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6 Ways to Hack and Leverage HubSpot

May 23, 2017   •   3 Min Read

HubSpot is meant to be used as your primary system of record. Everything that happens on your website and with your contacts can be tracked there. But are you fully harnessing all the power that HubSpot offers?

6 Hacks To Help You Leverage HubSpot

Hack #1 - Turn Smart Lists into Custom Audiences

Why is this important? Because Facebook and Instagram are the hottest things going.

In HubSpot, you are building lists of people that match your audiences and personas. Facebook Custom Audiences are the best way to serve advertising on Facebook and/or Instagram to people who are already on your list. And for B2B businesses, engaging existing audiences is one of the best uses of Facebook advertising.

What technology integration makes this possible? LeadsBridge

Using LeadsBridge, you can easily connect and sync HubSpot Smart Lists to Facebook Custom Audiences. LeadsBridge will sync your Smart Lists every 6 hours so that your audience in Facebook is always up to date.

LeadsBridge also answers everyone's first question in B2B social media advertising: "How many of my HubSpot contacts are actually using work email within Facebook?" LeadsBridge will give you the percentage of matches that they found within Facebook, and the results will surprise you. We've seen as much as 70% match!

Leads Bridge


Hack #2 - Add Direct Mail to Your Workflows

Why would you want to send snail mail? People love to touch and feel old things - it’s an excellent way to stand out and connect with your lead base.

Not to mention, through our experience, it takes 6-8 touches to deliver a Sales Qualified Lead. You don't want to burn your audience out with email, so you'll need to mix it up.

What technology integration makes this possible? Lob

Using LOB, you can send postcards on demand and add a piece of mail to your HubSpot workflows, as long as your list includes address information. This means you're not sending out bulk're sending one at a time to people who have already engaged with you.

HubSpot Direct Mail


Hack #3 - Use Google Docs Templates & Links in Your Workflows

Why use Google Docs? Because shared drive sucks. Unless you have an MSD (Master of the Shared Drive) who keeps your files organized and enforces naming conventions, you probably have a difficult time finding stuff in your folders.

What technology makes this possible? Google, of course.

We realized that when you enter a full URL into a HubSpot field, a pop-out box gets added to the field, making it a great way to "attach" important documents to CRM records. No longer do we have to navigate to a shared drive to find a prospect's assessment, estimate, or proposal and then upload that document into HubSpot. Using website links to Google Docs, everything is easily found within the Deal in HubSpot.

Google Templates


Hack #4 - Collect Contacts at Conferences & Events

Why do you need a better way to collect contacts at events? Because tradeshow scanners suck. They are not dynamic and riddled with errors when trying to download the data.

What technology makes this better? iCapture

Using a tool called iCapture, you can use iPads to gather data that flows directly into HubSpot. You do this by creating a HubSpot form and putting the unique identifier from HubSpot into iCapture. Assign that form to a workflow so that folks are emailed within 2 hours of being at your booth.

By doing this, you will be in contact with each of your visitors before they even leave the conference, whereas everyone else is going to go back home to upload a list into a database after the fact.

Form Fields in iCapture


Hack #5 - Calculate NPS Score for Customer Satisfaction

Why is this important? Because customer satisfaction is everything.

What technology integration makes this possible? Delighted

Delighted integrates with HubSpot and gives your customers an opportunity to offer a rating and feedback. Through the integration, you can create contact properties and fields based on Delighted fields. For instance, you could create a list in HubSpot of negative NPS users and from that, launch a customer happiness campaign with workflows.

Delighted interface


Hack #6 - Parse Content from Email in HubSpot

Why do you need to do this? If you're like us, you get leads from multiple sources. Many of our technology partners send us leads through email. We needed a way to extract the content from those emails into HubSpot.

What technology makes this possible? Zapier

Zapier has several capabilities, and we use it to connect nearly all of the technologies mentioned in this blog to HubSpot. But Zapier also has a powerful tool called an email parser. By using the email parser, we're able to tell Zapier to "read" the HTML within the body of the email and turn that text into fields in HubSpot, creating a new Contact and Deal.


Those are Ethan's 6 HubSpot hacks, and there is a 7th bonus hack - but you’ll have to watch the full-length video to find out what it is!

Need help with HubSpot? As HubSpot Platinum Partners and full-stack users, we love sharing what we know about HubSpot with others. Give us a shout to discuss how to leverage your HubSpot subscription to its full potential.


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