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20 Best Shopify Apps For Your eCommerce Store

20 Best Shopify Apps
What’s Inside?

Distilled from years of industry-leading experience, "20 Best Shopify Apps" reveals our top picks for your success. This curated collection shares what your eCommerce store needs to thrive in your industry.

20 Best Shopify Apps
What’s Inside?

Distilled from years of industry-leading experience, "20 Best Shopify Apps" reveals our top picks for your success. This curated collection shares what your eCommerce store needs to thrive in your industry.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1

Our Review of the Best Shopify Apps

A Brief Introduction

eCommerce is a highly competitive arena. Using Shopify and compatible apps can help you get ahead of the pack and grow your online business. Digital retail in 2024 will continue demanding solutions to enhance customer experience, drive sales, and streamline operations. When you add the right Shopify apps, you can make a significant difference in your online store’s performance. Because of this impact, we have curated a list of the 19 best Shopify apps to elevate your store to new heights. 

The Shopify App Store is a marketplace that offers many solutions that are tailored to businesses of all sizes. It hosts a plethora of third-party applications that allow you to create a unique experience for your customers and make back-end management much easier. You can choose the apps you prefer for specialized features.

Installing Shopify apps is a seamless process, as the platform integrates with many web hosting sites and customer management systems (CMS) to create a unique eCommerce experience. Installation is often as easy as clicking a button, though the process can be more complicated.

The categories offered in the Shopify App Store are diverse enough to cater to the needs and requirements of various eCommerce businesses. You’ll have everything you need, from marketing and sales optimization, customer service enhancement, inventory management, loyalty programs, shipping, site search, and more.

Whether you need to boost sales, streamline operations, or improve customer engagement, the Shopify store offers many solutions.


Chapter 2

Shopify Apps for Marketing Automation

Empowering Your eCommerce Marketing Growth

As part of your Shopify store, you should implement marketing automation for monotonous marketing work, such as social media posting, email marketing, and managing ad campaigns. Automating some marketing practices with the best Shopify apps frees up time for you to personalize your campaigns for your customers and generate more revenue.


Best Shopify Apps - Klaviyo

When you need to deliver your messages across several channels and centralize your data, Klaviyo can help. It helps to guide your strategy, simplify complicated tasks, improve messaging, and grow efficiently. Klaviyo offers customized reporting and advanced analytics, making it easier for you to change your marketing strategy when and where it’s needed.

Other Features include:

  • Two-way SMS conversations
  • Collection and display of product reviews

When you can’t reach your VIPs – those who always spend money in your store – you end up losing sales. Klaviyo allows you to target various demographics of varied audiences.

Klaviyo has several pricing tiers, including a free tier. Their tiers are based on the number of contacts you have. You can send up to 500 monthly emails with a free account. Paid subscriptions start at $45 per month for email only. 

To obtain a complete view of every customer and amp up your marketing, add Klaviyo to your Shopify store.

Best Shopify Apps - Klaviyo interface


Best Shopify Apps - JustUno

When you need to collect and act on dozens of data points for each custom visiting your store, JustUno’s proprietary visitor intelligence technology allows you to do just that. Create visitor profiles that analyze, track, and identify every customer who lands in your Shopify store. This allows you to create highly personalized and targeted popups, which helps increase conversions.

You can create highly engaging promotions and use over 80 targeting rules to personalize messaging for your customers. Without the ability to segment demographics, you end up alienating customers who are not interested in certain products or services.

JustUno offers a free trial, and subscription plans start at $24 per month based on the number of website visitors you have. To better optimize and convert traffic, add JustUno to your Shopify store

Best Shopify Apps - JustUno Segementation and Targeting Large


Best Shopify Apps - HubSpot

This software offers several software solutions, including marketing automation, to help measure, drive, and optimize revenue, all while saving time and resources. HubSpot’s Marketing Hub allows you to tailor email and SMS messages to your audience.

Hubspot can help you generate leads and keep customers engaged. Without lead generation, you could potentially lose hundreds or even thousands of customers. 
HubSpot offers several plans, including a free plan, starter, professional and enterprise plans. The starter plan starts at $15 per month per seat. The professional plan starts at $800 per month.

Start generating more leads and keeping customers engaged today with Hubspot.

