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eCommerce SEO Company

Grow With The #1 Trusted eCommerce SEO Agency

Your organic growth is our goal. Completely modernized and customized to your brand, competitor landscape, and industry, our expert on-page and technical eCommerce SEO company can elevate your site's full organic search potential.

Leaning on earned experience, expertise, and innovation, our organic search team adapts to the constant search engine algorithm updates and evolving eCommerce SEO services to maximize your SEO campaign's ROI. To that point, increasing your organic revenue and conversion rates and attracting new, highly relevant users has always been—and will always be—our core measuring mark.

eCommerce SEO Company eCommerce SEO Company
what we do

Grow Your Organic Traffic & Revenue With a Holistic eCommerce SEO Company

Successful eCommerce SEO is achieved when on-page, content, and technical SEO are all fully accounted for and aligned with one another. 

Our dedicated SEO team sees the whole SEO landscape, and how your site stacks up against your competitors and SEO best practices alike. As well as what technical SEO tweaks have to be made to ensure your site can reach its full organic rankings and revenue potential. When you choose Groove Commerce as your eCommerce SEO agency, you're choosing modern, data-driven SEO services that are holistic and uncompromising in their commitment to search engine optimization harmony. 

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Detailed Technical SEO Services & Solutions

Even the most captivating web pages and content can struggle to garner clicks. Especially if they're not ranking well in the search engines—or not eligible to rank in the first place due to technical SEO issues.

From your website architecture to your indexing reports to all other technical factors that Google and the search engines weigh out when determining which pages are indexed and ranked, our comprehensive technical SEO services and tenured team will turn over every stone to ensure your site, pages, and targeted keywords can reach their full organic ranking potential. 

Customized On-Page SEO & Content Creation Services

Your company, industry, competitor landscape, and target audience are unique—and so should your on-page SEO optimizations and content. Led by an on-page SEO team with ample experience in SEO and copywriting alike, our customized on-page SEO optimizations and content pieces will appeal to the search algorithms, your audience, and your goal of increasing keyword rankings, conversions, and revenue.

From hyper-targeted keyword research to critical on-page modifications to compelling content creation for sales, landing, and blog pages alike, our dedicated team is ready to amplify your on-page SEO results.

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SEO Strategy & Reporting

Powered by Enterprise SEO technology, BrightEdge, our eCommerce SEO company tracks your progress and provides strategic recommendations to increase your organic traffic. Explore how our strategic services can position your online business for growth. We will also outline a tactical SEO plan on a recurring basis. 

What We Offer

  • Keyword Research
  • Share of Voice Analysis
  • Opportunity Forecasting
  • Error Analysis 
  • BrightEdge Dashboard Access
  • SEO Discovery
  • Monthly SEO Reporting
  • Sprint Roadmaps
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On-Page SEO Services

Technical Remediation and Optimization

Each month we'll optimize SEO-related areas of your store to resolve technical errors. We will also optimize existing content with the goal of increasing page rank and organic traffic. Explore how these services will keep your store in the search engine spotlight.

What We Offer

  • Tactical SEO Error Remediation
  • On-page Optimization
  • Content Updates
  • Content Gaps Identification
  • Keyword Research
  • Click-Through Experience
  • Uncover New Ranking Opportunities
  • Link-Building
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eCommerce Copywriting Services

Keyword-Optimized Content Creation

Utilize the deep technical SEO knowledge of our team to create engaging optimized content. Whether you're looking to write brand-new blogs or update existing site copy, we are ready to help your store reach new audiences.

What We Offer

  • Strategic Content Plan
  • Blog Editorial Calendar
  • Keyword-Driven Copywriting
  • Written Content Editing
  • Publishing & Scheduling Content 
  • Continuous Optimization
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Our Service Offerings

eCommerce SEO Services Plans

Choose the services that meet your needs and budget. Schedule time with a Groove Commerce Consultant to determine the right path for your business.

Access To BrightEdge Dashboard
Monthly Performance Reporting
SEO Discovery Session
Quarterly Account Review
Strategic Roadmap Creation
Technical SEO Implementation
Keyword Research
Click-Through Review
Monthly Editorial Calendar
Optimized Blog Writing
Access To BrightEdge Dashboard
Monthly Performance Reporting
SEO Discovery Session
Quarterly Account Review
Strategic Roadmap Creation
Technical SEO Implementation
Keyword Research
Click-Through Review
Monthly Editorial Calendar
Optimized Blog Writing
Access To BrightEdge Dashboard
Monthly Performance Reporting
SEO Discovery Session
Quarterly Account Review
Strategic Roadmap Creation
Technical SEO Implementation
Keyword Research
Click-Through Review
Monthly Editorial Calendar
Optimized Blog Writing
Access To BrightEdge Dashboard
Monthly Performance Reporting
SEO Discovery Session
Quarterly Account Review
Strategic Roadmap Creation
Technical SEO Implementation
Keyword Research
Click-Through Review
Monthly Editorial Calendar
Optimized Blog Writing

Why Work with an eCommerce SEO Company?

