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SEO for eCommerce

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eCommerce SEO Agency?

Your competitors are leveraging the power of SEO to improve rankings, drive traffic, and watch their profits soar. Learn how our eCommerce SEO agency can attract and convert high-intent visitors.

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Full-Service eCommerce SEO Agency

Is Your eCommerce SEO Company Creating Headaches?

If you are experiencing poor search engine ranking and decreased organic search traffic, your SEO service may be to blame. From quality content production to managing algorithm updates, learn how Groove can help your brand optimize for the future.

  • Is your website not generating the expected organic search traffic and rankings?
  • Are you struggling to create high-quality blog and website content?
  • Are you overwhelmed with algorithm updates?
  • Are you dealing with setbacks from a past eCommerce SEO consultant

We've heard it all before. Good thing we're here to help.

“Our Company does not have a developer or any SEO experts, so partnering with Groove solved both of those problems since they have both technical experts and SEO gurus."
Bradley Cundall - Battle Sports
Brad Cundall
Battle Sports
SEO eCommerce Services

Ready To Work with eCommerce SEO Experts? Good Thing You Found Us.

Ready to reach more customers in organic search results? Learn about each aspect of our eCommerce SEO services.

Technical Remediation

How many critical eCommerce website SEO errors does your online store have? From fixing “no index” errors to optimizing meta descriptions to building internal links, Groove’s comprehensive technical remediation measures begin with a full audit of your existing organic search presence. Using what we learned, our eCommerce website SEO experts systematically address every area of potential improvement to appear as high on search engine results pages (SERPs) as possible.

On-Page Optimization

On each page of your website, our SEO experts will refine existing content to boost relevance, clarity, and overall quality to integrate target keywords that boost search engine rankings.

High-Relevance Blogging

Are you unable to create high-quality blog content that continues to attract your target customers? We handle the heavy lifting with a proven, repeatable process. We base all of the content we create on keyword research and extensive planning. After writing your content, we ensure that it is published using best practices and keep constant tabs on its performance.

Keyword Research

Getting traffic that doesn’t convert? By using search volume and competition metrics, we identify target keywords that align with your audience and offerings. Then, we use SEO strategies to employ them throughout your content with precision.

Competitive Search Analysis

What keywords are your competition targeting? We track and analyze competitor keywords, traffic, and content length to refine our search strategy. By identifying and evaluating the SEO efforts of your closest competitors, you can stay ahead of the pack.

High SEO Click-Through Rates

Driving traffic without sales? Getting the conversions you want are far more common when website visitors have a smooth experience. Every quarter, we review the user’s click-through experience. We evaluate page speed, accessibility, and conversion opportunities from search to checkout.

Monthly Reporting

Unsure where your site stands? Your dedicated Groove SEO Strategist and Account Manager will analyze and review your organic search performance with you each month. While explaining your current standings, Groove will share eCommerce SEO tips to reach the top of the search engine results page.
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Do You Know Your Store's SEO Health Score?

Knowing why your site content isn’t attracting visitors isn’t always obvious - especially when you’ve written it yourself. Let us help you uncover what’s holding you back and suggest ways to make the most out of organic search engine traffic.
SEO for eCommerce sites

What Makes Our eCommerce SEO Strategy Different

eCommerce SEO Strategist

eCommerce SEO Strategist

Your dedicated SEO Strategist is your central point of contact to oversee strategy, tasking, scheduling and publishing. Your Account Manager is your advocate to make sure your expectations are always met.
Repeatable SEO Process

Repeatable SEO Process

Our eCommerce SEO agency will take the reins from researching and regularly publishing blog content to ongoing optimization and reporting. Our proven process allows you to focus on what you do best, leaving the execution on us.
Quarterly Business Reviews

Quarterly Business Reviews

Every quarter, we review your campaign performance, draw insights from our analysis, and share our findings with you. Based on what we learn, we build an eCommerce SEO strategy roadmap to solve for what’s needed.
Weekly SEO Monitoring & Updates

Weekly SEO Monitoring & Updates

Beyond our quarterly reviews, our eCommerce SEO experts constantly monitor your progress and provide actionable updates each week. Should you have a question in the meantime, we are always here to help.
Transparent Timelines & Cost

Transparent Timelines & Cost

During your engagement with Groove, we ensure that you fully understand what you can expect in terms of scheduling and costs. From delivery timelines to budgeting, you are always in the loop with us.
Real-Time Performance Reporting

Real-Time Performance Reporting

Want to know how things are going, today? You get access to a real-time dashboard that allows you to track eCommerce core metrics such as traffic, orders, average order value, conversion rates, and revenue - all in one convenient place.

