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Listrak vs Klaviyo: Our eCommerce Email & SMS Marketing Platform Review

Listrak vs Klaviyo - Whats Inside eBook Mockup
What’s Inside?

Listrak and Klaviyo are two popular marketing automation platforms, but which one's best for your business?

Download our Listrak vs Klaviyo book to find out!  

Listrak vs Klaviyo - Whats Inside eBook Mockup
What’s Inside?

Listrak and Klaviyo are two popular marketing automation platforms, but which one's best for your business?

Download our Listrak vs Klaviyo book to find out!  

Table of Contents
Chapter 1.

Listrak vs Klaviyo: Introduction

Meeting our eCommerce Marketing Challengers

Studies have shown that marketing automation can lead to a 14.5% increase in sales productivity in addition to providing a wealth of other benefits. If you want to fully capitalize on the benefits of automated marketing campaigns, however, choosing the right marketing automation platform is an essential place to start.

While there are a lot of great options to choose from, Klaviyo and Listrak are two platforms that stand above the competition. Both of these marketing automation platforms allow you to create SMS and email marketing campaigns that are personalized via customer data, completely automated, and optimized for results. Both platforms also offer a streamlined and user-friendly interface, outstanding customer support, and numerous pricing plans to choose from.

Listrak vs Klaviyo- Which is the best marketing automation platform?
With all of that said, there are a number of key differences between Listrak vs Klaviyo that are important to consider as well. In this ultimate guide to Klaviyo vs Listrak, we'll cover everything you need to know about these two popular marketing automation platforms, including how they compare and contrast across every key consideration.

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Listrak vs Klaviyo: Our Marketing Platform Review

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Chapter 2.

Listrak vs Klaviyo: Ease of Use

How Complicated Is Each Platform?

Marketing automation is something that can save marketing teams an awful lot of time in the long run. However, mastering the ins and outs of a new marketing automation platform can often take a lot of time and effort in its own right. To reduce your team's learning curve, it's helpful to choose a platform that is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

Thankfully, this is an area where Listrak vs Klaviyo both shine. Both of these platforms are intended to be accessible to small to medium-sized businesses and users who don't have a lot of technical expertise.

With Klaviyo, building automated marketing campaigns is made easy thanks to an intuitive drag-and-drop campaign builder that allows you to create marketing campaigns using pre-built workflows and simple point-and-click commands. Klaviyo also provides a user-friendly dashboard that organizes all of your campaign data in one place and makes it easy to manage multiple campaigns at once.

Ease-of-use is a big selling point for Listrak as well. Like Klaviyo, Listrak enables you to create marketing campaigns using simple commands and offers an interface that's intuitive and easy to navigate. Listrak also offers an impressive library of customizable templates so you don't have to build your campaigns from scratch as well as customizable dashboards for tracking and managing campaigns.

So which one is the more user-friendly option? While it's a close race, Klaviyo gets the slight edge here in this category of the Listrak vs Klaviyo comparison thanks solely to how clean and streamlined its interface is. Either option is a fine choice for even the most non-technical users, but it's hard to beat Klaviyo's drag-and-drop campaign builder if ease of use is your primary priority.

Listrak and Klaviyo both feature easy to navigate interfaces

Listrak vs Klaviyo:
Ease Of Use Conclusions

Listrak vs Klaviyo Ease Of Use Conclusions

Chapter 3.

Listrak vs Klaviyo: Contact Management

Importing & Creating Segments

Customer data is the fuel that powers successful marketing automation. By choosing a platform that allows you to easily collect and leverage data from your customers, you can create automated marketing campaigns that are personalized and targeted to specific segments of your list.

Given the vital role that contact management plays in marketing automation, it's also something that most marketing automation platforms take seriously. And with both Klaviyo and Listrak, you can look forward to some powerful contact management features.

Klaviyo vs Listrak- which one has the best contact management features?
One of Klaviyo's best contact management features is its advanced list segmentation capabilities. With Klaviyo, you can segment your contact list based on an incredibly wide range of factors—including factors such as demographics, purchase history, engagement levels, and more. Additionally, Klaviyo's integration with eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Magento enables automatic syncing of customer data. This further streamlines the contact management process while also allowing you to take full advantage of all the customer data you collect.

Like Klaviyo, Listrak also offers comprehensive contact management tools designed to help you create dynamic segments and personalize your marketing campaigns. With Listrak, you can automatically import contacts from various sources and then use list segmentation tools to divide them into meaningful groups for targeted messaging.

Overall, both platforms offer robust contact management features that are more than capable of meeting the needs of most businesses. However, Klaviyo's list segmentation features are slightly more extensive and flexible than those offered by Listrak. Klaviyo provides an especially impressive range of filters and conditions you can use to hyper-target your marketing messages, and its deep integration with leading eCommerce platforms allows it to collect all the data it needs to make this possible.

