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Klaviyo Pricing: Calculating Costs For eCommerce Brands

Jul 21, 2020   •   2 Min Read

Choosing which eCommerce marketing tool to invest your time and money into is not an easy decision. If you're considering Klaviyo and want to learn more, you're in the right place!

Klaviyo is an email marketing tool designed specifically for eCommerce businesses. We recommend leveraging the tool when preparing for the holidays, as it helps to drive more online revenue with much less effort.

From small businesses to iconic brands, Klaviyo helps companies deliver unique and engaging experiences across email and other owned channels.

In this blog, we're breaking down Klaviyo pricing to help you determine how much this highly targeted and personalized marketing tool will cost you.

Klaviyo Pricing: Estimating Cost

Easily import customer data into Klaviyo, and use it to personalize your content and campaigns. Segment and automate these campaigns based on user behavior, and create personalized blocks to meet customer needs.

Then, review results and optimize your email marketing strategy directly in the Klaviyo interface. Klaviyo's features let merchants transfer and store contact lists, personalize emails with the drag-and-drop design and tailor messages with events, properties and customer attributes.

So, how much are these features going to cost? With no annual contracts or hidden fees, eCommerce merchants pay only for the email contacts and SMS messages they need.

Create an account, important and sync data, and customize templates and emails for free. Also, send up to 250 contacts a maximum of 500 emails at zero cost. However, once you exceed 250 contacts, Klaviyo requires you to upgrade at a monthly fee.

Klaviyo Pricing: Email Costs

eCommerce merchants have the option to choose email, SMS or both. Each have their own pricing system, so we're breaking down all options to help you determine what you're paying for.

Klaviyo charges per number of contacts, so the price per month increases with larger contact lists. This Klaviyo Pricing Calculator helps you determine how much it will cost for your email list.

If you import new contacts and your list grows to the next tier, Klaviyo prompts you to confirm that you're upgrading to a more expensive plan. To help you visualize the different monthly costs for email plans, refer to this Klaviyo Pricing: Email Chart.

SMS Costs

Establish deeper and more personal relationships between customers and your brand with SMS marketing. Though Klaviyo's SMS only works with U.S. numbers, the tool offers 50 free messages, pay-as-you-go pricing, text message personalization, SMS revenue attribution and MMS at no additional cost.

If you send more than 50 messages, Klaviyo will charge you 7 cents per message (whether it's an SMS or MMS). However, increasing the number of messages you send decreases the cost per message, so you get more for less. Use this Klaviyo Pricing: SMS Calculator to estimate how much it'll cost your business to leverage Klaviyo SMS.

Merchants are encouraged to set automatic refills to easily control how much they're spending on SMS. Plus, Klaviyo makes it easy to measure how much revenue SMS is driving for your business.

Email + SMS Costs

Personalize the user experience and build stronger customer relationships by engaging with customers throughout the sales process via email and SMS. If you're using just email or SMS and want to utilize both, just navigate to your account page and change your account preferences.

Interacting uniquely with each customers helps to instill trust in your brand and build customer loyalty. To calculate the total cost of leveraging both Klaviyo email and SMS for your eCommerce business, use this price estimation tool.


Klaviyo customers generated over $3.7 billion in revenue in the past year, and on average have seen 62x ROI. We recommend Klaviyo for businesses of any size that want to grow and establish personal relationships with their customers.

Though we encourage merchants to leverage Klaviyo for their email marketing needs, there are a plethora of other eCommerce marketing tools out there. Conduct some research to determine which tool best fits your eCommerce needs.

Our team is here to help if you run into any roadblocks or have any questions. Just contact us through the link below with your questions or concerns, and a member of our team will be in touch!

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