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How Cordova Outdoors Manufactures Insulated Coolers In the USA with Gentry Jensen - EP 003

March 12, 2024
2 Min Read
How Cordova Outdoors Manufactures Insulated Coolers In the USA with Gentry Jensen - EP 003

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Meeting Gentry Jensen of Cordova Outdoors

In this episode of the eCommerce Masters Podcast, host Ethan Giffin engages with Gentry Jensen, founder of Cordova Outdoors, delving into Jensen's remarkable journey from a Navy SEAL to an innovative entrepreneur. The discussion unveils the strategic evolution of Cordova Outdoors, highlighting its commitment to producing durable, environmentally friendly coolers, a testament to Jensen's dedication to quality and sustainability.

Jensen shares pivotal insights into the brand's transition towards Omni Channel sales, emphasizing the importance of resonating with a broad consumer base, from outdoor enthusiasts to environmentally conscious shoppers. The conversation shines a light on the challenges and successes encountered in scaling the business, particularly through direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategies that leverage unique product customization and American craftsmanship to stand out in a competitive market.

A standout moment in the podcast is when Jensen reflects on the significant growth and learning experiences faced by the company, illustrating the strategic shifts necessary for sustainable expansion. The episode not only explores the intricacies of adapting to the evolving e-commerce landscape but also offers listeners invaluable lessons in overcoming challenges, pursuing growth responsibly, and the crucial role of innovation in achieving long-term success in eCommerce.

Quotes From The Show

"We're a manufacturer primarily of protomold ice chests...and we have a facility just outside of Boise, Idaho's Treasure Valley where we make them from start to finish."
-Gentry Jensen

"The company was started by Scott Campbell, who is a captain of one of the boats that was profiled on Deadliest Catch. And the company takes its name from the small port town of Cordova, Alaska."
-Gentry Jensen

"We do take pride in the fact that we manufacture the coolers from start to finish right here in Idaho."
-Gentry Jensen

"We're definitely leaning into [direct to consumer sales]. There were some issues when we came into the business...We rebuilt the website completely."
-Gentry Jensen

"I really do not want to put junk out into the marketplace...I want people to feel like if they're spending money to buy something that we consume resources to manufacture, it's going to perform well and it's going to last for them."
-Gentry Jensen

"One tip for somebody looking to scale their consumer brand...figure out what is unique about your brand why you...and ideally no other product on the market should have those same three unique identifiers."
-Gentry Jensen


00:00 - Chapter 1: Introduction and eCommerce Insights
04:53 - Chapter 2: Guest Introduction and Background
10:35 - Chapter 3: Strategies for Success in eCommerce
16:03 - Chapter 4: Overcoming Challenges in eCommerce
21:21 - Chapter 5: Innovations in eCommerce Technology


Cordova Outdoors Website: https://cordovaoutdoors.com/
Cordova Outdoors Instagram: @CordovaOutdoors
BigCommerce: https://www.bigcommerce.com/
Klaviyo: https://www.klaviyo.com/

About our Guest, Gentry Jensen

Tested leader proven capable of delivering profitable growth as a business executive and mission accomplishment with risk management as a Navy SEAL officer. Extensive executive-level experience and repeated success managing all aspects of organizations in various industries.

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About Our Host, Ethan Giffin

Ethan Giffin is the founder and CEO of Baltimore-based Groove Commerce, a premier eCommerce agency that helps mid-market brands design, build and grow their eCommerce sites.

Ethan is an industry expert in eCommerce, e-marketing, and the dynamic technologies behind them. For years, Ethan has lived and breathed conversion rates, search engine visibility, and web analytics.

When Ethan isn’t obsessing over SEO, conversion rates and eCommerce architecture at Groove Commerce, he can be found speaking as an industry authority, both nationally and internationally. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, traveling, DJing, and the pursuit of rare pocket squares.

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