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See how for Shopify works to integrate data from Shopify to HubSpot and the benefits of the extension in this infographic.

Something was missing from the marketplace. There were several apps that could move order data and even automatically push email addresses from Shopify over to HubSpot, but none of them tracked conversion activity and really leveraged the full power of HubSpot analytics.

When we couldn't find an app to fulfill our needs, we built our own. That's how for Shopify was born.

What is for Shopify? for Shopify is an app that connects Shopify with HubSpot and allows marketers to completely sync the HubSpot cookie data with a customer’s eCommerce order data.

So what makes for Shopify the number one way to integrate Shopify with HubSpot?

See for yourself in the infographic below how for Shopify works, its benefits and the results customers have seen! for Shopify Infographic

Interested in learning more about for Shopify and the advantages it can provide for your business? Check out for Shopify in the Shopify App Store or contact us today

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