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Web Design for eCommerce

Is Your eCommerce Website Design Not Converting?

Your current website doesn’t meet your conversion, page speed or accessibility goals. Learn how our eCommerce web design agency can help you turn more visitors into customers. 

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Best eCommerce Website Design

Worried That Your eCommerce
Web Design Is Holding You Back?

In a crowded market, you need more than just strong eCommerce site design. Your store should act as a funnel that nurtures new visitors, educates, and converts them with design best practices. Turn this vision into a reality with a design, budget and timeline that meets your needs.

  • Are slow pages holding your store back?
  • Do you struggle to meet accessibility requirements?
  • Does the thought of managing a redesign feel overwhelming?

If so, you're not alone. But we can help!

"The Groove team is very competent, knowledgeable and always listens to our needs… I would recommend Groove Commerce to any business colleague should they need an agency."
Dana Knudsen - Dippin Dots
Dana Knudsen
Dippin' Dots
eCommerce Web Design Services

Looking For An eCommerce Website Design Agency?
We’re That And So Much More.

To reach your eCommerce goals, you need a partner with strong communication, clear planning, and transparency. Learn how we put you at the center of everything we do.

Platform Consulting

Finding a platform that accomplishes your eCommerce goals for design, accessibility and conversion performance can be tricky. We’ll give you honest, informed input about your options and what works for your business.

Technical Discovery

Diving into an eCommerce web design project without preparation almost guarantees project delays, overages and long-term issues. Before work begins on your project, we’ll go over your goals, schedule, and technical requirements to deliver your ideal store.

eCommerce Design

The design of your store shouldn’t just look great – it should be easy to use. That’s why we deliver customized desktop and mobile mockups that bring your vision to life. With AA-compliance and page speed in mind, your store will perform fast and convert.

Front & Back-End Development

Customers don’t have time to waste with overly complicated, confusing, or unresponsive eCommerce stores. Our platform-certified front-end and back-end developers will build you an accessible, high-performing site that seamlessly integrates with your existing business systems.

Data Migration

If you already have an online store, losing your existing customer data is a devastating blow to your business. We’ll use a repeatable process to safely and accurately transfer your data to your new eCommerce site so you avoid disruptions and data loss.

Content Population

Successful eCommerce content drives traffic and holds customers’ interest. We’ll help you migrate current content, train your team, and provide you with guidelines for website templates, widget names, and image dimensions.

Search Engine Optimization

You know you need to upgrade your store, but worry about SEO losses harming traffic and revenue. That’s why our SEO team is involved from start to finish, counseling your team on structural and content changes, as well as their potential impacts. Our eCommerce web design company follows a pre-launch SEO checklist to ensure a seamless launch.

QA & Launch

The worst-case scenario for any eCommerce business is an error-filled and stressful launch day. We put your mind at ease by internally testing your site for bugs and design inconsistencies before you go live. We also provide dedicated launch-day support to ensure the big day goes smoothly.
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Do You Know What’s Holding You Back?

Finding the flaws in your eCommerce store isn’t always easy, especially when you’ve invested so much energy into perfecting it. Our eCommerce strategists will perform an in-depth audit of your site and share recommendations for improvement.
Our Solutions

Overcome Your Challenges With Custom Commerce Website Design

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Unbiased Technical Guidance

You need sound and impartial advice to choose the right tech for your needs. We put in the time to understand your requirements and build a solution that meets them.
Best ecommerce website design award winning design illustration

Award-Winning Design

eCommerce success isn’t about winning awards - but it never hurts to. We’re proud to have helped our clients win numerous awards for inclusive and straightforward shopping experiences.
Ecommerce design agency consistent communication illustration

Consistent Communication

Your eCommerce site design can make or break your business, so you should never feel in the dark. We make you a part of our process with weekly calls and regular communication.
Website design ecommerce conversion and accessibility compliance illustration

Conversion & Accessibility Minded

Your store should attract and convert customers. That’s a lot harder with poor site design. Build a site that follows best practices and meets accessibility requirements with our eCommerce design company.
Ecommerce design company Transparent Timelines & Cost illustration

Transparent Timelines & Costs

Don’t get burned when your design project is over budget or behind schedule. We’re always open about the investment and timeline of our eCommerce website design services.
Custom commerce website design rapid go to market illustration

Rapid Go-To-Market

You want your new eCommerce site completed quickly, without cutting corners. Our Velocity framework enables us to deliver your completed site in as few as 8 weeks.

