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Using The BigCommerce Orders API To Integrate with Criteo & Rakuten

April 05, 2018
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Using The BigCommerce Orders API To Integrate with Criteo & Rakuten

Marketing platforms like Criteo and Rakuten help eCommerce brands build personalized shopping experiences. These tools collect order information from eCommerce sites to retarget audiences across multiple devices and platforms to drive conversions. However after working with several of our clients, we realized Criteo and Rakuten integrations for BigCommerce are not always what they should be. 

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To enable standard integrations, developers should place Criteo or Rakuten scripts on BigCommerce order confirmation pages. These scripts then send information back to their respective platforms. However by default, BigCommerce does not include individual item information that these marketing platforms need to function effectively. To address the issue, our BigCommerce development team built a proxy application to transfer detailed order information to Criteo or Rakuten using the BigCommerce Orders API.

Criteo and Rakuten BigCommerce Integration

Our Solution

BigCommerce Orders API

Our proxy application captures BigCommerce Order IDs from users who arrive at order confirmation pages. The application uses the BigCommerce Orders API to fetch data that typically doesn't appear on these pages, including product names, prices, quantities and discount amounts. Finally, the application sends this information back to the BigCommerce order confirmation pages so Criteo or Rakuten scripts can transfer it to their respective platforms.

The Impact of Using The BigCommerce Orders API

Although we designed this application for Criteo and Rakuten, we can apply its methodology to similar services that require BigCommerce order information. This application enables eCommerce to successfully use these marketing tools properly and begin syncing detailed BigCommerce order information correctly.

Overall, this solution helps eCommerce companies better utilize marketing tools like Criteo and Rakuten while enjoying the many benefits of using BigCommerce. As a BigCommerce Elite partner, we are excited to continue developing integrations like the Criteo BigCommerce integration and the Rakuten BigCommerce integration and find ways for companies to grow.

How to Use The BigCommerce Orders API

We’ve implemented this application for multiple clients and are happy to help you set it up on your BigCommerce site. If you would like to learn more or have any questions, please fill out the form below. 

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