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Email marketing is still relevant, it remains one of the most important channels to generate traffic, conversions and revenue for businesses. That’s why we’re outlining some of our favorite tips to motivate your users and get them to sign up. Here is how to grow your email list: 5 tips for success.

Let’s set the record straight: eCommerce email marketing is still relevant. In fact, it remains one of the most important channels to generate traffic, conversions and revenue for many businesses. If you want to master email marketing, you have to grow and maintain a healthy email list. That’s why we’re outlining some of our favorite tips to motivate your users and get them to sign up.

5 Tips to Help Grow Your Email List:


1. Website Pop-Ups

Forget about those annoying pop-up ads we all loathed in the early 2000s. When implemented correctly, email pop-ups can help drive user action without being annoying.

Try using email pop-ups to highlight promotions, news, contests or anything else you have going on. Just make sure they are mobile-friendly and non-intrusive to stay on Google’s good side. We also recommend keeping pop-up form fields to a minimum.

We’ve been using tools like JustUno and HubSpot Lead Flow to create pop-ups for ourselves and our clients. These tools make it easy to connect with your CRM, run A/B tests and adjust designs in no time.

2. Gated Content

Gated content requires form submissions to access. Although we don’t recommend gating all of your content, choosing pieces that appeal to lower-funnel audiences can be a fantastic way to collect contact information. These audiences are typically more motivated to learn more, and as a result, are more willing to provide contact information.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with content formats. If you’re unsure where to start, we recommend exploring ebooks, white papers, videos and infographics. When it comes to forms, keep things short and sweet. For a higher-level download, asking for a name and email address should suffice.

3. Customer Loyalty Programs

Incentivizing email sign ups is a tried and true way to increase engagement. Loyalty programs take that concept one step further by thinking beyond the email to create a larger customer experience.

We’ve helped several clients setup loyalty programs in our day (including Players Circle for D’Addario) and have learned that offering customers value personalized attention. As a result, these programs often pack enough value that customers are willing to provide contact information to participate. If you’re interested in setting up a loyalty program, we recommend checking out They integrate with multiple CRMs and can be customized to create a program to address your specific needs.

4. Social Media

It might seem like a no-brainer, but don’t forget to ask your social media followers to subscribe to your email list. Social audiences are already interested in your business, so they are often likely to take the extra step to subscribe. Aside from directly asking for your followers to sign up, try promoting the exclusive email benefits like updates, promotions, special offers, etc. Gating these promotions can be a great way to motivate users to take the extra step.

5. Collect Emails in Person

Don’t forget to network. Whether it be at a trade show, seminar, or any other business event, these are all great places to attract new people for your list. Upload customers into your CRM and continue to market to them through email. We know it’s manual labor, but we promise it’s worth it.


It may be 2018, but email marketing is still an essential part of the marketing mix. Consider these tips when learning how to build an email list for marketing. If you’re looking for help with your marketing, feel free to reach out through the link below! We’re happy to setup a free marketing assessment to point you in the right direction.


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