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HubSpot vs Marketo: Find The Best eCommerce Marketing Tool

May 03, 2022
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HubSpot vs Marketo: Find The Best eCommerce Marketing Tool

HubSpot vs Marketo: Comparing Platforms

So, you’ve landed here because you’re interested in evaluating HubSpot vs Marketo. We’re happy you’re here. In this blog, we’re comparing how HubSpot and Marketo stack up against one another in terms of eCommerce marketing. Let’s get right into it!

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1. Email Marketing


With HubSpot, there is no need for help from IT professionals or designers to create and design professional emails. Choose from many of the free templates in the HubSpot marketplace or use goal-based email templates for the best results. HubSpot’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for merchants with no design background to customize the content of each email they send.

Use A/B testing to see which subject lines, CTAs, offers and more get the most engagement, and personalize emails using the data driven by the HubSpot CRM. Optimizing your email marketing strategy has never been easier with HubSpot’s Marketing Hub.


Like HubSpot, Marketo offers drag-and-drop email templates that are fully responsive on all devices. Personalize emails to different audiences based on their CRM activity, offline data, intent, engagement and more.

Unfortunately for merchants looking for a complete marketing solution, Marketo is designed for traditional email marketing only. Integrating features such as landing pages, forms and blogs with email campaigns require additional tools.

2. Automation


HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is a marketing automation software that lets merchants build their marketing strategies through a CRM. It has a suite of tools to integrate customer data and create automated marketing campaigns. Create highly targeted automated workflows, and automate beyond email. Workflows help set up webhooks, score leads, rotate leads to sales and so much more.

HubSpot is ranked #1 in Marketing Automation and #1 Overall Best Product for Marketers by G2 Crowd.


When comparing HubSpot vs Marketo, it’s important to note that unlike HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, Marketo is one single tool. Though Marketo offers email marketing and automation capabilities, it requires expensive integrations to aid merchants in the success of their marketing and sales efforts. Further, it requires an integration with a CRM that must be maintained by the merchant as well, creating a potential point of friction for merchants.

Marketo is ranked #8 in Marketing Automation by G2 Crowd.

3. Lead Management


HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is an all-in-one solution that makes it easy for merchants to manage leads. With a CRM, email, content creation and automation capabilities within the same platform, HubSpot has the tools to create comprehensive marketing campaigns from beginning to end while making it easy to engage and nurture leads. No coding required.


Marketo’s core functions include marketing automation and email. However, if merchants want to use other tools like a CMS or CRM, Marketo requires an integration. Integrations like these require the use of code, and this can be a significant roadblock if you don’t have much coding experience.

4. Reporting


View your reports, most important metrics and all of your analytics in one place within the Marketing Hub. With HubSpot, you can see how each interaction that every customer has had with your brand has contributed to revenue. The best part is, there isn’t an integration required to see this! Get ready to make smarter business decisions using this readily available data.


Marketo has robust reporting capabilities, just like HubSpot. However, to access and view these in-depth reports, Marketo requires a manual set up, which takes a decent amount of time and prolongs the process.


I hope that you now have a better idea of how HubSpot vs Marketo compare. Both platforms are built to help merchants streamline their marketing campaigns and eCommerce strategies. From built-in email campaigns to optimization features, lead nurturing and more, both platforms are viable options for eCommerce businesses.

The marketing team at Groove Commerce strongly advocates for HubSpot as a suitable option for merchants of all sizes, but especially mid-market and Enterprise-sized, due to its ability to support complex business structures, streamline marketing initiatives and provide a frictionless experience for eCommerce merchants.

If you want to further evaluate whether HubSpot vs Marketo is best for your eCommerce needs, or if you need help implementing HubSpot, reach out to us through the form below. Groove Commerce is a Diamond HubSpot Partner Agency that is ready to partner with mid-market and Enterprise merchants to create intuitive marketing experiences and drive online revenue.

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