Listrak vs Klaviyo:
Ease Of Use Conclusions

Listrak vs Klaviyo Contact Management Conclusions

Chapter 4.

Listrak vs Klaviyo: Email & SMS Capabilities

Sending, Scheduling, and Automation

Email and SMS are both pillarstones of marketing automation. And if you want to reach your customers with timely, targeted messaging, it's important to choose a platform that is optimized for email and SMS alike.

Klaviyo's email capabilities include a drag-and-drop editor, customizable templates, and automated workflows. Together, these features make it incredibly easy for eCommerce store owners to create, launch, and manage automated email marketing campaigns. Klaviyo's advanced list segmentation features are also something worth mentioning again here, as Klaviyo's ability to send timely, targeted messages based on real-time customer data is one of the platform's biggest benefits when it comes to email marketing. For example, you can set Klaviyo up to send automated emails whenever a customer abandons their cart, send out similar product recommendations based on a customer's browsing/purchase history, and more. While email marketing remains Klaviyo's core focus, the platform offers nice SMS marketing features as well, and (with a few restrictions) Klaviyo lets you do everything with SMS that you can do with email.

Klaviyo and Listrak both excel at SMS and email marketing

Like Klaviyo, Listrak also provides a comprehensive set of tools for creating and managing email and SMS campaigns. Listrak offers a wide variety of templates to get you started, and it lets you customize them to match your brand's messaging and aesthetic. Listrak also offers automation features that let you set up email and SMS campaigns that are automatically triggered based on specific customer actions and events.

Both Listrak and Klaviyo are fine choices for email and SMS marketing alike, but Klaviyo once again gets the slight edge thanks both to its streamlined interface and its more sophisticated automation features. For email marketing, in particular, Klaviyo's advanced list segmentation tools and comprehensive automation features make it an ideal platform for creating and managing automated marketing campaigns.

Listrak vs Klaviyo:
Email & SMS Conclusions

Listrak vs Klaviyo Email & SMS Conclusions

Chapter 5.

Listrak vs Klaviyo: Apps & Integrations

Working with Outside Technology Partners

Like marketing teams, marketing tools are a lot more powerful when they work together. By choosing a marketing automation platform that's capable of integrating with the other tools your eCommerce business is already using, you can streamline your workflows, create a unified experience for your customers, and more.

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Listrak vs Klaviyo: Our Marketing Platform Review

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Klaviyo and Listrak are both designed to integrate with a broad range of third-party tools and platforms. With Klaviyo, you get access to over 350 pre-built integrations and flexible APIs. This includes integrations with all major eCommerce platforms as well as popular marketing tools like Google Ads, Recart, and Wiser.

Listrak vs. Klaviyo, apps and integrations
Similarly, Listrak offers integrations with a variety of eCommerce platforms and CRMs, allowing you to leverage customer data to create marketing campaigns that are targeted and personalized. Listrak also integrates with a variety of popular analytics and tracking tools, making it easy to monitor a campaign's performance and measure its ROI.

When comparing Listrak's integrations vs those offered by Klaviyo, it's essentially a tossup; both platforms offer a robust list of integrations with third-party tools that allow you to leverage all of your available data and create a fully cohesive eCommerce tech stack. If we're going to declare a winner in this category, though, Klaviyo would get the nod again. While both platforms offer an extensive list of integrations, setting these integrations up is a little easier with Klaviyo. Largely due to this ease of setup, Klaviyo gets the slight edge when it comes to integration capabilities.

Listrak vs Klaviyo:
Apps & Integrations Conclusions

Listrak vs Klaviyo Apps & Integrations Conclusions
Chapter 6.

Listrak vs Klaviyo: Analytics & Reporting

Finding Your Marketing ROI

The most effective marketing campaigns are those that are based on solid data and insights. And with automated marketing campaigns, you can even trigger marketing messages based on real-time customer data and behavior. However, creating data-driven automated marketing campaigns starts with choosing a platform that offers advanced analytics and reporting features.

Listrak vs Klaviyo- which one offers better analytics and reporting?  Klaviyo offers comprehensive analytics tools, providing insights into metrics like email and SMS campaign performance, audience engagement, and revenue generated. It also offers customizable dashboards and reporting features that enable users to track the metrics that matter most and identify areas for improvement. Best of all, Klaviyo lets you set up automated marketing campaigns that are triggered based on real-time customer data; instead of having to manually analyze data in hopes of creating an effective marketing campaign, Klaviyo does it automatically and in real-time to deliver optimum messaging at just the right point in the customer journey.

Listrak also provides robust analytics and reporting capabilities. Like Klaviyo, Listrak lets you track metrics like campaign performance, customer engagement, and revenue attribution, and it likewise allows you to set up automated marketing campaigns that are triggered based on real-time customer behavior. With Listrak, you also get access to more advanced reporting features, including features like cohort analysis and revenue forecasting.

