Best Customer Loyalty Programs: Our Favorite

Aug 27, 2020   •   2 Min Read

Managing customer turnover and increasing lifetime value are two of the most common initiatives our marketing team is given when working with an organization to grow revenue. Retain more customers, create an online shopping experience they'll love and decrease your company's depends on ads and promotion by implementing one of the best customer loyalty programs out there.

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Best Customer Loyalty Programs:

BigCommerce reports that it costs 5x less to retain an existing customer than it does to gain a new one. Since loyal customers spend up to 67% more than new customers, implementing one of the best customer loyalty programs is key to driving revenue and spending less.

We often recommend to our clients, since it integrates with BigCommerce and Shopify and motivates customers to take action at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Turn website visitors into repeat customers and increase customer lifetime value by taking advantage of's features:

  • Points to reward customers
  • A tiered VIP program to create a sense of exclusivity
  • A referral program to reward brand advocates


Most eCommerce businesses and consumers are familiar with points programs. When a customer buys something from a store, they're rewarded with points. When a customer accumulates enough points, they're awarded with a certain dollar amount off of their next purchase, a percentage discount, a free item or any other valuable deal that a store decides to offer.

Use to reward customers with points when they create an account and make purchases. Get customers excited about shopping at your store and impel them to purchase high-value items by rewarding them for a variety of things, such as writing reviews, celebrating birthdays and more. provides the features eCommerce brands need to engage their customers. Re-engage customers who have expired points with the program's built-in reactivation emails.

Customize the name of your points to create a fun shopping experience, and leverage's rate limiting and earning conditions to further customize your points program and decide how often your customers earn points.

VIP Program

As customers accumulate more points and continue to spend more at your store, they'll advance to the next tier. Create various levels of loyalty by implementing a tiered VIP program with

Incentivize customers to reach the next tier by offering better rewards at higher levels. Require customers to spend a certain dollar amount or earn a minimum number of points in order to progress.

Encourage future spending by motivating customers to reach the next loyalty tier. Make your higher-tiered VIP customers feel extremely valued by offering better deals and perks, like greater percentage or dollar discounts and accelerated points earning.

Further motivate customers to reach the next level of VIP by setting milestones. Determine a specific spend amount or points balance needed to move a customer into the next tier of your VIP program. Also, set the milestone duration to decide whether a customer's purchases within their lifetime or within a calendar year contribute to the points needed for the VIP program.

Referral Program

All business owners love when their existing customers refer friends and family to their store. Reward loyal customers and brand advocates by implementing's referral program.

Since it's difficult and expensive to acquire new customers, we highly recommend utilizing referrals to award your most loyal customers. Your customer base and community grows when existing customers recruit new ones to do business with you.

Thank them by promoting rewards for referrals. Rewards vary depending on the type of business but can include anything from a percentage off their next purchase or a free item or service at their next appointment.


Retain new and existing customers, increase customer lifetime value and turn loyal customers into brand evangelists by implementing, one of the best customer loyalty programs. Utilize all of these features to create an exciting and engaging experience for loyal customers, and reap maximum benefits. Best of all, spend less on advertising!

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