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Klaviyo vs. Listrak: Comparing Platforms

November 17, 2020
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Klaviyo vs. Listrak: Comparing Platforms

Listrak vs Klaviyo: An Introduction

Investing in an eCommerce marketing tool helps businesses attract, engage and delight customers at every stage of the buyer's journey. Improve your email marketing strategy and exceed customer expectations with a tool that best fits your eCommerce needs.

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In this blog, we're comparing Listrak vs Klaviyo to help you determine which platform is best for your eCommerce business. Though both are great for increasing efficiency and creating a positive customer experience, we recommend keeping your core needs in mind when making a decision.

What Is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform that provides the tools necessary for online businesses to build meaningful customer relationships. From personalized SMS messaging to social advertising, integrations and more, Klaviyo’s features help eCommerce brands scale and grow.

To help you better evaluate Listrak vs Klaviyo, we're breaking down the features and benefits of both platforms so that you can find the best solution for your eCommerce needs.

How Klaviyo Helps Build Customer Relationships


Klaviyo has over 100 native integrations to help eCommerce businesses take advantage of important customer data, such as email, phone number, first and last order dates and more. Custom eCommerce platforms that don’t natively integrate with Klaviyo are supported by Klaviyo’s open API, which offers the option to directly integrate with almost any platform that exports data.

So, how does this help businesses build relationships with their customers? This data can be used to segment customers and create personalized marketing campaigns catered to their unique needs. For example, companies can see who abandoned their shopping cart and use that information to create an abandoned cart campaign.

To encourage conversion, businesses can also offer unique product recommendations based on a customer’s past purchase behavior. Leveraging Klaviyo makes it easier for brands to provide customers with the content they need at the right time in the buyer’s journey.

Forms & Personalization

Although it’s important to grow your email list when preparing for Black Friday and the holiday season, it’s even more critical that businesses work on growing their list year round. Collect email addresses and turn visitors into subscribers with Klaviyo’s signup forms.

Welcome offers and signup forms are one of the best strategies for capturing visitors and turning them into customers. Remember how we mentioned Klaviyo is great for segmenting your contacts? It’s also great for personalizing pop-up forms and optimizing messaging to cater to different audiences. Think about the way you’d greet a first-time shopper vs a VIP customer vs someone who’s celebrating their birthday; the messaging should be different in each instance and make your customers feel valued.

Customer Profiles

See all customer and subscriber information within Klaviyo’s eCommerce CRM. Whether a person subscribed or a customer purchased, businesses can see all of this information in one place (without the need for a CSV file.)

Analyzing Customer Insights With Klaviyo


Klaviyo’s dynamic segments update automatically - a feature that many other email service providers lack. This allows businesses to spend less time maintaining lists because Klaviyo does it for them. Plus, segmenting contact lists helps businesses specifically target their various audiences based on customer behavior.

Data Science & Reporting

Klaviyo uses data science - also known as artificial intelligence - to leverage customer data and predict the next time a customer will make a purchase. Klaviyo takes it a step further and helps businesses predict:

  • How much a customer might spend in the future
  • Number of upcoming purchases
  • Probability of churn
  • The value of any individual customer
  • Buying cycles
  • Gender
  • The right time to send emails to increase performance

Klaviyo’s reporting tool uses Custom Analytics so that businesses can instantly see the information they’re looking for - from email/campaign performance to cart conversions by segments, weekly/monthly reports and more.

Communicating With Customers Using Klaviyo


Save your marketing team time and improve your overall email marketing strategy with automation. Plan out the ideal buyer’s journey from beginning to end, and send triggered emails based on specific criteria to nurture customers and accelerate the consumer purchase decision process.

Social Media Marketing

Klaviyo makes it easy for brands to create unique and engaging social media experiences for their customers. By leveraging customer data and dynamically syncing segments to custom and lookalike audiences on Facebook and Instagram, Klaviyo helps brands increase reach and drive conversions.


