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Facebook Lead Generation: How To Use Lead Ads

September 17, 2020
3 Min Read
Facebook Lead Generation: How To Use Lead Ads

According to HubSpot, Facebook is the primary content distribution channel for marketers today. With the prevalence of social media in today's world, Facebook provides great opportunity for businesses of all kinds to advertise their products and services and gain new customers.

In this blog, we're taking a deep dive into Facebook lead generation to help you customize your ads and attract more leads on Facebook.

Facebook Lead Generation: What Are Lead Ads?

Lead generation is the process of converting prospects into leads and sending them through the sales funnel. However, when people who want to learn more about your brand have difficulties interacting with your ads on mobile, it can cause your business a serious loss.

Attract interested prospects by ensuring mobile optimization and leveraging Facebook Lead Ads. These interactive ads guide users through the sales funnel with just a few clicks. Once a prospect taps on the Facebook ad, a form pop ups that is pre-populated with their Facebook contact information.

By pre-populating this important contact information, users are more likely to fill out and submit the form, resulting in reduced drop-offs. Once the "Instant Form" is submitted, that person receives the information they are looking for and your business receives their information − turning them into a lead.

Customizing Lead Ads

From registering for events to subscribing to email lists, Facebook lead generation ads are great for many circumstances. Reach your top-of-the-funnel goals, like increased visibility and brand awareness, by optimizing the ads to fit your business's needs.

Whether you want to quickly follow up with someone or optimize your ads for higher-quality leads, Facebook's customization features allow for it.

Quick Follow Up

Add custom questions to your ads to make sure your brand is reaching out to the right people. When creating these questions, businesses have the option to choose how they wish to receive their answers. Choose from the following choices:

  • Multiple choice
  • Short answer
  • Conditional
  • Store locator
  • Appointment request

Customize further by using dynamic ads to show various products, scale your creative and encourage users to share their information. Change your creative and messaging to retarget users who have expressed previous interest in your products or services. For more on retargeting, check out these Facebook ad targeting tips.

Optimizing Ads For Higher-Quality Leads

In order to generate higher-quality leads, your ads must be the best quality! Add a call-to-action button, like "Call Now" or "Shop Now," to accelerate leads through the buyer's journey.

Rather than following up with each person that submits a form, use appointment scheduling to let people choose the date and time that works best for them. This will save your team much time and effort and make it more feasible for your customers to get in touch with you.

Last, customize your ads for high-intent customers by requiring higher-level form fields, such as a review page. This will prevent unqualified or uninterested leads from submitting the form and, instead, help your business capture leads that have a strong attraction to your brand.

Benefits of Lead Ads

Using Facebook ads to grow revenue is a valuable asset for so many different businesses and industries − specifically the auto industry, educational institutions, B2B businesses and consumer packaged goods companies.

We encourage companies in the auto industry to leverage Facebook's dealer locator, which helps your leads locate a nearby dealership and set up a test drive for a date and time that works for them − all within your ad.

If you're in the education industry, use customized questions in your ads to create different forms for the various classes and majors offered. This will help determine which topics your leads are most interested in.

If you sell B2B, include a bold CTA like "Call Now" or "Talk To An Expert" so that your leads can contact you immediately (rather than you following up with them.) And, if your company sells consumer packaged goods, be sure to display relevant products to your audience and provide them the option to sign up for emails or request a sample.

Finally, one of our favorite benefits is that new leads can sync directly with your CRM, providing your sales team with all the information they need to get in touch with your leads. And, businesses can use the Facebook pixel to track lead conversion events on their own websites.


Remember that when creating your Facebook lead generation ads, the creative and messaging that you use should always reflect your brand's personality and voice. There are a ton of Facebook advertising formats available, so we recommend conducting some research to see which is best to help your business grow.

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