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HubSpot & Shopify Integration By Groove Commerce

Sep 29, 2020   •   2 Min Read
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The development team here at Groove Commerce created this HubSpot Shopify Integration to make it easier for eCommerce merchants to capture abandoned carts, follow-up with customers post-purchase and automate workflows beyond email.

HubSpot Shopify Integration: What Is It?

The HubSpot & Shopify Integration offers a variety of inbound marketing tools to help eCommerce businesses drive more online revenue. From automation functionality to abandoned carts and more, the integration makes it easier for merchants to take advantage of valuable customer data.

It's available now in the Shopify App Store with both a professional plan (for businesses with under 25,000 HubSpot contacts) and an Enterprise plan (for businesses with over 25,000 HubSpot contacts.)

Core Features

The HubSpot Shopify Integration automatically syncs all customer and order data from Shopify using HubSpot's smart lists, and it helps you gain more insights about your customers using HubSpot's reporting tools. See customer data like:

  • First & last order date
  • Most recent order total
  • Lifetime revenue
  • Total # of orders
  • Average order value
  • Products purchased
  • And more!

eCommerce businesses are able to take advantage of this unique customer data to better target their products and services to different segments of customers.

Capture Abandoned Carts

Observe customers who abandoned their carts through a HubSpot smart list, and create an entirely optimizable email workflow to win back these lost shopping carts. With personalized messages, eCommerce stores can nurture these shoppers through the buyer's journey and increase average customer lifetime revenue.

Target the different people who've abandoned their shopping carts by segmenting them into different workflows based on their cart's price. Once a customer meets your criteria of completing a purchase, easily remove them from the abandoned cart workflow. 

Follow-Up With Customers Post-Purchase

Create and send customized emails to market to the right customer segments with post-purchase follow-up and product review requests. With personalized messaging and unlimited triggered emails, you'll be on the right path to nurturing customers even after they make a purchase.

Automate Workflows Beyond Email

With this HubSpot Shopify Integration, automate triggered emails and workflows so that you have time to focus on more important things. Even automate internal notifications so that a member of your team is notified when a contact performs a significant action. Optimize content, offers and outreach to separate leads while seamlessly managing your data in bulk.


If you'd like to learn more about this HubSpot Shopify Integration or how Groove Commerce's Shopify Plus Design & Development can help your business grow, contact us through the form below. We'll be happy to answer any questions and discuss how the integration can fulfill your company's unique needs.

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