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Watch step by step as Rachel Sprung demonstrates the new HubSpot features at the November 2014 Baltimore HubSpot User Group!

The Baltimore HubSpot User Group (or HUG for short) had one of its best turnouts this past week when Groove hosted the November meet-up. Guest speaker Rachel Sprung, a Product Marketing Associate from HubSpot, took everyone through a deep dive of HubSpot’s new features that were recently released at Inbound14.

Rachel went through demos and explained the following new features:

  • Anonymous Personalization – How to personalize content for your visitors from the moment they set foot on your website.
  • Editorial Calendar – Effectively assign, schedule, publish and organize content all in one place!
  • List Analytics – Keep tabs on your email lists and understand where you're growing or losing engagement.
  • Email updates – Personalize, design and edit emails easier than ever before!
  • Branching Logic – Allows you to put your leads into the most relevant workflow while keeping them personalized.
  • Revenue Reporting – See which marketing activities lead to revenue for your company!

After Rachel’s detailed presentation, we opened the floor for a Q&A. We also recorded the event, so please feel free to use this recording as a resource at any time!

Interested in learning more about the Baltimore HUG? Join the LinkedIn page to get involved with picking topics and speakers for future events. If you have any questions about how HubSpot can help your marketing, drop us a line! We’d be happy to help.

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