Your Journey to Substantial SEO Results


Getting Started

We hit the ground running with in-depth research and a rapid series of problem fixes for immediate optimization.

Building Momentum

We refine your eCommerce SEO strategies with performance analysis — focusing on content creation, keyword expansion, and user experience enhancements.

Scaling for Growth

We focus on emerging trends and insights from your specific industry to ensure that your eCommerce SEO strategy is responsive and proactive going forward.

Make SEO Easy with Clearly Priced Plans

Groove stresses expediency and affordability with one of our eCommerce SEO Packages. Unlock your true eCommerce potential with the right plan for you.

Fully Customizable
SEO Engagement
Starting at
$5,550 / month
Everyone wants to drive more qualified visitors to their online store. Increase organic rankings and traffic with a dedicated team of SEO experts.
what’s included?
Technical Remediation
On-Page Optimization
Content Creation & Blogging
Keyword Research & Analysis
Monthly Performance Reporting
Quarterly Business Review

Looking for something fully custom? Contact our team for a curated quote.

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What's Holding You Back?

What’s recorded can be reviewed and optimized. Learn what your biggest SEO challenges are with a complimentary eCommerce SEO audit by our team of experts. Are you ready to take the first step?
SEO faqs

Frequently Asked

Can’t find the SEO information you came for?
Reach out, and we would be happy to help.
How does eCommerce work?

Groove uses SEO technologies to precisely identify industry-specific keywords. By effectively targeting these keywords, high-intent buyers find your site - ready to convert.

What happens during an eCommerce SEO Audit?

Our eCommerce SEO Agency uses 17+ years of eCommerce SEO service experience to identify what is wrong (and right) with your store. We examine everything from tags and rich snippets to image alt text. Once complete, we present that information to you in a short 30-minute call, pressure-free.

Will I have access to an eCommerce SEO Consultant?

Yes, every SEO engagement with our team of eCommerce SEO experts gives you a direct line of communication to a dedicated SEO strategist. Shoot them an email with a quick question, and expect a response shortly.

What makes your SEO services for eCommerce different?

We understand you want the best eCommerce SEO company possible. From initial audit to ongoing optimization, we aim to be your long-term consultative partner. While other agencies offer cheap wins and quick fixes as their SEO offering, we understand that your long-term success equates to a long-term partnership.

Do you share eCommerce best practices?

While our eCommerce SEO agency doesn’t have an internal manual to share on day 1, we don’t hide any secrets along the way. You are fully informed on the “why” behind every action we take. After a few months of working with our team, you are sure to pick up on our approach to SEO for eCommerce sites.

Where do you learn eCommerce SEO tips?

While there are tons of great resources out there, we believe that practice makes perfect. Fortunately, we have 17+ years of practice. The shared knowledge of real-world experience our team of eCommerce marketing experts has is difficult to quantify.

If you’re looking to get a head start, we have listed 3 valuable eCommerce SEO resources below for you to take a look at.

Learn about eCommerce SEO

All types of eCommerce businesses can benefit from a well-planned SEO campaign from a leading SEO agency. Please check out our SEO-focused collection of blogs, our e-book, and our case study results.

Increasing a Fashion Brand’s Revenue by 50% with SEO

Increasing a Fashion Brand’s Revenue by 50% with SEO

When a client approached our team with a goal of increasing organic search revenue by 40% YoY, we worked to surpass that goal and grew revenue by over 50%.

The Complete Guide to eCommerce SEO

The Complete Guide to eCommerce SEO

We're demystifying eCommerce SEO in this comprehensive guide and sharing actionable tips and strategies to improve eCommerce organic search rankings.

The Ultimate Shopify SEO Checklist

The Ultimate Shopify SEO Checklist

Having a roadmap like a Shopify SEO checklist can jumpstart your eCommerce traffic.

We’ve helped hundreds of merchants grow their stores, and we can help you too.

Join the company of these brands by booking your complimentary audit today. 
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