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Velocity is Groove Commerce’s proprietary framework that enables your brand to start selling on BigCommerce faster and for less cost.

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What Is Velocity?

Our Optimized BigCommerce Framework

Unlike hard-coded or from-scratch solutions, Velocity is a curated system of UX elements and Page Builder widgets. That means that we can easily add, customize or replace components and go to market on BigCommerce in as little a 8 weeks.

What Are The Benefits of Velocity?

In addition to our 20+ years of eCommerce experience, we leverage Velocity to help your store convert and perform as a unified BigCommerce framework.


Accelerate Time-To-Market

Our team has the building blocks of your site ready to go right now. With the foundation ready, our team can immediately craft the unique design and functionality of your online store. With these time-saving processes in place, we can launch your store up to 4x as fast as the competition.


Lower Cost of Ownership

Development is by far one of the highest cost centers for eCommerce merchants. With Velocity, your site is built with modularity, speed, and cost savings top of mind. Make dynamic content edits and reorganize modules without developer intervention.


Improve Store Performance

Velocity was created with the most stringent web speed assessments in mind. From the user experience to search engine results, a great looking and equally fast website is guaranteed to provide your customers with a wonderful experience.

How Does Velocity Work?

Our BigCommerce projects with Velocity operate on a sliding scale. From out-of-the-box to fully custom, we use Velocity to deliver more-powerful end products than traditional design and development methods. From front-end development to back-end integrations, we’ve got you covered.

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Accelerated Launch

Who is this for?

  • Early Stage Brands
  • Those with Simple Business Logic

What’s the timeline?

  • 8-12 Weeks

Curated Launch

Who is this for?

  • Mid-Market Brands & Manufacturers
  • B2B or B2C Retailers

What’s the timeline?

  • 12-16 Weeks

Accelerated Launch

Who is this for?

  • Enterprise Brands
  • Those with Complex BigCommerce Logic

What’s the timeline?

  • 20+ Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Velocity differ from other BigCommerce frameworks?

Velocity is a modular framework that allows for greater flexibility and customization than standard templatized eCommerce solutions. It also offers a faster time-to-market, with pre-built components that streamline the development process. Additionally, Velocity is built on a modern tech stack, utilizing industry-leading technologies to provide optimal performance and scalability.

How does Velocity help merchants increase their online sales and revenue?

Velocity offers a variety of tools and features designed to improve the user experience and increase conversions, such as easy-to-use navigation, intuitive search functionality and streamlined checkout processes. It also includes features like our BigCommerce metafields Editor to add custom product information for customers and search engines alike.

What types of customization options are available with Velocity?

Velocity offers extensive customization options, including additional templates, themes and integrations. It also allows for easy modification of the checkout process and flexible product management options. We can customize as much or as little as required to meet your needs.

How does Velocity integrate with other eCommerce tools and software?

We can integrate Velocity with a wide range of eCommerce tools and software, including payment gateways, shipping providers, and marketing platforms, ERPs, PIMs, and CRMs. If your needs aren’t covered out of the box, our team is always here to help.

What level of support is available to merchants during and after the launch of their website using Velocity?

We offer a dedicated project manager to guide merchants through the development process, as well as ongoing support and maintenance services after the website launch. We also offer training and education resources to ensure merchants are fully equipped to manage their eCommerce website.

Can you provide details on the timeline and process for implementing with Velocity?

The timeline and process for implementing Velocity will vary depending on the specific needs of each merchant. However, our most accelerated process includes discovery and planning, design and development, testing and quality assurance and launch and optimization. We typically aim to have these merchants live on Velocity within 8-12 weeks.

How does Velocity ensure website security and protect customer data?

Velocity is built on top of BigCommerce, which was created with security in mind. BigCommerce utilizes the best practices for data encryption, firewalls, and secure hosting. It also offers PCI compliance and has undergone extensive security testing and auditing to ensure the highest level of security for merchants and their customers.

Can you provide information on the cost and pricing structure for using Velocity?

The cost and pricing structure for using Velocity will vary depending on the specific needs and requirements of each merchant. We offer custom pricing based on the scope of work and level of customization needed. We aim to provide transparent and competitive pricing to ensure the best value for our clients. Reach out using the contact form at the bottom of this page to learn how Velocity can elevate your eCommerce operations.

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