The Bigcommerce Enterprise App Starter Kit

Aug 27, 2015   •   3 Min Read

When enhancing your BigCommerce Enterprise store, you want to consider which apps you can use to help improve your user experience without compromising performance and stability.

Fortunately, one of the benefits of BigCommerce development is having access to hundreds of apps in their BigCommerce app store. With dozens of apps and features to consider, here are four apps that every BigCommerce Enterprise customer should have in their arsenal to enhance their customer experience and sell more online.

BigCommerce Enterprise Apps

1. SearchSpring

SearchSpring is an advanced site search tool with a smart learning system that works with your navigation to analyze how your customers interact with it to provide relevant solutions. How does the learning system work? It monitors how shoppers use your site search through data such as clicked vs. searched behavior, products added to cart, products viewed and more. The ability to analyze how customers interact with your site combined with the rich autocomplete, eliminates customer frustrations of being unable to find products and decreases the number of failed searches.

You can use the advanced reporting to look at customer insights, such as the most popular searches, in order to develop opportunities to better drive revenue for your business.

The Bigcommerce Enterprise App Starter Kit

2. Optimizely

Everyone knows the best method of advancing your site is through improving your conversion rate. However, without the proper tools, it can be difficult to figure out which changes are improving your eCommerce store experience for your visitors. When it comes to increasing conversions, we recommend the A/B split testing tool Optimizely.

Optimizely displays different versions of your webpage to live traffic so it can measure how those variations affect your conversion rates. You can track clicks, conversions and more through Optimizely’s custom goal tracking. It’s also easy to set up. Simply insert a line of HTML code generated by Optimizely and you’re done!

Optimizely is well known in the industry for improving conversion rates, and is one of Groove’s favorite A/B testing tools.

3. Yotpo

When customers are looking to learn more about your products, one of the first things they look at are your product reviews. Take control and manage your product reviews by investing in Yotpo. Yotpo is one of the best review apps on BigCommerce because it allows you to engage with and encourage customers to write product reviews.

Yotpo sends emails to your customers post-purchase to incentivize them to write reviews of your products. This user-generated content is like an SEO mini-site — making you look good in the eyes of Google and generating more qualified traffic to your site. With their seamless integration with your Facebook and Twitter pages, it makes it simple to share these reviews on social.

Worried about spam reviews popping up? With Yotpo, you have full moderation of reviews added on the site, can see which reviews are from verified customers and which are spam, and can therefore publish only the reviews you prefer to publicly share.

The analytics in this extension help give you the big picture about what customers think of your products. Whether it’s boosting your social presence through Facebook and Twitter or strengthening your SEO performance, Yotpo is a must-have for all store owners.

4. for BigCommerce

As a BigCommerce Enterprise partner, we make sure our clients have access to technology that will help them bridge the gap between inbound marketing and eCommerce to allow them to reach their goals. We noticed that BigCommerce clients weren’t able to fully utilize their HubSpot analytics, and that’s why we created for BigCommerce. for BigCommerce is an app that unifies BigCommerce with HubSpot to sync your HubSpot cookie data with a customer’s eCommerce order data.

This extension helps segment your customers by lifetime revenue, products purchased, average order value and more. By using this extension, you are able to leverage HubSpot to create personalized workflows and smart lists to better reach your customers. The one-click installation helps your business save time and removes the need for you to invest in a Developer to install it for you.


As an eCommerce business, your main initiatives will always be creating positive user experiences and looking for ways to constantly improve. These four apps make up the perfect BigCommerce app starter kit for BigCommerce Enterprise customers.

When looking for the apps that best integrate with your store, the one question you should always ask yourself is, “Does it enhance my customer experience?” If the answer is “yes,” check the reviews and register for a 30-day trial of the app today. Good luck!

Looking to learn more about ways to enhance your BigCommerce Enterprise store? Contact Groove today! Our eCommerce experts are ready to help.

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