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Mobile Express Checkout: PayPal’s Payment System

January 31, 2022
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Mobile Express Checkout: PayPal’s Payment System

With over 377 million users, PayPal oversaw nearly $1 trillion in payment volume in 2020 - according to Forbes Magazine. This payment processing system gives businesses the opportunity to expand their mobile sales tremendously.

What Is Mobile Express Checkout?

Mobile express checkout is PayPal’s mobile version of their express checkout service. It streamlines the checkout process by eliminating unnecessary steps upon completing a purchase, such as entering personal shipping, billing and payment information. Rather than spending time entering this information at checkout, shoppers only need to sign into their PayPal account and select the payment method that they would like to use to make the purchase.

This technology is optimized for mobile devices and their screens, which helps to create a great mobile eCommerce experience. Not only does mobile express checkout benefit the consumer, it also benefits the merchant by driving sales and revenue on mobile devices.

Drive Conversions & Mobile Sales

PayPal has shared that 23 million (out of their total 110 million active buyers) regularly use the app on mobile devices. Plus, they choose PayPal on mobile sites almost twice as much as they do on desktop websites. These users represent a huge market for eCommerce merchants to tap into. Acquiring new customers on mobile, in addition to selling to existing customers, allows merchants to keep their revenue stream flowing in a positive direction.

Keep Security Your Top Priority

PayPal securely transfers each customer’s personal information to the merchant. Upon login of the mobile express checkout, PayPal uses a security key, in addition to the user’s password, as an added layer of security. The app also uses fraud monitoring and prevention technology to protect each account from fraudulent charges.

In addition, PayPal remains compliant by following Data Protection Standards and implementing the following security measures.

Key Pinning

Key pinning is the prevention of false TLS certificates that are used to impersonate PayPal or other legitimate service providers. In short, when a customer connects to a server, key pinning evaluates the trust between the customer and the server. This is pretty complex as it involves development work to assure that apps are connected to a server using a secure and legitimate certificate and not a fraudulent one.

Data Encryption

PayPal complies with data encryption industry standards like PCI-DSS, which is also followed by credit card companies to protect user data, ensure secure transactions and defend against illegitimate transactions.

Email Payment Confirmation

PayPal sends a confirmation email to a person each time they send or receive a PayPal payment. In this case, when customers purchase from merchants using PayPal’s mobile express checkout, they’re send a confirmation email to authenticate the transaction and ensure it’s legitimate.

TLS Connection

PayPal uses the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol to encrypt communications between HTTPS and PayPal’s servers. PayPal upgraded in 2018 and required its services to use TLS 1.2 for all HTTPS connections and HTTP/1.1 for all connections.


Mobile express checkout is mutually beneficial to merchants and their customers. If the design and development of your eCommerce store isn’t optimized for the user experience yet, then we recommend prioritizing that. Integrating PayPal’s mobile express checkout into your eCommerce store will help to create a frictionless purchasing experience and encourage customers to return.

If you need help with your eCommerce website design and development, we’re here to help. Reach out to our team below with any questions, comments or concerns.

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