Best Shopify Apps - HubSpot Interface CRM


Best Shopify Apps - Attentive

This company offers over 30 list growth tools to help you collect subscribers from your store and across the web and your social media platforms. Attentive Mobile also allows you to offer a two-tap sign-up process. You can build your audience with Attentive Mobile’s AI-powered identity solution for SMS and email and easily target customers for messaging. It also offers analytics, advanced segmentation and A/B testing.

Attentive Mobile seamlessly integrates with the rest of your marketing tech, including Klaviyo and Shopify, plus it boasts of getting you 99 percent open rates. Without Attentive Mobile, you could see 50 percent less spend from replies.

You will need to include information about your brand to properly quote pricing. Partner with Attentive Mobile to increase SMS open rates. 

Best Shopify Apps - Attentive SMS

Best Shopify Apps - PostPilot

Not everyone opens emails or reads marketing texts. Post Pilot offers a direct mail solution for your Shopify store. It allows you to send personalized profit-generating mail in the form of postcards.

One of the biggest benefits of adding direct mail to your marketing plan is that you’ll reach people who would otherwise delete emails and texts. Without Post Pilot, you could lose out on direct sales that you may have caught with a flashy postcard.

You can create a free account to build your first campaign. You can use their pro account for mailing, or you can work with the company to create a custom account. Prices start at $0.53 per postcard with postage included. 

Sign up for Post Pilot to send out flashy, high-quality postcards and other direct mail pieces. 

Best Shopify Apps - PostPilot Postcard Physical Mail


Chapter 3

Top Shopify Apps for Feed Management

Product feeds allow you to distribute product data to various marketing channels, including social media platforms, comparison shopping engines, and affiliate networks. A feed management program allows you to organize, optimize, and distribute your product data feeds effectively so you can ensure the most up-to-date information about your products gets to the feeds you choose. 


Best Shopify Apps - Feedonomics

Use powerful order management technology to automate several processes, including sending feeds to hundreds of shopping channels and over 300 global marketplaces. Feedonomics easily integrates with Shopify and other platforms to get your data to places such as Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay, Microsoft, Facebook, and Target.

Two of the best features of Feedonomics are standardizing feeds from multiple drop shippers and vendors and streamlining your marketplace seller accounts. These actions could take hours of manpower without automation from Feedonomics.

Sign up or request a demo to see Feedonomics’ pricing structure. 
Best Shopify Apps - Feedonomics Interface


Chapter 4

Shopify Apps for Loyalty / UGC / Social

Enhancing Your Shopify Store With User Generated Content

User-generated content, such as reviews and comments in your store, on Amazon, social media, and anywhere else you might sell or advertise your products is very important to your brand. 

Because it is your customer’s opinion about your product, it shows brand loyalty, which is very important to potential customers. Some of the best Shopify apps for loyalty, user-generated content, and social media include Stamped.io and Yotpo. 


Best Shopify Apps - Stamped.io

This Shopify app allows you to solicit reviews. It also allows you to offer points programs, VIP tiers, and referrals to build trust with your customers and acquire new customers. You can create brand advocates and customize pages to increase engagement.

Stamped.io allows you to establish brand credibility and build trust with your customers. Without trust, it is difficult to make sales.

You can choose four different pricing tiers for reviews or loyalty programs, or you can combine reviews and loyalty across two pricing tiers or create a custom experience to build brand loyalty. Pricing starts at $19 per month for their basic subscription.

Build brand loyalty with Stamped.io and see an increase in your customers.

Best Shopify Apps - Stamped.io Backend Interface
Best Shopify Apps - Yotpo

The Yotpo platform offers several apps to help your Shopify store become and remain successful, including loyalty and referral programs, reviews, and UGC programs. The apps integrate with Shopify to help build your customer base. You can create custom referral and loyalty programs and collect customer content to display across your buyer’s journey.

Yotpo allows you to collect reviews and acquire organic traffic from Google.

Yotpo offers three levels of pricing for reviews, user-generated content, loyalty and referrals. The Growth plan starts at $79 per month or the full product suite at $828 per month.

Understand and retain your customers with Yotpo. 

Best Shopify Apps - Yotpo Interface


Chapter 5

Top Shopify Shipping Apps

Ensuring Your Products Arrive Safely

When you need to ship directly from your business instead of a third party, you need shipping apps that integrate with Shopify to manage your customers’ orders, payments, and shipping information.  