Design, Build & Grow

Get set up for long-term success with a cross-functional team of designers, developers and marketers. Our Groovers are trained to find solutions to drive growth across your entire eCommerce ecosystem.

Drive Measureable Impact

To build deliverables that generate rapid ROI, we keep 5 Core eCommerce Metrics top of mind to measure progress. This translates to more internal and external accountability and transparency for your team.

Build Strategic Partnership

We have a vested interest in helping you grow. That's why we treat our partnership as if your business were our own. We're here to provide strategic plans that make the best business sense for the long haul, not just a quick fix.

Platforms & Technology We Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your approach to technical on-page optimization?

Our approach to technical on-page search engine optimization involves a comprehensive analysis of your entire eCommerce store including site structure, meta data, and URL optimization. This leads to increased visibility, traffic and revenue for your online store.

What type of content creation services do you offer for SEO purposes?

Our team of content strategists specialize in creating compelling and keyword-driven content that is optimized for both users and search engines alike. The formats which our team excels in include blog posts, product descriptions, and on-page content that attracts and engages new customers to your eCommerce store.

How do you determine the keywords to target for my store’s SEO?

Our team of search engine optimization experts uses a combination of research and data analysis within Enterprise SEO tool, BrightEdge. We use this information to analyze your competitors, search for industry-specific keywords and leverage data from various sources to identify keywords with the highest potential for driving traffic and sales.

What is your approach to link building for SEO?

We make use of all of the white-hat approved approaches to build both internal and external links. Our goal is to link to authoritative sources that build trust with your online store, ultimately increasing your website's organic ranking.

How do you measure the success of your SEO services?

We measure the success of our SEO services by tracking our pre-defined core sub-metrics which include organic traffic, position rankings, and revenue generated from organic search. This wholistic approach allows us to see the direct impact that our work is resulting in to make data-driven decisions that continue to improve results.

How often do you communicate with clients about the progress of their SEO efforts?

We provide detailed monthly reports which communicate to our clients the progress of their SEO efforts. Additionally, clients meet with their dedicated Account Manager on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to ensure our clients stay informed about their SEO strategy.

What is your process for staying up-to-date with changes to SEO best practices?

Our team of digital marketing experts stays up-to-date with the latest search engine optimization best practices by regularly attending industry events, reading the latest blogs, and staying on top of the latest product announcements. By always sharpening their skillsets, we ensure that our clients are always getting the best possible results.

How do you handle ongoing SEO maintenance?

SEO is not a set it and forget it service. Your site will require ongoing maintenance to maintain pole-position on top search engines.

Our team will provide ongoing SEO upkeep that ensures your website will continue to rank high in search results. This upkeep includes regular content updates, keyword monitoring, and real-time optimization to address any changes to search algorithms or new opportunities for improvement.


What Our Clients Have To Say

“We have been working with Groove for over two years. They are knowledgeable and always listens to our needs. I would recommend them to any colleague in need of an eCommerce agency.”
Dippin Dots
Director of Marketing Dippin’ Dots
“Since we began working together about 2 years ago Groove Commerce has become our one stop solution for marketing services, paid media advertising, and website support.”
Cutter & Buck Sqaure Logo
eCommerce Manager Cutter & Buck
"We came in with some lofty goals. From the get go, Groove has put pure focus on establishing and improving target returns on ad spend as well as overall brand equity in paid search and social."
Cordova Square Logo
eCommerce Manager Cordova Outdoors
"We successfully migrated from Magento to BigCommerce and designed a site that converts better with an excellent UX. With their managed services, we continue to fine tune our performance."
Kegworks Square Logo
eCommerce Manager KegWorks
"The implementation team was extremely impressive. Since launch, they have helped optimize through consistent and well-managed development projects."
Garrett Wade Square Logo
eCommerce Manager Garrett Wade
"We originally reached out thinking we wanted a developer to help with our current site. Groove took the initiative to recommend and migrate us to a new platform that actually met our needs."
Doc Popcorn Sqaure Logo
Marketing Manager Doc Popcorn
"Groove Commerce has expertise at all levels. It always felt like we were a top priority."
Monaco Craft Cocktails
Director of Marketing Monaco Craft Cocktails
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