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Conversion Rate Optimization Agency: eCommerce Services

January 13, 2021
4 Min Read
Conversion Rate Optimization Agency: eCommerce Services

Looking for an eCommerce conversion rate optimization agency that's available to help build and design your website pre-launch and market and grow your website post-launch? Look no further, Groove Commerce may be the right fit for you.

Conversion Rate Optimization Agency: Our Services

Now more than ever − especially during a global pandemic − businesses are relying on eCommerce revenue to make ends meet. And having a team that you can count on during this tough time makes accomplishing your goals that much easier.

Continue reading this blog to discover how we partner with clients and provide our top website and marketing services to generate serious results. Our top services include:

  1. eCommerce strategy
  2. eCommerce design and development
  3. Website support
  4. eCommerce SEO
  5. Email marketing
  6. eCommerce PPC
  7. Sales enablement

Website Services

eCommerce Strategy

In order to build campaigns that convert, it's important for businesses to create a detailed eCommerce strategy. Our strategists work with you to develop a brand strategy that is congruent with your website and marketing expectations as well as your company's eCommerce goals.

We create a thorough strategy based on your business needs, create a sitemap and offer marketing, technology and brand recommendations. Plus, we create buyer personas by analyzing customers' intentions and motivations. Determining the various groups of customers will inform your eCommerce strategy and help you segment campaigns and promotions further down the road.

As a conversion rate optimization agency, our team of strategists takes a look at your company's existing marketing analytics, previous campaign results and past customer actions to devise strategies to convert website traffic into new customers.

eCommerce Design and Development

Building and designing an optimized, mobile-friendly website is key for a positive user experience. Through discovery and research, our team creates designs that accelerate visitors through the path to conversion. We design website wireframes and architectures, which is the foundation for a website's visual and functionality abilities.

When you generate new ideas, we partner with you to bring that inspiration to life. Through modern interfaces, images, graphics, illustrations and animations, our expert designers create the assets that your company needs to thrive in the eCommerce space.

We're here to help build your website from the ground up through custom development and responsive functionality. If you're looking to leverage a third-party tool or software to enhance your technology infrastructure, our team of developers is available to create and build integrations just for your business.

If you're looking to migrate your existing site to a different eCommerce platform, there's no need to worry about losing your content. At Groove Commerce, we follow content migration best practices to ensure the visual assets from your previous site are high-quality and load fast on your new site.

Website Support

Looking for a conversion rate optimization agency that is committed to growing your brand, even after your website launches? The Groove Commerce team works with you before, during and after launch to refine your website's performance and ensure it complies with technical requirements.

All of our clients are assigned a specific account manager to speak with as you please. The account manager serves as a central point of contact between your company and Groove, and can be communicated with via email, phone or virtual meetings.

Our team proactively maintains our clients' websites − from security patches to app updates − so that they don't run into technical issues. If a webpage needs a quick update or if there's a bug issue, just give us a call and we'll resolve the issue.

Marketing Services

eCommerce SEO

Improving organic search rankings with an optimized eCommerce SEO strategy is essential for attracting new potential customers to your site. Our team works with you to implement both the technical and non-technical aspects of SEO for your business.

We take a look at SEO health score and performance, then formulate a custom plan to increase visibility on search engine results pages. From keyword research and a competitive analysis to a content strategy framework and inbound best practices, we work tirelessly to help your brand increase organic reach and attract new customers.

Our strategy also involves link building to help increase page authority and reach. Plus, we create reports to regularly update you on SEO performance, and we deliver ongoing support if needed.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to attract and engage your audience. Plus, it's one of the highest-converting channels for eCommerce businesses.

We help identify campaigns and email promotions that will help businesses boost return on investment. Our designers and developers create custom email templates, and our marketing team utilizes tools like Klaviyo, HubSpot and more to capture abandoned carts, engage contacts and drive conversions.

Our team of certified inbound marketing experts helps you leverage segmentation to increase email performance, and we regularly report on client performance to identify areas for improvement and see how your marketing efforts made a measurable impact.

eCommerce PPC

Paid media advertising, or eCommerce PPC, is a great strategy to complement a company's SEO efforts. We help advertise on various platforms, like Google, Facebook, Instagram and more, and create engaging and enticing ads that maximize clicks, traffic and conversions.

After conducting a competitive audit, our team builds campaigns around valuable keywords and creates Google Shopping, Search and Display ads. We even help nurture website visitors using an ad retargeting strategy that shows previous viewers products they've already looked at on your site. And as always, we create detailed reports to determine how to lower cost-per-click and maximize return on spend.

Sales Enablement

Businesses often have a tough time converting leads into paying customers. With our sales enablement services, businesses leverage inbound sales technology to accelerate the sales process and convert customers, quicker.

We help you leverage HubSpot's CRM to define deal stages and optimize content, whether it be email templates or sales support materials. This provides sales teams with all the necessary resources to be successful in their outreach efforts. 

Finally, we work with you to streamline the sales process using HubSpot to create automated workflows. These automatically enroll contacts based on specific criteria, and automate marketing efforts and sales outreach based on a person's actions.


Choosing a conversion rate optimization agency can be difficult if you don't know where to begin. We recommend outlining your eCommerce goals and prioritizing your website and marketing needs to better assess the situation before investing in an agency.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how Groove Commerce can help build, design and grow your eCommerce store, fill out the form below to get in touch. To see how we've helped transform clients' websites, check out these client case studies.

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