Best Shopify Apps - Shipstation

With ShipStation, you can import orders, manage shipping with scan-based workflows, print discounted postage and update tracking information all in one spot. It automatically configures shipping from over 100 marketplaces and selling channels, including Shopify. ShipStation also allows for build updates and has several automation processes that save you time and money.

Your business can save up to 89 percent off shipping rates from top carriers. Without ShipStation, you could lose customers to competitors who offer cheaper shipping.

ShipStation’s pricing is based on the number of shipments you expect every month. Plans range from a free plan for 25 shipments to the enterprise plan for 7,500 shipments per month. If your store is a high-volume store, ShipStation offers a high-volume account.

Sign up for ShipStation today to decrease your shipping costs.
Best Shopify Apps - Shipstation Interface Large

Advanced Shipping Manager

Best Shopify Apps - Advanced Shipping Manager

Another shipping app, Advanced Shipping Manager, offers a shipping courier backup, drop shipper markups, group flat rate shipping, hybrid shipping rates, and many more features. It helps provide the most accurate shipping rates to your customers, which saves you money and time. The app is powerful and easy to use.

Advanced Shipping Manager does have fees, but you will have to sign up to see how they will affect your current business.

Make complicated shipping solutions easy with Advanced Shipping Management.

Best Shopify Apps - Advanced Shipping Manager Interface


Chapter 6

Top Shopify Apps for Site Search

Serving the Right Products at the Right Times

Having a way to search your site for specific products is imperative. The search function should return correct results every time, or you could lose customers. One of the top Shopify apps for search is Hawk Search. Groove Commerce uses Hawk Search as one of its most popular search engines for Shopify sites. 


Best Shopify Apps - Hawksearch

Merchandisers can curate search results to increase sales. You can also deliver personalized messaging through campaigns that drive traffic to your products and make it easier for customers to add their search results to their shopping cart.

Hawk Search helps you leverage on-site search and increase sales. Businesses that don’t use curated search results often lose sales.

Hawk Search has three pricing tiers based on features and the number of API calls you experience. The core option starts at $450 per month.

Instantly engage customers with Hawk Search by adding it to your Shopify store.

Best Shopify Apps - Hawk Search Photo Medium


Best Shopify Apps - SearchSpring

Searchspring offers intuitive search and merchandising solutions that boost online sales. With SearchSpring, merchants can fine-tune search results and product recommendations, ensuring that consumers find exactly what they're looking for. This platform enables the delivery of targeted campaigns and promotions that guide customers towards key products, simplifying the journey from search to checkout.

With Searchspring, businesses unlock the potential of their online store's search functionality, leading to a direct increase in conversion rates and average order values. Many eCommerce sites that overlook the importance of an optimized search experience may find themselves at a disadvantage, potentially missing out on significant revenue.

SearchSpring's entry-level plan begins at $599 per month, providing a cost-effective solution for enhancing your site's search capabilities.

Get started with Searchspring today.

Vest Shopify Apps - Searchspring Screenshot


Chapter 7

Best Shopify Apps for Subscriptions

Supporting Recurring Orders on Shopify

Recurring revenue models are gaining traction, and subscription-based services are a cornerstone of business growth. Membership programs, subscription boxes and automatic replenishment systems can offer endless possibilities to draw new customers and keep current customers coming back. Shopify apps that streamline subscription management can elevate your eCommerce strategy. 


Best Shopify Apps - Recharge

You can set up a subscription for any of your products on Shopify, plus track analytics with Recharge. Since it is fully compatible with Shopify, you can provide easy payments, offer unified checkout, and sell custom product bundles.

Recharge gives you a way to offer subscriptions and recurring orders and encourages people to come back time and time again. When you create a store without Recharge, you may not have the option of offering automatically sent products.

Recharge has two pricing tiers plus the availability to customize the app for your specific Shopify store. The standard tier starts at $99 per month.

Integrate Recharge into your Shopify store to encourage customers to create recurring orders. 

Best Shopify Apps - Recharge Subscriptions


Chapter 8

Shopify Apps for Fraud Protection

Preventing Fraud Before It Happens

In today’s day and age, scammers are everywhere. For each online transaction you make, your risk of being defrauded increases. Fraud protection apps that work with Shopify help prevent fraudulent transactions and theft. The best Shopify apps offer many features, including real-time order monitoring and advanced machine-learning algorithms to detect fraud.  