We had the opportunity to speak with Klaviyo’s Strategic Account Executive, Navin Jain, to learn more about the SMS functionality the platform offers. He explained that there are numerous profitable circumstances in which businesses should use SMS. They are:

  • Welcome series
  • Abandoned cart
  • Campaigns
  • Promotions
  • Tips

To learn more about personalized messaging, we encourage you to check out this blog post dedicated to Klaviyo SMS.

What Is Listrak?

Listrak is a retail digital marketing automation platform used for email marketing, mobile messaging, customer insights and cross-channel orchestration. The platform focuses on delivering solutions and strategies that generate desirable results year-over-year for eCommerce retailers. Continue reading for more insights into Klaviyo vs. Listrak and to discover some of the top features and benefits of Listrak.

Listrak Solutions

Cross-Channel Orchestrations

Listrack enables businesses to create data-driven buyer journeys based on current customer behavior. Within this platform. eCommerce retailers can optimize engagement for various customer segments by designing cross-channel programs.

Much like Klaviyo, Listrak helps businesses create personalized trigger messages that deliver when a customer meets a certain criteria. For example, if someone is a first-time visitor, businesses can offer welcome series emails. Or, if a customer just made a purchase, businesses can follow-up with them post-purchase to see how satisfied they are with the product.

Customer Insights

Listrak offers over 70 pre-built customer data “visualization tiles” which offer instant insights into customer data. Its pre-built dashboards help businesses see and understand customer behavior all in one place and provide the necessary metrics to drive results.

Behavioral Based Triggers

Find out where customers are in their buyer’s journey by looking at their online behavior and engagement. Listrak responds to customers’ signals of intent, so businesses know when the right time to communicate is.

Like Klaviyo, Listrak helps brands capture abandoned carts by sending personalized messages that re-engage shoppers and nurture them on the path to conversion. In addition to abandoned cart recovery, Listrak offers browse recovery that helps brands win-back those who exit out of a site before landing on the checkout page.

Unified 360° Profile

This is just another term that Listrak uses for a customer’s data profile. Listrak collects data from a variety of channels to create a complete customer profile that is necessary for marketing efforts. It takes into consideration where customers are engaged (via an iPad, smartphone, tablet, desktop, etc.) and tracks users even before they provide an email address or phone number.

Predictive Personalization

Much like Klaviyo, Listrak uses artificial intelligence to predict what actions customers may take in the future. It leverages past customer behavior to predict future behavior and helps businesses make data-informed decisions. With Listrak, businesses can predict:

  • How much a customer might spend in the future
  • Likelihood to purchase
  • Lifecycle stage
  • Email performance

Our Recommendation

As an Elite BigCommerce Partner Agency, we've recently heard that BigCommerce has delisted the Listrak integration from their integrations library. If you're using BigCommerce as your eCommerce platform, we recommend reaching out to BigCommerce directly to check on this.

When our clients ask us for a marketing automation solution that we trust, we typically advise them of Klaviyo due to its ease of use, pre-built integrations (BigCommerce included), ability to get up and running in the platform quickly and overall ability to create sophisticated customer journeys. Plus, Klaviyo's all-in-one pricing model is something their customers rave about.


When evaluating Klaviyo vs. Listrak, it's clear that both platforms have unique benefits for their customers. Though we recommend Klaviyo to most of our clients, we encourage you to invest in the platform that you think will best meet your eCommerce needs. If you're looking to explore other eCommerce email marketing platforms, check out this Klaviyo vs. MailChimp comparison.

Want to learn how Groove Commerce can help your business maximize return on investment? Contact us through the form below with any questions, and learn more about how our eCommerce marketing services − like email marketing, eCommerce SEO, paid media and sales enablement − can help turn more website traffic into repeat customers.

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Klaviyo vs Mailchimp: Best Email Marketing Platform for eCommerce

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