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When your email and SMS marketing campaigns aren’t performing, you are leaving revenue on the table. Our eCommerce email marketing and SMS services use a proven process to get your business back on track – fast.

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Want To Take the Guesswork Out of eCommerce Email & SMS Marketing?

You know that you need to do more with email and SMS marketing, but you need the expertise to create eCommerce email automations and effective campaigns. Maybe you’ve been burned by past providers who created ongoing frustration and were unable to move the needle. If you have big goals, we’re here to help achieve them with honesty and transparency.

  • Is your SMS and email marketing not generating the expected revenue and engagement?
  • Is there more you want to do with email and SMS automation?
  • Do you need more resources to create high-quality SMS and email campaigns?

We've heard it all of these challenges before and we're here to help.

“My personal experience with (Groove Commerce) has been a 10 out of 10. I have loved working with every single person I've come across in the company, and I think we've done some really great work together.”
Victoria Grenier - Thrifty White Health Essentials
Victoria Grenier
Thrifty White Health Essentials
eCommerce Email Marketing Agency

Want To Unlock More Customers with Engaging Email and SMS Marketing?

With our eCommerce SMS and email automation and campaign services, expert advice, and personalized support, you can improve open, click-through, and purchase rates.

Email & SMS Campaign Creation

At the start of our work together, we’ll onboard your brand as a client by exploring what’s working – and what’s not – within your current email and SMS marketing. We’ll take over the heavy lifting of writing emails, creating SMS messages that incite action, and developing a calendar that will get you in touch with your target market when it matters most. Our repeatable process means that we’re able to scale results, building upon the success of each month’s efforts.

Flows & Automation

Our eCommerce email and SMS agency breaks down your audience, segmenting your leads by demographics and purchase behavior. We use this information to design customized flows, leverage Meta audiences, extend your reach with direct mail, and boost your lead to customer conversion rate.

Lead Capture & Pop Ups

Our eCommerce Email Marketing Agency will add fresh lead generation forms to your store and test them to see what converts best. We recommend using Justuno to take Klaviyo’s features to the next level. If you’re not sure how to get started with Justuno, we’re always here to help.

Segment Creation & Optimization

Audiences change, and your segments need to change, too. Our eCommerce SMS and email marketing team will regularly analyze and revise your existing segments. We will also create new segments to develop future campaigns, flows, and SMS outreach.

List Management & Cleaning

Deliverability matters. Each month, we’ll remove invalid contacts and exclude them from future communication to improve deliverability.

Monthly Performance Reporting

In addition to bi-weekly touchpoints, your eCommerce email marketing agency Account Manager and Email Strategist will meet with you each month to go over your marketing performance and offer suggestions that take it to the next level.
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Why Isn't Your Email & SMS Converting?

You’re neck-deep trying to maintain your marketing strategies as they are. To learn where to improve, speak with an eCommerce email marketing Agency to learn what’s working on your site and what isn’t.
What Makes Our eCommerce Marketing Different

Reach Your Engagement Goals With Our eCommerce Email Marketing Agency

eCommerce Email & SMS Strategists

eCommerce Email & SMS Strategists

You’ll have a dedicated point of contact with deep expertise in email marketing and SMS. We’re Elite Partners with Klaviyo, providing our eCommerce SMS agency with the access and support we need to make your SMS and email marketing campaigns and automations shine.
Repeatable Campaign Process

Repeatable Campaign Process

We believe in doing what works, and we’ve spent nearly two decades perfecting our eCommerce email and SMS process. We’ll manage every step of campaign development, from creating your campaign calendar to analyzing results and recommending next steps.
Quarterly Business Reviews

Quarterly Business Reviews

Every three months, we pause to evaluate your growth and provide your team with actionable steps to continue your upward trajectory. We scale what’s working and make adjustments where necessary to meet quarterly goals.
Fine-Tuned Automation

Fine-Tuned Automation

Our experts use three levers to maximize automation processes: segmentation based on demographics and behavior, personalization of email and SMS content, and integrations including Meta audiences and direct mail to extend your reach.
Transparent Timelines & Cost

Transparent Timelines & Cost

We believe in full transparency. We’ll go over costs and timelines with you at the start of our work together. We’re always here to answer any questions that you have about our pricing. No surprises, ever.
Performance Reporting

Performance Reporting

Upon partnering with our agency, you receive access to a real-time dashboard to track store data, traffic, orders, and revenue from multiple sources in one view. Each month, your Email Strategist and Account Manager will review your report, sharing actionable ways to improve.

