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PPC for eCommerce

Looking For an eCommerce PPC Agency to Increase ROI?

Are you struggling to manage advertising expenses as competition increases and costs rise? Learn how our eCommerce advertising agency can help maximize your eCommerce return on ad spend with a proven repeatable process.

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eCommerce PPC Management

Is Rising Competition Leading To Higher eCommerce PPC Customer Acquisition Costs and Lower ROI?

Costs are rising, revenue and return on ad spend are dropping, and you’re unable to keep up with advancing technologies like AI. With so many obstacles ahead, you need expert support to continually optimize your campaigns. As an eCommerce PPC management company, Groove Commerce does all the heavy lifting, producing consistently effective campaigns that drive better results.

  • Are you struggling to create high-quality advertising campaigns?
  • Are setbacks from your previous eCommerce PPC consultant creating ongoing frustration and trust issues?
  • Are you having a difficult time keeping up with platform updates?

We've heard all of these and more before -  with a track record of success.

“The thing we've got going for us is good proactive communication between what we're looking for at Cordova and what Groove is seeing in the market.”
Gentry Jensen - Cordova Outdoors
Gentry Jensen
Cordova Outdoors
eCommerce PPC Services

Looking For A PPC eCommerce Agency to Manage Your Campaigns?

You encounter issues on a daily basis ranging from adjusting targeting to optimizing budgets.

Partner with our eCommerce advertising agency to address the issues you know about, as well as those you don’t.

Search & Shopping Campaigns

Whether you are looking for help with Google Permanence Max or Microsoft Ads, we handle the heavy lifting with a repeatable process. We work with you to set sales objectives and bidding strategies, selecting the featured products to help you meet ROI goals.

Display Management

All good campaigns start with great creative assets. If you need an eCommerce digital advertising agency to build, publish, and optimize campaigns; you’ve found the right place. With our repeatable process, we help to grow brand awareness and broaden your pool of prospective customers.

Social Media Advertising

Your ads need to be placed where your prospective customers will see them. That’s why we use Meta Ads to help extend your reach. We’ll create objectives, budgets, and assets to set your campaigns up for success, refining them as needed.

Creative Design

From irresistible calls to action to eye-catching imagery, we’ll help you design pay-per-click ads that capture the voice of your brand and attract more customers. If you want an hands-on role in content creation, collaboration with your in-house team is always possible.

Bidding & Targeting Management

Constantly showing your ads to the wrong audience will hold you back from reaching your ROI goals. We ensure your ads reach the right audiences with carefully considered bidding strategies, relevant search themes, and evidence-based audience targeting.

Monthly Reporting

Your dedicated eCommerce PPC Strategist and Account Manager provide you with monthly performance updates detailing the challenges and successes of your campaigns. You’ll have access to a custom real-time dashboard to track store data, traffic, orders, and revenue in one view.

Ongoing Optimization

In the world of PPC for eCommerce, what works today might not tomorrow. That’s why we continuously analyze your advertising results and find ways to improve them.
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Could Your Advertising Campaigns Be Generating A Better ROI?

Learn how your eCommerce PPC campaigns could be improved with the help of our no-cost eCommerce advertising audit. We will examine your account and offer expert recommendations to strengthen your advertising strategy.
Our eCommerce Advertising Solutions

What Makes Our eCommerce PPC Agency Different

eCommerce PPC Strategists

eCommerce PPC Strategists

You’ll work with a dedicated eCommerce advertising strategist, who will oversee your PPC initiatives, scheduling, budgeting, and performance. With extensive industry experience, your strategist will offer one-on-one guidance, support, and updates.
Repeatable Campaign Process

Repeatable Campaign Process

We use proven, repeatable processes to consistently improve your PPC campaigns. Our eCommerce PPC agency takes care of everyday tasks, including scheduling and publishing assets, so you can focus on other areas of your business.
Quarterly Business Reviews

Quarterly Business Reviews

At the end of each quarter, we evaluate your business performance and store health. You’ll receive actionable insights and a plan for the upcoming quarter, designed to meet your short and long-term goals.
AI-Powered Automation

AI-Powered Automation

To combat rising customer acquisition costs, we leverage the latest AI tools to make your campaigns more efficient. We combine these AI tools with manual human oversight to ensure your campaign budget is on track.
Transparent Timelines & Costs

Transparent Timelines & Costs

You’ll always receive an honest, upfront explanation of our costs and timelines before we get to work. Knowing what to expect and what’s required moving forward prevents unwelcome issues such as overages.
Performance Reporting

Performance Reporting

Every month, you’ll meet with your PPC eCommerce agency Strategist and Account Manager to review your performance report. This report will outline what worked well over the past month and what changes will benefit your campaigns in the future.