On the whole, Listrak and Klaviyo are quite comparable when it comes to analytics and reporting capabilities. While Listrak offers a few more advanced analytics features, Klaviyo's user-friendly interface and customizable analytics dashboards score it a lot of points in this category as well.

Listrak vs Klaviyo:
Analytics & Reporting Conclusions

Listrak vs Klaviyo Analytics & Reporting Conclusions

Chapter 7.

Listrak vs Klaviyo: Cost & Pricing

Platform Investments & Technical Debt

Cost is a key consideration for any business that's evaluating marketing platforms, and both Listrak and Klaviyo offer flexible pricing options to accommodate various budgets and needs.

Klaviyo's pricing is based on the number of contacts in a user's database, with tiered pricing plans starting from a basic free tier for smaller businesses up to enterprise-level plans for larger organizations. Here's a full breakdown of the different pricing plans that Klaviyo offers:

  • A Free plan for $0/month that includes 500 monthly email sends
  • An Email plan starting at $30/month that includes 10,0000+ monthly email sends and 150 SMS credits
  • An Email & SMS plan starting at $45/month that includes 10,000+ monthly email sends and 1250+ SMS credits

Listrak vs Klaviyo, which is the more affordable platform?
Listrak's pricing is also based on the number of contacts and the features included in each plan. Unlike Klaviyo, though, Listrak doesn't make pricing for these plans readily available. Instead, customers are required to contact the company for a custom quote. According to one source, pricing for Listrak starts at $150 per month for up to 5,000 contacts. But again, this number will vary depending on other factors (such as the features that you need).

Klaviyo takes the edge in this category just due to the fact that it offers a more transparent pricing model. However, in addition to better pricing transparency, Klaviyo is also going to be the more affordable option for most users. Listrak offers a lot of advanced features, and advanced features don't come cheap. For eCommerce businesses on a budget, though, it's hard to beat the transparent and affordable pricing offered by Klaviyo.

Listrak vs Klaviyo:
Cost & Pricing Conclusions

Listrak vs Klaviyo Pricing & Cost Conclusions

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Listrak vs Klaviyo: Our Marketing Platform Review

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Chapter 8.

Listrak vs Klaviyo: Customer Support

Getting The Help You Need

Marketing automation platforms are complex systems, and there are plenty of different ways that issues can arise. When you inevitably run into questions and problems, it's good to know that you're using a platform that's backed by outstanding customer support.

The good news is that this is an area where Klaviyo and Listrak both score well. Both of these platforms are well renowned for offering great support services, and you can find a lot of online reviews to prove this.

Which platform offers the best customer support  Klaviyo vs Listrak
Starting with Klaviyo, users can look forward to comprehensive support resources that include a knowledge base, a help center, and community forums, as well as email support for all users and phone support for premium subscribers. Listrak, meanwhile, also offers a nice variety of support options. Email and phone support are available to all users, and Listrak also provides a dedicated account manager for enterprise customers.

Which one is best ultimately depends on what you prioritize when it comes to customer support. The fact that Listrak offers phone support to all users is a big advantage compared to Klaviyo, and the option to have a dedicated account manager is something that will be valuable to certain users as well. However, Klaviyo's self-service options are all top-notch. By browsing the resources available in Klaviyo's comprehensive knowledge base, help center, and community forums, users can often resolve issues on their own quickly and without having to contact customer support for help.

Listrak vs Klaviyo:
Cost & Pricing Conclusions

Listrak vs Klaviyo Customer Support Conclusions

Chapter 9.

Listrak vs Klaviyo: The Final Verdict

Our Closing Thoughts

Listrak and Klaviyo are both powerful marketing automation platforms with a lot of advanced features, streamlined interfaces, and excellent customer support. At the end of the day, eCommerce businesses looking to elevate their marketing efforts really can't go wrong with either one.

Listrak vs Klaviyo- Which is the best marketing automation platform?
However, there are a lot of key factors to consider when comparing Klaviyo vs Listrak, and there are some clear cases where one platform is a better choice than the other. For businesses that want a more affordable and user-friendly solution, Klaviyo is likely the better option. Klaviyo's focus on user-friendly design along with its flexible and transparent pricing structure make it an excellent option for anyone who wants to get started leveraging marketing automation without a massive upfront investment of time and money. And despite being such a user-friendly and affordable platform, Klaviyo offers a lot of advanced features as well, with its list segmentation features being especially impressive.

Listrak, meanwhile, is a great choice for businesses with larger contact lists searching for a more advanced marketing automation platform. Listrak's analytics and reporting capabilities, in particular, make the platform worth the extra cost and time spent learning how to use it for some users.

Whichever side of the Listrak vs Klaviyo comparison you end up choosing, it's important to fully integrate your marketing automation platform into your eCommerce marketing strategy. If you would like help building an eCommerce marketing machine that leverages the latest and greatest automation tools, Groove Commerce can help! To learn more about our industry-leading eCommerce marketing and engineering services, be sure to contact us today!

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