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See how the Groove Commerce team implemented the Givex integration for BigCommerce to help this restaurant sell eCommerce gift cards.

When evaluating eCommerce platforms, like BigCommerce vs. Magento for example, it's important to consider the native apps and integrations for each platform. In this blog, we're sharing how we helped a restaurant leverage the Givex Integration for BigCommerce so that they can sell (and let customers make purchases with) eCommerce gift cards.

Givex Integration For BigCommerce

G&M Crabcakes is one of the most popular crab cake restaurants in Baltimore, Maryland. It started back in 1974 as a brick-and-mortar restaurant and has since then had expanded into the eCommerce space. The company now offers overnight shipping across the United States for its famous lump crab cakes.

Transitioning To BigCommerce

Prior to working with our team, the G&M website used the Magento 1 platform to run their online operations. On Magento 1, the restaurant was able to offer both physical and digital gift cards. They decided to transition to BigCommerce, and that's when they lost the native gift card functionality. So, they called Groove Commerce for help.

Givex Integration: What Is It?

Givex is a third-party company that businesses partner with to offer eCommerce gift cards. These gift cards can be used to make purchases both online and in-stores. The Givex POS was developed specifically for restaurants and offers 200+ features to help restaurants manage their businesses.

How The Givex Integration Benefits G&M

When G&M made the move to BigCommerce, they lost the native gift card functionality. There are no apps or integrations native to BigCommerce that allow merchants to sell gift cards or allow customers to make purchases with eCommerce gift cards. Therefore, any business running on BigCommerce must leverage a third-party tool, like Givex, if they want to offer gift cards.

To help G&M, we implemented the Givex Integration for BigCommerce (along with the Micros POS), which the restaurant now uses for their POS system and gift cards. We worked with Givex to allow for the sale of both physical and digital gift cards as well as the use of both types of eCommerce gift cards.

Now, customers can buy a physical or digital gift card, check their physical or digital gift card balance online, and use both the physical or digital gift card online or at a G&M store.


Gifting food is becoming more popular − especially during times like today − and restaurants that offer gift cards help our socially-distant society stay connected. By leveraging the Givex Integration for BigCommerce, we helped G&M add a functionality that is not native to BigCommerce. Now, G&M's newly updated online store lets customers use, purchase and check the balance on their eCommerce gift cards.

If you have any questions about making the move from brick-and-mortar to online, or are considering adding more functionality such as Givex gift cards to your eCommerce website, get in touch with us by filling out the form below. We'd love to help you reach your business goals!

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