Straightward, Stress-Free
eCommerce Design Pricing

The cost of your eCommerce web design project shouldn’t be a guessing game. We take all the mystery out of the process by providing you with clear plans for different budgets.


Starting at
$65k/ Project
what’s included?
  • Fastest Implementation
  • Branded Customizations
  • Support & Training Included
  • Designed for Growing Brands
  • 2-3 Month Timeline


Starting at
$100k/ Project
what’s included?
  • Moderate Customization
  • Enhanced Branded Elements
  • Native PIM or ERP Integration
  • Designed for Mid-Market Brands
  • 4-6 Month Timeline


Starting at
$150k/ Project
what’s included?
  • Bespoke Customization
  • Complex Functional Requirements
  • Custom ERP or PIM Integration
  • Designed for Enterprise Brands
  • 6+ Month Timeline
Reach out for a custom quote to meet your exact needs. 
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Why Haven’t You
Taken The First Step?

Measuring what is and isn't working is a prerequisite to growth. Request a no-cost performance and accessibility audit from our eCommerce web design company to do just that.

Frequently Asked

Can't find the answer to your eCommerce design question? We want to hear from you.
What is an eCommerce design company and how do I choose one?

An eCommerce design agency creates custom website templates for your online store. The agency you choose should understand both the technical and visual aspects of the design process. Our trained and experienced team maintains high standards of quality with detailed planning, design mockups, and development.

What are the benefits of working with your eCommerce web design agency?

Building a functional and engaging online store is challenging and time-consuming, particularly if you’ve never built a site before. Our website design eCommerce company makes your site design more efficient while reducing bugs that cause problems for you and your customers.

Which platform allows for the best eCommerce website design?

There are many different eCommerce platforms to consider, and there’s no one size fits all solution. We offer unbiased technology recommendations so that you can find the right option for your needs. We partner with multiple platforms, so we can provide escalated support relating to their features and functionalities. 

What eCommerce web design services do you offer?

Short Answer: If You Can Think Of It, We Do It.

Our eCommerce website design services start with a discovery phase where we review your technical requirements. Then on to design planning and discussions to establish your vision, as well as desktop and mobile mockups prior to building. We perform internal testing and implement your feedback for quality assurance. When your store design is complete, we’ll schedule a stress-free launch day with your team using our proven pre-launch checklist.

Will my eCommerce web design meet accessibility standards (Amercians with Disabilities Act)?

Yes, if you work with Groove, your eCommerce store will meet AA accessibility standards. Our developers and designers prioritize inclusivity and take the necessary steps to minimize legal risk.

How much input will I have in my eCommerce website design?

We value your voice and won’t incorporate any design elements that you don’t approve of. Weekly calls with your Project Manager enable you to discuss the status of your design project, review mockups, and provide any feedback you have.  

How long does a typical web design for eCommerce project take?

Your goals determine how quickly we can deliver your completed site. If you want to get your store up and running in a hurry, we can expedite delivery to as few as 8 weeks using our signature Velocity framework. 

How much does custom commerce website design cost?

The price of your eCommerce design depends on the size of your store and the scope of the project. Our eCommerce web design company offers a variety of plans at different price points to accommodate businesses of every size. If none of our pre-made plans feel like a good fit, reach out for a custom quote. 

Will developing a new eCommerce site design affect my SEO?

If you have an existing store, migrating to a different platform and designing a new site could hurt your SEO. Our search engine optimization team will work to minimize any impact, offering insights on how certain content and structure modifications will affect your ranking. Before launch, we follow our proven SEO checklist for a seamless process.

Learn More About eCommerce Website Design

We know eCommerce design is complicated, so our resources help break it down for you. 

eCommerce Website Design Elements To Increase Conversions: The Definitive Manual

eCommerce Website Design Elements To Increase Conversions: The Definitive Manual

Download a copy of this eCommerce Design Guide to discover ways to optimize various web pages to improve the user experience and encourage conversion.

20 Web Design Effects to Enhance Your Website

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15 Shopify Website Examples To Inspire eCommerce Site Design in 2024

15 Shopify Website Examples To Inspire eCommerce Site Design in 2024

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We’ve helped hundreds of merchants grow their stores, and we can help you too.

Join the company of these brands by booking your complimentary audit today. 
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