Best Shopify Apps - Signifyd

When you add Signifyd to your Shopify store, you get the advantage of machine learning, big data, and expert manual review to provide a financial guarantee on any approved orders. Using Signifyd shifts the fraud liability away from you, which allows you to increase sales and open new markets with reduced risk. Average Signifyd customers see zero chargeback losses on any order approved by Signifyd, a 74 percent reduction in the time it takes to review a case, and an 8 percent increase in accepted orders.

Signifyd offers chargeback protection and chargeback recovery. Without it, you may be stuck with fraudulent chargebacks.

Request pricing from Signifyd to protect your business from fraudulent chargebacks. 

Best Shopify Apps - Signifyd Fruad


Chapter 9

Shopify Apps for Customer Support and Live Chat

Helping Your Customers When They Need It

To offer the best customer support, you’ll need a Shopify app that allows you to enhance customer communication and support. Adding a live chat ensures your customers have instant responses to their questions and concerns. It allows for the personalized interaction that most customers look for when deciding to purchase from a company.
You can use customer support services, including live chat, to resolve inquiries and offer product recommendations. Integrating real-time messaging, automated responses and chatbots allows you to engage with potential and current customers across various channels. The best Shopify apps will offer the most features to make customer support quick and easy. 


Best Shopify Apps - Gorgias

Exceed your customers’ high expectations by integrating Gorgias’ customer support app into your Shopify store. With Gorgias, you can put ticket management on AI autopilot, offer instant resolutions – such as processing returns and sending tracking info, harness customer insights to give your customers a more personalized service, and become an omni-available brand, all for reasonable costs.

Gorgias Helpdesk allows you to respond to your customers from one place and ensures you don’t miss a ticket. Without it, you could alienate a customer if you miss a request or question.

Gorgias offers five pricing tiers to support your online business. The Basic plan starts at $50 per month, billed annually.

Automate and keep requests in one place by implementing Gorgias with your Shopify store.  

Best Shopify Apps - Gorgias Backend


Chapter 10

Top Shopify Apps for SEO

Apps to Increase Organic Rankings

Mastering search engine optimization is imperative for your shop to stand out from all the digital noise on the internet. Groove Commerce excels in SEO, including using certain apps to track customer behavior and research keywords to help your pages rank on search engine results pages.
Strategic SEO tactics, including keyword research, backlink management and on-page optimization, all help your site rank higher on search engine results pages and attract qualified leads. Some SEO apps integrate with Shopify to help track how your SEO is working for you.


Best Shopify Apps - Ahrefs

When you integrate Ahrefs with your Shopify store, you can analyze your competitors, audit and optimize your website, find the keywords your customers are using to search for certain products, find link opportunities and track your ranking progress.

Features include Rank Tracker and Keyword Explorer. Without Ahrefs, you have less chance of ranking on search engine results pages.

Ahrefs has four levels of pricing starting at $99 per month, with each level having more features to help with SEO strategy.

Audit and optimize your website for SEO with Ahrefs. Without it, your store has less chance of ranking on Google’s results pages. 

Best Shopify Apps - Ahrefs Interface SEO


Chapter 11

Best Shopify Apps for Taxes

Helping You Calculate Taxes on Your Orders

Taxation is a critical aspect of running an online business. It is also complex as you must collect sales and use tax based on your customers’ locations. Taxes may include state, county, and local taxes that you must collect and turn into the appropriate state. Shopify allows you to integrate tax apps to automate tax calculations and streamline reporting. Some apps will also integrate with your accounting software to help you stay on top of your tax obligations. 


Best Shopify Apps - Avalara Logo

Adding Avalara to your Shopify store allows you to get sales and use tax calculations based on the latest rates and rules in real time, which means you’ll always collect the correct tax on each sale. Avalara covers consumer use tax, sales tax, communications tax, and excise tax.

This app also automates the returns process right through remittance. You can track filing calendars and manage the requirements for every jurisdiction in every state. It also allows for tailored solutions to satisfy business registration and licensing requirements.

Avalara also automatically omits tax from any exempt sales and documents the exemption. If you have employees, Avalara has a module for W-9s and 1099s. Without Avalara, you could err on taxes, costing your business even more in fines and penalties.

Avalara’s pricing is mostly volume-based. Contact Avalara for tax solutions and pricing based on your business’s demographics. 

