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Are You Hiring Multiple Firms to Manage Your eCommerce Web Site?

Each day I browse through blogs about eCommerce Web Design, SEO, and Pay-Per-Click advertising, and what I find most surprising is that many continue to believe the best way to maximize their traffic and conversion is to hire two separate companies! Many believe they need to hire a digital marketing agency to marketing the site and a Design and Development firm to build their website.

This is most likely due to the fact that the majority of web design firms are horrible at SEO, and SEO Agencies are horrible at design! However, while hiring two separate firms could be beneficial, the best way to maximize a sites potential is to find a single firm with a proven track record that has experience doing both.

More often than not, the true rock behind internet marketing is Organic Search Traffic. While many advertising tactics may be used to boost traffic for a short period of time, it is organic traffic that most often keeps your site crankin' through the long haul. What many design firms do not understand is that one of the most vital pieces to this is the very design of the site! The website must have a good design, well-formed layout, accessible relative content, keywords strategically placed throughout, correct heading, paragraph, and link tags - even the code must be written in an accessible and search engine friendly manner!

The list goes on and on. If a site is built in a poor manner to begin with, it is often the task of an SEO Agency to attempt to clean up what someone else has done. While this may hide some of the symptoms, it certainly does not attack the root of the problem. The fact remains that development and marketing are not different entities at all, but instead are very much interconnected.

What is needed is a company that can build the site correctly from the get-go, and then continue to monitor, adjust, and manage the site over time. When searching for the right match for your business, be sure to find an agency that incorporates SEO into every step of the process. Layout, sitemap, design, copy, code - Every piece must be well thought out in order to maximize search engine optimization. And it certainly should not stop there! A properly designed site is just the beginning. Industry leaders have coined the term "organic traffic" for a reason: The internet is constantly changing - every minute of every day. You need a Design, Development and SEO Agency that will actively monitor, adjust, and manage your company's site in order to ultimately achieve your online goals.

Overall the decision is yours when it comes to deciding on the right fit for your company. Make sure to be active and ask questions along the way. Choose a company that you can communicate with easily, and that can make you feel assured that choosing them is the right decision. Ask to view their portfolio and to provide references. After all, this is your business, and you want someone who will work with you, not just for you.

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