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Bigcommerce Enterprise Features To Increase Revenue

November 24, 2020
2 Min Read
Bigcommerce Enterprise Features To Increase Revenue

Are you considering migrating eCommerce platforms? Position your business for growth by aligning your eCommerce platform choices with your unique business goals.

In this blog, we're sharing 5 features of BigCommerce Enterprise that help both B2B and D2C eCommerce stores create a seamless shopping experience and drive more revenue.

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Bigcommerce Enterprise Features To Increase Revenue

The superior reliability and advanced tools of BigCommerce Enterprise make it a powerful platform to run an Enterprise-level eCommerce business on. Create exceptional shopping experiences and improve your website performance on every level by investing in a platform like this one.

Whether you're evaluating BigCommerce vs. Shopify or BigCommerce vs. Magento − or are just looking for a completely robust SaaS eCommerce platform − we're outlining the features of Bigcommerce Enterprise that help to increase conversion rate, average order value and customer lifetime revenue:

  1. Cloud-based hosting & compliance
  2. Customization & design
  3. Mobile & SEO optimization
  4. Omnichannel selling
  5. B2B support

Cloud-Based Hosting & Compliance

With a 99.99% average uptime (and a 100% Cyber Week uptime six years in a row), BigCommerce keeps eCommerce businesses up-to-date by maintaining servers. This means that website owners don't need an external server to manager their business.

Bigcommerce Enterprise is also PCI compliance and uses the Google Cloud Platform to provide very fast site speeds and page load times for websites that utilize the platform.

Customization & Design

You don't need to be a website developer or coder to create and edit pages with BigCommerce Enterprise. Its drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy for those with minimal coding experience to build and design customized web pages that provide a positive user experience.

Use any of the responsive templates to quickly set up your eCommerce store, or customize themes using HTML, CSS or Javascript. All themes are optimized for mobile, so customers at any stage of the buyer's journey can easily browse, add items to their cart and checkout seamlessly on mobile devices.

SEO Optimization

Drive more traffic to your online store with BigCommerce SEO. Did you know that BigCommerce integrates with Google Shopping to help businesses increase their product reach? Take advantage of the platform's out-of-the-box functionality, like Metadata and robots.txt editing, to increase organic exposure and the number of visits to your site.

Omnichannel Selling

It's never been easier to sell across multiple platforms or integrate your eCommerce store with top marketplaces, like Amazon, Google Shopping and eBay. BigCommerce sync across many channels, like Instagram, Pinterest and more to help get your brand in front of your target audience and convert more customers.

BigCommerce even makes it easy to manage product inventory in one spot (see how we helped this B2B client accurately manage inventory with BigCommerce.) The Channel Manager streamlines and manages all sales and automatically syncs, so there's no need for manual tracking.

B2B Support

From helping manage inventory and orders to offering bulk pricing at the SKU level, BigCommerce Enterprise supports B2B eCommerce in many ways. The platform offers flexible payment methods and accepts PayPal, Apple Pay, Pay with Amazon and more. If your company uses a non-standard payment gateway, BigCommerce will not penalize you.

Other notable B2B features include customer groups, price lists (to provide B2B buyers a B2C-like shopping experience), purchase orders, punch out (to customize BigCommerce to your ERP), quote management, advanced search and APIs (to automatically sync data from your ERP into BigCommerce).


BigCommerce Enterprise is a great platform that supports both B2B and D2C eCommerce businesses. For more of a visual, we encourage you to check out how we helped one of our clients enhance their website design with BigCommerce or browse some of our favorite BigCommerce websites.

If you have any questions or are wondering if BigCommerce Enterprise is the right fit for your business, contact us through the form below. A member of our team will be in touch soon, and we look forward to helping you find the right eCommerce platform for your unique business needs.

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BigCommerce vs Shopify:
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