Reaching The Sustainable ROI You've Been Looking For


Laying the Foundation

We start with an onboarding process, complete with troubleshooting, account audits, and a roadmap for the coming months. Initial campaigns are launched quickly during this phase.

Refining The Strategy

Once we’ve found what’s working through monthly reporting and quarterly business reviews, we’ll focus on refining your campaigns and achieving consistent and repeatable results.

Continuous Optimization

The journey’s just getting started. With campaign analysis and optimization entirely polished, we’re focused on scaling your campaigns to reduce CAC and maximize ROI.

Straightforward, Suprise-Free Pricing

With advertising expenses going through the roof, you deserve to know how much you’re spending and what that money gets you. Our eCommerce PPC advertising agency has a plan for every budget.

Fully Customizable
Advertising Engagement
Starting at
$5,550 / month
Maximize your eCommerce return on ad spend with a proven partner.
what’s included?
Search & Display Ads
Social Media Ads
Campaign & Budget Management
Creative Asset Design
Monthly Performance Reporting
Quarterly Business Reveiw

If none of these plans seem quite right for your needs, reach out reach out to receive a custom quote that fits your specific goals.

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Why Are Your PPC Campaigns Underperforming?

Find out why with the help of an experienced consultant. Our team will conduct a free audit of your paid media accounts and offer expert recommendations that you can bring back to your team.
Pay Per Click faqs

Frequently Asked

Can’t find what you are looking for? We are happy to answer any questions you may have.
What does an eCommerce advertising agency do?

An eCommerce digital advertising agency builds, monitors, and optimizes your PPC campaigns. At Groove Commerce, we manage every stage of the advertising process, including developing a budget, creating assets, and analyzing campaign performance.

What’s the benefit of working with a PPC eCommerce agency?

PPC for eCommerce is complex, and changes in technology and the market can make it difficult to stay on top of the most effective methods. Our team of expert strategists knows how to keep costs down without sacrificing campaign quality. We also shoulder the burden of day-to-day tasks, including performance analysis, asset design, and publishing.

What eCommerce PPC services do you offer?

Our eCommerce PPC management company provides a wide range of services, including planning, development, and optimization for search, shopping, display, and social media campaigns. We perform monthly and quarterly performance reviews, and pair you with a dedicated eCommerce PPC consultant who oversees your account and provides ongoing support.

Does your agency serve B2B companies?

Groove Commerce is proud to offer eCommerce PPC management to both B2C and B2B companies. However, we always focus on eCommerce as a primary goal and direction for the accounts we work with

How does Groove decide which keywords to target for my business?

Our team of paid media experts performs a series of in-depth keyword research sessions to find the terms and phrases that are most likely to drive high-quality traffic to your website. We define that high-quality traffic as visitors who are inside your target market and searching for high-intent keywords that indicate they’re ready and willing to make a purchase.

How will Groove measure the success of my PPC media campaigns?

We use a variety of core and sub-metrics to measure the success of your campaigns. For internal use and external reporting, we use sub-metrics including clicks, impressions, conversion rates, and return on ad spend.

How does Groove ensure that my Google Shopping ads are reaching the right audience?

To get your ads in front of the right audience and drive better results, we use advanced targeting techniques, such as custom audiences, geographic segmentation, bid adjustments, and ad grouping.

Can I see an example of what a PPC agency for eCommerce can do?

To see a few examples of the results we’ve driven for clients, visit our Work page.

We would love to show you what Groove has to offer as an eCommerce PPC agency. Request a free audit, and an eCommerce PPC consultant will thoroughly review your account and offer insights on what’s working and what could be holding you back.

How long will it take to see my revenue and returns improve?

Every business is unique, but you should begin to see results within the first three months of partnering with Groove. Those results will continue to grow as we fine-tune your eCommerce PPC management and expand your reach.

How much does a PPC agency for eCommerce cost?

We offer competitively priced plans for businesses of every size and budget to give you the best results for your money. Review our pricing guide above or reach out to us with specific questions about pricing.

What makes Groove’s approach to PPC advertising unique?

Our approach to eCommerce and PPC campaigns stands apart from other agencies because we prioritize data-driven decision making. We utilize analytics and testing to optimize campaigns and deliver the best results for your business.

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We’ve helped hundreds of merchants grow their stores, and we can help you too.

Join the company of these brands by booking your complimentary audit today. 
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