what’s included?
  • Bespoke Customization
  • Complex Functional Requirements
  • Custom ERP or PIM Integration
  • Designed for Enterprise Brands
  • 6+ Month Timeline
Looking for something specific? Request a custom quote from our team. 
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You Need To Learn What’s Holding Your Store Back.

Discover what’s working and what needs to change on your B2B eCommerce site. Get a complimentary audit with recommendations on where to improve.

Frequently Asked B2B
eCommerce Questions

Can't find the answer to your B2B eCommerce question? We want to hear from you.
How can Groove’s B2B eCommerce solutions help my business?

The goal of B2B eCommerce solutions is to help you better meet your customers’ expectations and needs. As a B2B eCommerce agency, we understand the unique operational requirements for B2B stores and can help you design a store that meets them. When you implement B2B-focused solutions, your customers can purchase with less friction, allowing you to decrease overhead and increase profit margins.

What B2B eCommerce services do you offer?

Our services include B2B eCommerce design, B2B development, B2B SEO, B2B email marketing, and B2B advertising. We also assist with ongoing website support and can act as your strategic advisor for continued B2B eCommerce growth.

How should my B2B eCommerce strategy differ from my B2C strategy?

Although B2B and B2C eCommerce stores share some similarities, B2B stores are typically more complex. B2B stores should allow for special customer requirements, including purchase orders, customer groups, custom or real-time pricing, and data integrations. At Groove Commerce, we can help you architect a solution for either your B2B eCommerce strategy  including technology recommendations that reduce overhead.

Are there advantages of eCommerce for B2B compared to offline channels?

Offline sales processes are often less efficient and slower with higher overhead costs. An eCommerce store typically provides a more streamlined experience with faster speed to order by reducing labor costs and time-to-order. 

Do you follow B2B eCommerce best practices?

Yes, when designing and developing your eCommerce store, we follow accessibility, performance, and conversion best practices. This helps you achieve the best possible outcomes from your B2B eCommerce website. 

What’s the timeframe for B2B eCommerce website development?

The time it takes to build your B2B eCommerce store depends on your goals, the design of your site, and any complications you might encounter. Although every store is different, we typically see stores with an ERP or PIM integration beginning at 4 months to launch. 

Can you help improve my B2B eCommerce SEO?

Yes, our SEO team will work with you throughout the website development process. We’ll discuss how certain structural and content choices will impact your search engine rankings and use a pre-launch checklist to improve your SERP position. All of this is done on an ongoing basis to optimize your store for organic search.

Is B2B eCommerce development more costly than B2C?

Typically, yes. However, the cost of your B2B eCommerce website will differ based on your design choices, technology requirements, and platform selection. We offer plans at a variety of price points to meet the unique needs of each business that we partner with. 

B2B eCommerce Resources

We know the B2B eCommerce learning curve is steep. Ramp up your knowledge with our B2B eCommerce blogs and eBooks.

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B2B eCommerce: The Guide Complete to Accelerate Growth

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Is BigCommerce B2B Edition The Right Choice For Your Business?

Is BigCommerce B2B Edition The Right Choice For Your Business?

BigCommerce B2B Edition helps you cater to the needs of wholesale customers, who often have unique requirements.

We’ve helped hundreds of merchants grow their stores, and we can help you too.

Join the company of these brands by booking your complimentary audit today. 
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