Your Journey to Substantial SEO Results


Laying the Foundation

The first step is a comprehensive onboarding session to align our strategies with your goals. Early actions include account troubleshooting, content enhancements, and establishing a baseline for performance metrics.

Deepening the Strategy

At 120 days, we ensure our efforts still align with your evolving business needs. We refine your eCommerce email marketing strategies — focusing on the activities that have proven to drive the greatest impact for your brand.

Looking Ahead

Quarterly Business Reviews help us assess marketing progress, recalibrate strategies, and plan for scalable growth. We focus on emerging trends in your specific industry to ensure that your email marketing eCommerce strategy is proactive going forward.

Clear, Transparent Pricing

At Groove, we’re proud to be the eCommerce email marketing agency you can trust to meet your goals and solve your challenges. 

Fully Customizable
Email/SMS Engagement
Starting at
$5,550 / month
Evolve and advance your email and SMS marketing with our trusted teams.
what’s included?
Email & SMS Campaign Creation
Flow Writing & Design
Segmentation & List Management
Lead Capture & Pop-ups
Monthly Performance Reporting
Quarterly Business Review

Need something custom? Reach out to our team today to get a curated quote that meets your needs.

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Why Haven't You Gotten Started?

Unsure where to start? By receiving an email & SMS marketing audit, you can uncover what’s working, what isn’t, and how to improve.
eCommerce Email FAQs

Frequently Asked

Can’t find the SEO information you came for?
Reach out, and we would be happy to help.
How do you approach email and SMS for eCommerce?

We use a data-driven approach to make decisions that leverage customer behavior, preferences, and demographics to increase conversions and revenue.

How do you measure the success of your eCommerce email and SMS campaigns?

We review your core metrics regularly, as well as email submetrics like open rates, click rates, unsubscribes, and bounces to continually improve email and SMS for eCommerce marketing performance.

Can you integrate eCommerce email and SMS marketing tools like Klaviyo, Bloomreach, or HubSpot with our existing platform?

Yes—our eCommerce SMS Agency has extensive experience integrating a variety of marketing tools with our primary eCommerce platforms, Shopify Plus and BigCommerce.

Does your team stay compliant with industry regulations, like GDPR?

Absolutely. It’s our responsibility to make sure that your eCommerce SMS and email campaigns are fully compliant with eCommerce marketing industry regulations.

How will the Groove Commerce team support my campaigns and automation?

You’ll get access to a dedicated Account Manager and Email Strategist who will provide strategic and tactical steps built to drive growth. Both your Account Manager and Strategist will serve as your go-to touchpoints.

What level of support can we expect from Groove?

When you partner with our eCommerce email and SMS agency, you’ll meet your dedicated Account Manager and Lead Strategist, both of whom are solely focused on delivering results for your brand. We believe it’s our role to provide you with tactical email and SMS for eCommerce services that drive revenue. We’re always available to talk, and pride ourselves on a high level of service.

What role do I play in the eCommerce email marketing and SMS process?

We believe in creating strong partnerships. Your Account Manager and Email Strategist will work with you to understand your goals, and we’ll use these as checkpoints to influence our eCommerce email marketing strategy. We want you to take an active role in the creation process, and provide feedback that allows our eCommerce email and SMS agency to improve over time.

How do you handle design for eCommerce SMS and email marketing campaigns?

Our designers and creative professionals are Klaviyo and HubSpot-certified, and will work with your team to create engaging email and SMS eCommerce campaigns that drive conversions and revenue. We understand that the internal processes of each client are different, and we’re happy to work with your team to find the process that works best for you.

Learn From Our eCommerce Email and SMS Marketing Experts

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We’ve helped hundreds of merchants grow their stores, and we can help you too.

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