Klaviyo Abandoned Cart: 5 Strategies to Increase Conversion

Mar 11, 2024   •   3 Min Read

It takes a lot of work to get customers to your eCommerce store. Whether you use SEO best practices, social media, or your customer email list, once a customer arrives at your online storefront, you want them to convert and not leave a Klaviyo abandoned cart. When your website visitors add products to their cart but don't end up checking out, they become part of a group of customers who had the intent to purchase but didn’t follow through.

Klaviyo Abandoned Cart

According to Hubspot, 73.9% of online shopping carts have products that a buyer has already purchased once and may repurchase, or the buyer has purchased one item from the online store and are likely to buy another item. Setting up an effective Klaviyo abandoned cart strategy can convert these valuable visitors into sales for your business. With a powerful tool like Klaviyo, you can turn those abandoned items into revenue.

Understanding Cart Abandonment

To strategize on how to convert abandoned carts into transactions, it helps to understand why customers abandon carts in the first place. There are a few main reasons why online shoppers fail to follow through with checkout.

  • Unexpected costs:
    Customers may be put off by high shipping costs or other hidden costs.
  • Forced to create an account:
    eCommerce stores that force a customer to create an account before they check out run the risk of cart abandonment.
  • Security concerns:
    Any red flags on your checkout page may stop someone from completing a purchase.
  • Limited payment options:
    Most people have one or two preferred methods of payment. If your site only accepts certain payment types, shoppers may skip your store and find an alternative.
  • Items saved for later:
    Some shoppers add things to their cart with the plan to come back later and buy them.

Whatever is stopping your customer from completing checkout, Klaviyo can help identify the issues and re-engage these high-intent potential customers.

Klaviyo Abandoned Cart Strategy 1: Timing is Everything

It's crucial to carefully time your abandoned cart email. When customers leave a Klaviyo abandoned cart, it's often because they were distracted by something else. If you send your email during this busy time, the email stands a good chance of getting buried and lost in the shuffle.

Klaviyo recommends seeing the first reminder email between 2-4 hours after cart abandonment. However, you can send an email as soon as 30 minutes after cart abandonment. This email needs to be friendly and organic. If customers don't engage after this initial email, you can send a second email 24-48 hours after they abandon their cart.

Klaviyo Abandoned Cart Strategy 2: Personalization and Relevance

Using personalized subject lines is a proven method for ensuring a conversion. To create more personalization, you can use information from the customer's profile. This might be their name, the name of their company, or the item they left behind in the cart.

Add here about not getting too specific because it can be creepy.

Klaviyo Abandoned Cart Strategy 3: Incentivization

To entice a customer back to their shopping cart, try incentives. Incentives might include a coupon to apply to their purchase or details about your return and exchange policy. Another idea is to offer free shipping.

Keep in mind that you want to offer value to the customer without eroding your own profit margins. Carefully calculate how much of an incentive you can give while keeping the sale profitable for your business.

Klaviyo Abandoned Cart Strategy 4: Clear and Compelling CTAs

It's important to include an enticing call-to-action when you send abandoned cart emails. With a clear CTA, your potential shoppers are more likely to return to their cart to finish their purchase.

You can try traditional CTAS such as "check out now" or "complete your order." Alternatively, one idea is to get creative with your CTAs. Consider some of these ideas:

  • Activate free shipping
  • Get 25% off
  • Take another look

If your brand has a more conversational and personal tone, try something that will resonate with a like-minded customer. Phrases such as "Steal the deal!" and "Let's do this!" might work well with your site visitors.

Klaviyo Abandoned Cart Strategy 5: Continuous Optimization and Testing

When you send the same emails repeatedly, it likely won't help your conversion rate. Instead, it's a good idea to run controlled experiments using different creative or sales copy. You can also add calls-to-action (CTA) to explore what your customers may respond to.

A/B testing is an excellent marketing strategy to reliably make data-driven decisions. You can employ A/B testing by trying different subject lines and timing. Using Klaviyo's analytics can help you track the performance of your strategies. Then, you can refine your cart abandonment emails for better results.

Conclusion: Solving the Klaviyo Abandoned Cart Dilemma

Keeping timing in mind, doing A/B testing, and including a call-to-action can all help increase conversions from abandoned carts. Also, remember that today's online shoppers expect personalization and incentives when buying from websites. When you implement these strategies into your abandoned cart emails, you'll have a much better chance of capturing the sale.

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