Best Shopify Apps Avalra Trustfile


Chapter 12

Shopify Payment Processors and Financing

Processing Orders on Shopify

Optimizing payment processing and offering financing solutions to your customers can increase revenue. Integrated payment gateways make installment payments and pay-later options easier and allow you to convert more customers. Offering diverse payment methods feeds into consumer preferences and allows you to stay competitive in the eCommerce landscape – and for that, you need the top Shopify apps that have plenty of options for various payment types.


Best Shopify Apps - Brainrtee

A global payments processor such as Braintree combines innovation and experience for scalable solutions to drive higher conversions. It also allows you to reach more buyers in more places and streamline business operations.

Braintree can also mitigate risk by keeping your payment data secure – it helps prevent fraudulent transactions while approving more orders. It offers fraud tools to detect fraudulent transactions, data security, and transaction insights and allows you to pay sellers and freelancers. Payment methods include credit cards, PayPal, Venmo and more. Pricing starts at 2.59% plus $0.49 per transaction.

Mitigate risk and drive conversion by adding Braintree to your Shopify store

Best Shopify Apps - Brainrtee Interface


Chapter 13

Top Shopify Apps for Backups

Keeping Your Data Secure

One of the most-heard words in the world of online commerce is “backup.” Your shop has hundreds or even thousands of product listings. Your Shopify account may also contain customer data. 

Regardless of your online business assets, it would hurt to lose them. Integrating backup apps with Shopify can prevent data loss, which can cost you lots of time and money. A good backup app will back up your product listings, customer data and order history and offer restoration options should something happen to your data.

rewindBest Shopify Apps - Rewind Logo

Backing up your data and keeping it safe is mandatory for companies, regardless of what size they are. With Rewind, you can safeguard your IP by using automated data backups to the cloud. Recovering quickly from data errors is mandatory to keep your Shopify store up and running. Rewind allows you to recover from errors quickly – in minutes. Additionally, Rewind is SOC 2, SOC 3, GDPR, and CCPA compliant.

Without a backup, you could lose not only all of your product information, but your customer information, too.

Rewind has three pricing tiers, including backups only at $9 per month, a protection suite, and an enterprise protection suite.

Protect your data with Rewind to back up your Shopify store’s data.

Best Shopify Apps - Rewind Interface Backups Large


Chapter 14

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Organizing Product Information In One Place

An enterprise resource planning app is software used to manage your business’s day-to-day activities, including procurement, accounting, risk management and compliance, project management and supply chain operations. It should also include an enterprise performance management module that helps you budget, plan, predict and report your financial results.
In a nutshell, the suite ties several business processes together and allows the processes to communicate with each other. An ERP system ensures you don’t have data duplication and you have data integrity. The best Shopify apps will not only have an easy-to-use interface, but it will save you a significant amount of time managing your business’s daily activities.

BrightpearlBest Shopify Apps - Brightpearl

The Brightpearl retail operating system allows you to free up time and keep your profit margin higher with its automation. You can automate multi-location inventory management, complex order fulfillment, and more. It also helps you avoid supply chain curveballs with its advanced inventory planning solution – you can see where orders are delayed, what stock you have in the warehouse that isn’t selling, and what stock is always low.

Without a retail operating system, you could disappoint customers when you learn you are out of stock after they create an order.

The suite includes advanced insights and analysis, customer acquisition costs, lifetime value and more. It integrates seamlessly with many apps, including Shopify. Pricing is based on your needs, so contact Brightpearl today for a quote. 

Best Shopify Apps - Brightpearl Interface


Elevate Your eCommerce Experience with Groove Commerce

How to Implement Top Shopify Apps

If you are ready to take your online store to new heights, Groove Commerce is your ultimate partner. We’ll help you drive revenue growth with eCommerce solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs. Enjoy seamless integration of apps to help manage your store and a stunning design that helps keep potential customers on your site. 
You’ll enjoy personalized support from setup to ongoing maintenance and can stay ahead of the competition with the cutting-edge technology and top Shopify apps we build into your site. 

Contact Groove Commerce today to start your eCommerce journey.

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Every chapter in this eBook is designed to guide you through the maze of choices and considerations to find the best Shopify apps. Whether you are just starting out or looking to upgrade your existing store, "BigCommerce vs Shopify: Everything You Need to Know" is your comprehensive resource for informed decision-making.

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