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How To Set Up Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Jun 17, 2021   •   2 Min Read

It can be tough to measure the success of advertising campaigns when you lack important data, like how customers interact with your business. That’s why we love Google Ads - because it allows businesses and marketing teams to make data-driven decisions based on what happens after a customer interacts with an ad. In this blog, we will be going over the benefits of Google Ad conversion tracking and how it works.

Google Ads Conversion Tracking: Monetize Campaigns

Google Ads conversion tracking is a powerful (and free!) tool that provides insights into customer behavior after ad engagement. Use this tool to track your ads and see if active ad campaigns are effective or are a waste of your advertising budget. Gain insights into whether a customer has purchased a product, contacted your business, downloaded your app or signed up for your newsletter. 

Use data recorded by conversion tracking to identify which areas of your campaign are working and not working. By tracking ads and making data-driven decisions, you’ll improve your ad campaigns and move your business forward. Also, take a look at the keywords, ads, ad groups and campaigns that are driving conversions. This data helps marketing teams make smarter decisions about ad spend and campaign optimization.

Use Smart Bidding strategies to automatically optimize campaigns so that they align with your business goals. See how many customers are interacting with your ads and converting based on device type. Doing so allows you to adapt your campaign to each device type to improve your ad performance on both mobile and desktop.

Setting Up Conversion Tracking

Implementing conversion tracking in Google Ads is vital for campaign success. The process can seem intimidating, but it’s actually quite simple. Before you start conversion tracking, you’ll first need to determine your campaign goals and set up an ad campaign.

Create specific conversion actions that you consider valuable. This depends on your campaign goals and whether you’re interested in maximizing conversions or revenue. You could set up tracking for any combination of actions performed on a website, app, phone, or any other conversion source.

Once you determine your campaign goals and create your conversion action, Google Ads provides a conversion tracking tag, or a snippet of code, that you must include on your website or app. Once you add that conversion tag to your website or app, Google Ads is ready to track conversions. 

When a customer performs a desired action, the conversion tag will automatically send data back to Google Ads and generate a report. View this conversion data by clicking the Conversion columns in the Campaigns tab in your Google Ads account. Use these reports to track the progress of your campaign and whether or not it meets your intended campaign goals. Modify your bid strategies, identify top performing keywords and optimize your ads to improve overall performance.


No matter whether your brand is small or Enterprise level, knowing how to accurately track your Google Ads conversions is crucial to your campaign success. If you have additional questions about Google Analytics or would like to learn how Groove can help your business improve conversion rates, contact us through the form below. Our team will be in touch!

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