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How Website Developers Can Improve Your eCommerce Website

August 10, 2021
3 Min Read
How Website Developers Can Improve Your eCommerce Website

A website with the right combination of creativity, originality and technical excellence can transform the user experience. Attain a higher conversion rate by hiring web developers to make sure your website is easily navigable, has an attractive design and is accessible on all devices. A professional team of website developers delivers knowledge and experience to ensure your website has the highest level of consistency and innovation to differentiate your brand from competitors. In this blog, we outline the benefits of investing in a web development team to help you bring your creative visions to life. 

Website Developers: Roles & Responsibilities

There are three main types of website developers that each specialize in different areas: frontend, backend and full stack. Frontend developers assist with designing, while backend developers focus on functionality. Full stack developers work in both the frontend and backend to build complete websites from the ground up.

Front End Website Developers

The front end of a website is everything that website visitors see and interact with. Front end developers create everything consumers interact with directly, and they implement visual, interactive elements for people to engage with. Working with front end website developers that are proficient in HTML, CSS and Javascript programming ensures that your website provides a great user experience. They create a functional user experience, program all design aspects of a website and find solutions to any errors that may arise in the process.

Back End Website Developers

The back end of a website consists of a server, an application and a database. Back end developers are usually responsible for creating and maintaining technology at the back end of a website. They design, fix and alter software to ensure that any program a consumer engages with on the front end of a website delivers the requested data or information back to the consumer. Working with back end website developers to ensure that the correct information is prepared to be sent over to the front end of the site is a crucial component of the development process. Without back end programming, front end developers would not be able to display the data to consumers.

Full Stack Website Developer

Full stack refers to the collection of a series of technologies needed to complete a project. Full stack developers have expertise in all layers of a website’s development from the front end to the back end. They develop both client and server software, are proficient in both front end and back end languages and are experienced in server, network and hosting environments. Working with full stack developers provides a professional perspective of various technologies, programming languages, frameworks and platforms.

Benefits of Hiring Website Developers

Hiring a team of expert website developers is key to creating a top quality website with ease. Building a solid and optimized site with the help of front end website developers helps make an impression on your target audience by streamlining the checkout process and improving the overall user experience.

Stay Up-To-Date On Trends

Web design trends are always changing to meet consumer demands, which can take a toll on many eCommerce stores when it comes to updating web pages. Fortunately, website developers have expertise in transforming an existing site into an SEO-optimized, fully updated eCommerce store - without having to rewrite its functionality. For instance, focusing too heavily on images or visual content to keep up with current design trends can slow down site speed and result in losing potential customers. With a team of expert website developers by your side, you’ll have quick access to a team of professionals that are up to date on all the latest eCommerce development and design trends.

Get Their Expertise and A Full Range of Services

Using a DIY website builder to create a site that requires zero manual coding may sound convenient; however, these tools provide limited options compared to the full range of services that a professional web development team offers. Working with a website developer will give you the best tools and expertise in hosting, domain management, programming languages and customer service. 

Working with a team of website developers comes with an added layer of security knowing that any major or minor website issues will be updated and fixed without a hassle. Continuous support from a web development team also ensures that your website is functioning before, during and after launch based on several testing processes. Website developers carry out specific testing to guarantee that each part of the website such as the category pages, subcategory pages and product pages are performing as expected. The web developers at Groove Commerce also focus on testing different browsers, devices, operating systems and checkout processes to remove the hurdles that affect a website’s ranking and overall performance. 

When it comes to the technicalities of a website’s programming language, it’s extremely beneficial to have a dedicated team of website developers who are proficient in many different programming languages. This provides more flexibility in website creation and enables developers to write efficient programs and develop solutions that work. Our web development team currently works with several different programming languages including NodeJS and PHP as the primary programming languages for our clients, along with Handlebars as a sub-templating language that is used for clients using BigCommerce.


Effective websites elicit lasting impressions and increase engagement, conversion and return rate. At Groove Commerce, we have Frontend and Backend Developers along with Senior Full Stack Developers to ensure that our clients receive top-tier, high-quality development services that result in optimal performance for their websites. We're committed to helping clients scale their websites over time. That's why we work to continually improve your site's performance and stay up-to-date with technical requirements.  If you need help with your website and want to hear how Groove Commerce can develop your eCommerce store, contact us through the form below. 

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