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Advertising On Social Media: The Benefits

July 22, 2021
3 Min Read
Advertising On Social Media: The Benefits

There are a variety of marketing strategies out there for businesses to utilize, but there’s one in particular that consumers encounter each and every day: advertising on social media. In fact, social media marketing spending is expected to skyrocket in the United States alone, with Statista predicting spending to exceed 56 billion dollars in 2022 (that’s almost a 10 billion dollar increase from 2020!) Though social media serves its primary purpose of connecting people, it also plays a major role in connecting consumers to brands, increasing brand awareness, building relationships with customers and driving online sales.

Benefits of Advertising on Social Media

Establish A Social Media Presence 

In addition to posting organically on social media, using paid media advertising is great for establishing your brand’s presence on various platforms and managing your company’s reputation. Make it easier for your audience to find and connect with your brand by creating relevant ads. And forget the algorithm - social media advertising generates visibility and reaches the people that organic posts do not reach due to the algorithm.

Reach A Wider Audience

Reach customers outside of your loyal customer circle and connect with people beyond your existing followers by advertising on social media. If your marketing team created a piece of content or a certain campaign that’s driving significant leads or online sales organically, then promote it through advertisements, too! This will help to reinforce your brand’s message while reaching people who may not have otherwise seen your content organically. This way, your offer is in front of not only your existing customers and followers but also your ideal audience.

Advertising on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Snapchat, allows for powerful targeting options, enabling brands to refine their target audience and display ads to the most qualified (and relevant) audience. Many platforms allow merchants to use retargeting ads and base audiences off of demographics, location, platforms and more. This blog provides a quick and easily digestible rundown of Facebook’s ad targeting capabilities. Each social media platform will have different features, but all paid media advertisements enable brands to reach audiences that are larger than those they’d reach organically.

Increase Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Establishing loyal customers is a key component for success as they serve as a lifeline for many brands. In fact, loyal customers spend up to 67% more than new customers. Though gaining a large number of new customers is impressive, it’s possible that company growth will remain stagnant if existing customers aren’t returning to make additional purchases.

Building trust with your customers plays a critical role in their purchasing decisions and encourages them to make future purchases. A great strategy for driving customer loyalty is to incorporate user-generated content into your photo or video ads. This especially helps with making an impact on the people who are most similar to your existing customer base.

How To Enhance Your Social Media Advertising Strategy

Conduct Research & Gather Data

Social media analytics provide marketers with valuable information about how people interact with both a company’s organic and paid posts. Moreover, it provides insights into the types of people that are most engaged with your ads. Use analytics tools to gain a better understanding of the buyer personas that are interacting with your ads so that you can better filter your targeting options to reach the people that are most likely to convert.

Measuring what type of social posts perform best and what time of day your audience is active online helps maximize reach and engagement. Use social media to track key performance metrics (KPIs) that help you to uncover accurate data to supercharge your marketing efforts. You’ll have a clearer understanding of the different audiences using each platform and develop ways to reach them in the future. Also, monitor keywords and mentions to see what your audience is talking about. Search hashtags and dig into trending topics to spark inspiration for your next social media advertising campaign.

Further, collect and analyze user-generated content to engage with customers directly and address any customer complaints or general comments. Identifying what customers are posting and sharing helps marketing teams design a content strategy that connects with your audience and remedies their concerns.

Create Shareable Content

Post original content on your social media accounts, and promote it via paid ads to increase visibility and drive conversions. Content creation really helps businesses increase traffic and attract the right visitors to their site. We recommend creating content that targets each buyer persona at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

For instance, top of the funnel content attracts a broader audience and aligns with the Awareness stage of the marketing funnel. Top of the funnel content includes educational or entertaining content that makes consumers aware that your brand exists. If you can capture their email address here, then it’d be much easier to nurture them with middle of the funnel content and streamline the buying process.

Middle of the funnel content caters to the smaller and more qualified segment of your audience and aligns with the Consideration stage of the marketing funnel. This type of content should display your brand’s expertise and help differentiate your brand from competitors.

Lastly, bottom of the funnel content aligns with the Decision stage of the marketing funnel. Shoppers in this stage focus mainly on branded search and are looking for information on how your solution delivers value for them. This is all about creating content that separates your company from the competition and enhances your overall eCommerce marketing strategy.


Advertising on social media is great for promoting your brand, selling products and telling your brand’s story. If you need help with your social media advertising strategy and want to hear how Groove Commerce can help you grow your eCommerce store, contact us through the form below. We want to learn more about your company’s existing social media strategy and share how our eCommerce marketing services align with your needs.

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