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BigCommerce Multi Storefront: Pros, Cons, Features and Review [2024]

April 12, 2024
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BigCommerce Multi Storefront: Pros, Cons, Features and Review [2024]

One database. Multiple storefronts. BigCommerce MultiStorefront makes the creation of separate stores for certain demographics easy. You can create one database with all of your products and link them to specific storefronts to make it easier to target certain demographics. You may want to sell certain products on Amazon and others on Ebay or another platform. Instead of building several storefronts that take time to manage, you can manage all of this right from one place.

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Integrating Multi Storefront BigCommerce

The BigCommerce multi store integrates seamlessly with your Groove Commerce websites. The storefront allows for easier management of your products, especially when you need to target various demographics.

You can even choose to have one storefront for business-to-consumers and another for business-to-business if you want the ability to wholesale. The BigCommerce MultiStorefront also allows you to choose items from one database to sell on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and other online platforms. Using the same database, you can have your own storefront on your website.

Multi Storefront BigCommerce Features

The best feature of BigCommerce MultiStorefront is the ability to create multiple native storefronts in one control panel. All of the storefronts use the same database. You just select the products you want for each storefront – no more wasting space with duplicate product images and descriptions.

Using the single control panel, you can configure each storefront’s settings and internal notifications. You can even connect them to different domain names and SSL certificates. For example, if you want to target women and men for upscale clothing and accessories, you can target one storefront for men and one for women.

Your marketing plan becomes more manageable as you can target one or more demographics for each storefront. For example, if your women’s storefront is for ages 30 to 50, but your men’s storefront is for ages 18 to 25, you can easily target those demographics without having to search for those demographics when creating marketing products.

Additional features include:

  • Customize themes, widgets, page and email templates, scripts and social media links for each storefront.
  • Customize currencies and locations for each storefront if you sell certain products in certain countries.
  • Create web analytics for each storefront to help you see what is selling best in each store.
  • Create unique categories for each storefront.
  • Set up a separate Meta Pixel for each storefront.
  • Configure notifications for each storefront.
  • Configure and control product and product filtering for each storefront.
  • Create custom price lists for each storefront.
  • Create promotions for each storefront.
  • Manage customer login for each storefront.
  • Filter sales reports by storefront.
  • Create newsletters for each storefront.
  • Create and manage 301 redirects for each storefront.

Everything is done from one control panel. You can create multiple storefronts, configure each storefront, connect different domains and create unique categories, all from one control panel. Other tasks you can accomplish for each store from one control panel include:

  • Creating unique categories.
  • Configuring each storefront.
  • Configure categories and web page URLs for each storefront.
  • Configure inventory and notifications from each storefront.
  • Use custom price lists for each storefront.

Benefits of Using BigCommerce MultiStorefront

The biggest benefit of using a BigCommerce multi store is the time it will save you in managing your inventory over several sales channels. The ability to target one or more demographics, such as age, gender, race, income and more, for each storefront decreases the amount of time it takes to implement a strong marketing plan.

Another excellent benefit is that BigCommerce MultiStorefront allows you to set up a store for each country you sell in. The benefit of setting up different taxing and VAT structures is that it makes it easier to track each sale’s tax obligations and ensure the correct government entity receives the taxes.

Pricing for BigCommerce MultiStorefront

The BigCommerce multi store has several pricing tiers, so no one has more features than they require. The Standard plan is $29 per month when you pay yearly. The most common plan, the Plus plan, is $70 per month when you pay yearly. BigCommerce also has a Pro plan for $299 and an Enterprise plan. The latter is priced based on what you require for your team.

Contact Groove Commerce

Whether you have hundreds or thousands of products you wish to sell over multiple channels, Groove Commerce can help you create one or more storefronts based on several factors, including demographics, online marketplaces, and more.

Contact Groove Commerce, your Certified Elite BigCommerce Partner, today to discuss your marketing needs and requirements and to set up your online store with the BigCommerce MultiStorefront.

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